Best soap that toddlers?

What is your favorite soap to use on your toddlers that smells good? no johnson and johnson


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Shea moisture products.


Best soap that toddlers? What?

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Bubbsi. Helped my oldest who had sensitive and rough skin.

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Dr bronners castile soap. It’s great for dry and sensitive skin.

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Gracefully Natural :herb:

Kera makes the BEST baby soaps :heart_eyes: I even use them for myself!

We just use suave mens soap (all the boys and girls in the home) I’ve found it to be gentle compared to others & smells good all day. Me and the kids tend to have sensitive skin and this is just what has worked for us

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If you want to stay away from J&J, I’d stay away from Aveeno as well. J&J owns a ton of brands on the market and Aveeno is one of them. We used Shea Moisture Baby brand for our almost two year old. I have Psoriasis and will use it too - it makes my patches feel so good

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Whatever washes the dirt off. Tbh they used the same soap as the rest of us

I use the same soap as she uses. As long as my daughter isn’t allergic to it, I use it on her.

I have dove foaming body wash it’s for kids. Smells like cotton candy or berry smoothie. Most of all she likes pumping it out.

Shea moisture baby is the best & smells amazing

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Bar soap, no sprays or pumps. Our pediatrician says their way too concentrated.

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Hello Bello watermelon or lullaby!


Baby magic from Walmart.

Dove for sensitive skin

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I use baby dove w oatmeal . My son has sensitive skin

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