Best health insurance for a family?

Hey everyone. I’m currently looking for health insurance for my kiddo and I. I honestly don’t know where to start or where to look. Any recommendations/advice would be great! Tia!


If you are employed full time you qualify for insurance through your job which most times is cheaper and better quality otherwise you can Google. I like using low deductible plans such as blue cross blue shield.

I’d love to help you! My number is (817)781-8514. work with PPO plans that provide better benefits than marketplace plans, and they’re typically less expensive! Fell free to reach out any time for a free quote.

I also worked with Bailey Broyles, and it was a great experience

If you don’t know where to start I would highly recommend going through a broker as opposed to an agent. They can shop all the plans so you can weigh your options and in some cases like mine it made more sense to put my kids on a separate plan as it had better coverage and saved me quite a bit of money. I went through Serina Savage, tagged her for ya. Hope this helps.

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I think if you’re looking for family insurance I’d go with Bailey Broyles. He showed me 2 different PPO plans and they were about $150 less than my old Aetna plan😄 hope this helps!

Hey Mamas! I have sent you a direct message as well as attached a link to my health insurance group. There are going to be many options for yourself and I would be happy to help!

I used Colton for mine and he was great! Colton Cope Healthcare | Oklahoma City OK

I 100% recommend Adam Guzman The Health Insurance Ace! He helped me find a very affordable plan and very knowledgeable of all plans available! 817-313-6302 Redirecting...

my agent is awesome! Taku Healthcare is his page His # 405-922-5467

I’d love to help with this. I’m a licensed health insurance advisor, and I specialize in finding affordable coverage for individuals, families, and small businesses. I have some availability today, so feel free to reach out any time for a free quote! My number is (817) 781-8514😊

Colton helped with mine and he was the best! Colton Cope Healthcare | Oklahoma City OK

Hey there! I’m a health insurance specialist and would love to help navigate and find you the best plan for you and your kiddo! 979-575-0192

Chad the insurance lad