Best tablet for kids?

Hi Mommas! My husband and I are at the point where we are considering getting some kind of tablet or other device for our kids. We have a 5-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy. We were initially against getting one and we try to keep our screen time down, but we also travel a fair amount and have wished we’d had something at various times. Plus, we think they’re old enough to use if we monitor (duh). So what do you recommend, electronics-wise, for games, reading, and watching things? Should have good, easy-to-use parental controls, but otherwise open to ideas! #PRODUCTS


The kids amazon fire tablet it great for kids where u can set a tine limit and parental controls


I have one for my 2yr old

The Nabi is a good tablet

My niece has a kids fire tablet and loves it.


Go to your local cellphone carrier that you have your phones through. They usually have great deals for tablets and it makes it so you can take the tablet anywhere and not worry about WiFi. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bought amazon free time tablets. They were on sale at bestbuy. Great investment.

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Amazon fire kids edition, we had nabi tablets too, but the amazon ones are better imo. They go on sale frequently too.

They break easy… Tbh i revvomend whatever can save you money and a case. Definitely get a case.

I recommend anything other than the fires. We have 4 and had many issues with the charger ports breaking. Our parental passcode never seems to work either, & yes it is set correctly.

My kids have iPads. It has many options for parental controls and setting time limits for use. You can completely disable any type of web browsing so they can’t freely search things. You can add a parental password for things that have been blocked for their use…love it

I bought a PBS kids tablet.awsome for little ones and great parental control. My 19 month old loves it. Has cartoons and everything.and it’s unbreakable

iPad here. We have it monitored and limited. Plus I have my account set up on it to where she can face time daddy. (He’s always gone at work).

A ds…Or leap frog. Something without wifi

I buy my kids the cheap tracphones because I got tired of buying replacement tablets. $20smartphone, dont activate it. Sync it to my wi fi or I hot spot off my phone when traveling. Cheaper to replace then the kindle

Do your research on effects of electronics on kids.

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The Amazon Fire freetime tablets. We love ours for our girls.

Amazon kids tablet :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:t2:

My son has an Amazon tablet. Its great you can put a lot of controls on it and set educational goals they have to medt before they can goof off on it.

Amazon Fire tablets go on sale a few times a year for around 40$ and it has a kids profile feature with a ton of parental setting options and approvals. With an 8$ shock case on it, mine has survived all the toddler abuse (throwing and dropping) for the last couple years.


Why? You will regret starting them on electronics this young. You need to be creative. Have them draw or do crafts.

OurPact is a great app for monitoring

For travel a dvd player would be good

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A leapfrog.( I guess it’s now called a leap start🤷‍♀️).

Amazon fire tablet for kiddos my daughter has one i only has kids games and videos.

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Kindle fire, not the kids edition just a regular one with a good soft case the parental controls are quite easy and Netflix has a download feature for certain shows and movies and they have a huge selection of games and educational apps. If you have prime you can download movies and books as well.

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Kindle is what my grandson uses . Kids kindle.only allows certain things Controlled by parents

I swear I tried all the “tablets” an the iPad mini is the easiest one to use lmfao. I can’t figure out these fire tablets, or anything.

Amazon tablets all 4 of my kids have one and they are 9, 6 and two twin 1 year old girls. Best purchase ever!


Mine have iPads! The amazon tablets didn’t let me d/l a lot of games… an soo not easy to navigate :tired_face: you can buy refurbished ones for half the price of a new one!

Hmm, I’d get something with a big screen. I know they also make stationary holders that suctions/glues to a surface of your choice so you dont have to worry about them dropping it or taking it somewhere it’s not supposed to be

Amazon kids tablets are great…they have a 2 year no questions asked guarantee…great for little ones who may not be as careful as older kids…I have bought 4 for grandkids already and all are still working

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You could get a DS they have wonderful parents controls and you have to have the code to download or do any internet things. Or a PPS with games you choose for them. They can’t use the internet if you disconnect it and then there’s kindle! Hope this helps! :blush:

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amazon fire tablets 100%. i would also get the kids rubber case for it so if its dropped ect it wont break . i have both for my kids and there great x

I personally have purchased many kids tablets for my son. I hated every single one. I just purchased a quality tablet and put a kids security app on it ($10 from Google play) it’s the best I’ve used. It has parental controls, timer, different users. Everything a kids tablet has but with a little more flexibility for me. I purchased mine through our phone company so it has internet on it and I don’t have to worry about mobile hotspot or wifi. It’s technically a “family” tablet but my son uses it most.

Following for kids the same age!!!

My daughter got an iPad for her 2nd birthday :joy: she loves it! They make the best tablet out there. We also got a rubber kids case because she drops it all the time lol.

We got our kids the Kindle fire. They are great and you can put parental controls on it and can limit the screen. They also make a really nice foamy/ rubbery case for it. Definitely helps if it gets dropped. I would make sure you get one with lots of storage on it. We ran into not having enough storage and constantly having to delete apps.

Kindle fire with shock proof case

The Dave and Ava app yes you have to by it but it plays videos and games all offline

Mini white board from kmart comes with pens etc

They have Vtech electronics. To where they are educational

Kindle fire… hands down. So many games (there even education games if you look) and books available. Not to mention you you can stream Netflix and well unfortunately my daughter loves her you tube on hers but there are parental option you can control what they do. My daughter has had her for 2 1/2 years and never been in a case and she rough on it. My niece and nephew has theirs in some cute kid shock proof cases.

My daughter got an iPad for her 2nd birthday :joy: she loves it! They make the best tablet out there. We also got a rubber kids case because she drops it all the time lol.