Best pet for kids?

Or a guinea pig we keep two as family pets

Those of you saying that a rabbit is loe maintenance may not be taking care of the rabbit correctly. Rabbits need a lot of space to play, a lot of toys to chew on, plenty of human interaction, and vet bills can be very expensive. I have had my rabbit for 4 years now. He has his own room, I spend 3-4 hours a day with him (grooming, petting, and playing) spend about $60-$80 a month on his needs, and have spent over 2,000 in vet bills. Unless you as the parent are willing to put in the effort and care for the rabbit, not a good choice as a first pet.


Guinea pig. If outside. A chicken

Ferrets stink, but are like having a dog or cat.

Guinea pigs are awesome.

Or hedgehog if your boy is gentle and patient.

Sea monkies!! Or aqua dragons!! Next to no matanince!!

A goldfish only pet that dose not stink …