Best family vehicle?

What is the best car for 6 kids…yes…6…so obviously not a car but like van or something? we have to take 6 cars everywhere we go…help!


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Excursions or suburbans

Suburban, Kia carnival has an 11 seater,

Sprinter van will fit you all lol.

We have had a Durango, Mazda CX-9 and now have an Expedition and loved all of them. All of them seat 6+

I have a Citroen c4 it’s pants when they are bigger looking at something bigger myself 6 kids is great right lol :raised_hands:t2::joy: x

I’d get a toyota sienna! With crazy gas prices these days it offers a 4cyl engine with 35mpg!


I have 7 kids and have a new GMC Yukon and love it!

Depends on budget. Love my wagoneer. .

Suburban, Tahoe, Expedition, Durango, Traverse

Toyota sienna or Honda odyssey

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We have 5 and we have a Kia carnival. I love it!

We have 6 kids and drive a Kia telluride it has 8 seats

We have 6 kids and drive a Chevy traverse.

That new kia Carnival. It seats 11!!


I got a suburban. Kind of wanted a industrial van though

I have 2019 Armada but we have captain chairs in the 2nd row so it only seats 7

We did well for years in a Honda Odyssey but after we had six blessings the Odyssey didn’t cut it when the kids grew and since there wasn’t enough cargo space for road trips/vacations.
Would recommend the Nissan NV (12 passenger) or what we have and it’s a gem - Ford Transit XLT Ecoboost.

Yukon XL, Suburban, Town and Country Van, Really about any van

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We’ve always preferred 3rd row SUV’s that way we can still haul our trailer and stuff but we also have a van and it is much better on gas

We have a dodge grand caravan. Seats fold flat!

We have a Ford Explorer and it’s awesome. Fits all 6 plus my husband and I very comfy. Plus the back seats fold down so when I get my grocery pick up I have sooooo much room!

We have a Ford Explorer with third row back seat and love it :blush:

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I have an expedition seats 8

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I love my Chevy transverse it’s not to bad on gas it hold8 ppl

Suburban or the Yukon XL hands down seats everyone and you get the extra storage plus can tow if you need be and have 4 wheel drive if you need it

Idk but you paying 50k plus for new

There are quite a few cans that are big enough. I’m currently trying to find a good van for 8 kids and I lol so it can be hard. My best suggestion is to look at them in person and test drive regardless. Some seem so roomy in photos then ya get in and your knees are to your chest lol (but then again my oldest son is 6’3 and I’m 5’10…):joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

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We have a Ford Explorer and it’s awesome. Fits all 6 plus my husband and I very comfy. Plus the back seats fold down so when I get my grocery pick up I have sooooo much room!

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I have a kia sedona it a 8 passenger van and I love it I don’t have any problems with it

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We love our Dodge Grand Caravan :heart: I’ve had it since 2014 and it still drives great, no issues!

A Yukon xl or Suburban will not only give you the room and leg room but also give you room for luggage in the back when going on trips. We got a nissan armada after our Yukon and now have to put a storage container on the top when we travel

Good suggestions here as a big suv or minivan will be your best choices but I’d also get on consumer reports and some sites like that and look at reliability and safety ratings as well as fuel efficiency. I understand you need a vehicle to haul your family and children around but you want to do it safely too.

Why 6 cars everywhere u go? More than 1 kid can fit in a car lol …I’m lost


Toyota Sienna its the best :ok_hand: I have an 8 passenger and I travel with my kids to hockey games etc. Stow and go too.

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I love my Honda Odyssey, especially if your kids are younger, go with a minivan vs SUV

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From experience if you are planning on or there’s even a slight chance you will have another kid go with a passenger van. The last thing you want is to buy something in this market only to have to buy something again in the near future. We have 7 kids and have a Nissan NV. We love it. They are hard to find and pricey but most things are right now.

Caravan or pacifica from chrysler

Honda Odyssey. Hands down

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Chevy traverse! Mine seats 8! I have 6 kids also

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Honda pilot.
I have 6 kids too, this was my favorite over the year’s!

Honda oddessey!! 8 passenger and you can have 5 carseasts installed with the latch system! I love ours!:heart_eyes_cat:


I have a suburban and will never go back to anything else ever

We have a Peugeot 807 we bought it as a 7 seater and changed the back seats to a bench seat so it’s now an 8 seater. I have 6 children. They all love it only problem is it doesn’t have much of a boot x

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I used to have a Honda Pilot, and I would recommend that. We now have a Buick Enclave with a third row. The second row is two singular bucket seats, but the back row can fit four. Not super comfortably though; and you definitely can’t fit four in the back row if you have any kids in car seats/boosters (not sure if you do).

