Best toys for an 8-month-old?

Hi! My daughter is 8 and a half months old and she is my first so I’m not sure what kind of toys to get her. Any toys that help with development? She crawls, cruises, and says some words like, “hey” “mom” and “dad”. She likes climbing onto things. I just feel like she’s getting bored with all her little baby things. Any help would be great :grin:


An activity table, big block legos, Vtech has a lot of really good toys

Johnny jump up, walker toy, blocks, xylophone. My daughter loves the interactive electronic books and leapfrog laptop.

My friend emptied her bottom kitchen draw with measuring cups bowl’s with lids .

Xylophone! Pull behind or push ahead toys. Things that go into or out of or stack on something else. A box full of non-sharp kitchen tools - just nothing smaller than your fist and don’t choose ones with rivets. Right now she’s about to be fascinated by stuff that she can handle or move but isn’t a part of her body. Welcome to Miss Independence!!

Blocks to put on top of eachother, mirrors, soft books, rattles, noise makers, table toys, table with sand

Activity table,but she can have lots of fun while learning with stuff around house.i took old Christmas wrapping paper and put it up backwards on wall so my grandson can be an (artist) lol pots and pans.witj wooden spoon…we sing EVERY thing we do .