We have a nissan armada… 6 kids, 4 in car seats and it works well for us.

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8 seater Chrysler Pacifica is great

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I have a kia sedona minivan. Absolutely love it

My 2018 Traverse seats 8 and I have room in the back for groceries or luggage. Also good on gas.

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The new Honda Odyssey is super nice!I had an older version that I absolutely loved. I drive a chevy traverse now but we are a family of 5.

Minivan!!! I love my Pacifica

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I have a Buick enclave and a Ford explorer and they both hold 7 people

A Chevy Traverse! Safe, big, decent on gas.

why do you have to take 6 cars? 2 cars should work fine


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We have a ford transit 15 passenger. You can take out the seats to suit your needs so you don’t have to have all of them in. We initially took out all the single seats on the left side so there was a big aisle way for buckling.

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My daughter has a Suburban and it works for them…

We have a Telluride. 8 passengers comfortably.

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I have a Ford Explorer XLT (not sure if the XLT is different from a regular explorer) but I love it. It seats 7. Super roomy. Not a lot of trunk space which kinda sucks but the seats do go down which helps when I go grocery shopping. My kids don’t complain at all. The seats are comfortable. It’s rough on gas right now although any vehicle you need will be.

Chevy traverse sits 8


Minivan. We have a Toyota Sienna and love it.


I’ve had Traverse armada dodge van and Honda odyssey and I personally love my armada its a 2015 I live in the mountains of Appalachian so I need 4x4 if I wouldn’t then I liked my Honda I had issues with the dodge van and the traverse

Ford Expedition and Chevy Traverse both seat 8. Perfect for your whole family to go out together in one vehicle

I find it ironic the number of people suggesting 7 seater vehicles as if she didn’t explicitly ask for a way to stop taking multiple cars when they go out.

This just shows how little society believes the SO will actually participate in family outings.
Basically just suggesting she only needs a vehicle for herself and her 6 kids. Hubby’s don’t matter. :woman_facepalming:

Chevy travrese for sure

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Kia Telluride has an 8 person option. It gets tight in the very back because we have a big car seat back there but they can still all squeeze in.

I just love my Honda Odyssey.

I have a Honda Odyssey I love it

Palisade seats 8 (or 7 if you opt for captain chairs in the middle row). Very “smart” suv. We love ours.

Minivan or Expedition max

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Chevy suburban I own 3 right now one is my parts vehicle that tranny went out on one is my daily driver and last one is my back up

Suburban by fair mine was an xlt and fit 8 plus you has the back area for bags,pets, whatever


Tahoe. My traverse only seats 7. Maybe cause it’s older, but they are nice if you find one that seats 8

I have a 2019 traverse. I had a 2017 before this one and it had 2-3-3 seating. We have seven children total; so if all 9 of us went somewhere we had to take 2 vehicles, but it was handy when I had all 7 with me.

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We have 6 kids and we have a 8 seater Toyota Land Cruiser

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Why would you need 6 cars for a family of 8?


I have a 2021 Suburban, I also have 6 kids, I LOVE my car.

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Just get a Motorhome. In case you decide to have more kids. Plus it has a Restroom :joy::joy:

I’ve got a Kia Sorento and have 5 kids 4 being teenagers and it’s perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Honda pilot fits 8 and has top tether locations in all 6 of the back seats so you can put a child’s car seat in any of the spots in second or third row.


I have a 2021 suburban and only have four kids. But I love my suburban

Nissan NV passenger van

VW Atlus. Tons of room, not too bad on gas.

Check out the new Kia carnival!!! That thing is SWEET! 2023 Kia Carnival | MPV - Pricing & Features | Kia

With 6 kids + these days, keep an eye out for anything using E-85 FLEX fuel. Still about half the price of unleaded… win/win. Was worried that I have an older Crown Vic when gas got so high. It using flex, literally saved me so I can afford TO drive, ya’ know?! Best of luck finding something.

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Brand new kia carnival sits 8


I love my Honda pilot. 3 rows. Fits 8 people


Kia carnival. Can’t beat them as long as u get a diesel

It depends on how many are in car seats and require top tethers for forward facing really.

My go to is usually a Yukon/Suburban/Tahoe.

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I have 5 kids and we have a honda pilot. We love it

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Hyundai imax Is soo spacious and I absolutely love mine. Highly recommend!!!

Honda Pilot has a middle bench seat, we switched from the pilot to traverse to acadia and I’d probably sell my soul to have that extra seat back

Me and my fiancé has five kids and we have a 2009 Chevy traverse my kids are all in car seats so u most likely can fit six kids also my traverse has three rows the front the middle and the back I love our vehicle we had it since 2018