Best family car?

Hey question. What’s your favorite mama/family vehicle? I’m looking at the Toyota rav4, Toyota Sequoia, or maybe possibly a jeep wrangler…


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Toyota Rav4 for sure

Subaru Ascent or Honda Pilot

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Love my traverse too!

Toyota Highlander. I have had two and love them until my kids all got to big to fit in the 3rd row.

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GMC XL , I love it 3 rows in the middle and back that fold down easily plus lots of trunk room .

Ford Flex I love mine.

How many children do you have?
I have a RAV4 and a jeep Wrangler. The wrangler is our fun vehicle. My RAV4 is our daily driver and what we use for trips.

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I love my Rav4, I’ve had it for 3 years now.

I like my kia Sorento

My sister has a rav4 its nice. Depends really on how big of a vehicle you are wanting. Also check crash rating. Jeep wranglers used to have a horrible rating, not sure of the standards today though.

I don’t recommend a wrangler, their backseats are tiny so if you have kids in car seats they’re basically worthless. I hear great things about the RAV4’s, I have a Dodge Durango and absolutely love it however if I had to get a new car right now I’d choose a Chevy Blazer RS

Rav4. Please not the Jeep. SO many electrical issues with those. My mechanic has worked on dozens of electrical issues on jeeps and never one on a RAV.

Wranglers serve a purpose. They aren’t the most comfortable ride, you get bobble head. Also the rear door is over the wheel so small door opening for carseats.
Sequoia is V8 until the new one comes out.

Love my 21 kia sorento! However the kia telluride is awesome too and if you are on the fence about a van the kia carnival is great! It looks kind of like an suv instead of your classic mini van look. So those are my suggestions… I would also like to add that the sorento gets 25mpg or in eco and on the highway, i can get 29mpg sooo gas savers

I love my 2019 Honda pilot!! Third row seating was a big thing when I was looking for a car. And my oldest is 6’6 and still growing so something to fit him too :rofl::rofl::rofl: he can even fit in the middle row.

We just bought a GMC Acadia SLT-1 and love it!

I just bought a Jeep Laredo love it spacious and comfy definitely a good family vehicle

Depends on how many kiddos you have tbh. I drive a KIA soul with 2-3 (sometimes have my niece) and my dog :heart: (German shepherd) Fits us well BUT I will never have a KIA of any kind again. This is my 2nd one because the first 1 engine blew due to the recall that popped up about a month after that happened. I had fancy (car name) for 3 days. Thank goodness I bought from KIA dealership & brand new. So beware of KIA. Next vehicle I’m going to get is a Chevy Colorado because I want a truck but not a huge one like my husband has.

I have a 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan (was hesitant at first about getting a Volkswagen), but I absolutely love it. Easy car seat installation and it has a 3rd row if you need it (that lays flat (it is small). Plenty of leg room in the middle row, Apple CarPlay, a wireless phone charging station, all the works!

I have a Kia Sorento with third row and I love it

I have found my chevy equinox to be best

Loved our Sequoia. We have an older Nissan Pathfinder that’s been really great to us. Over 300k miles, backed into by a box truck and still running like a champ. My absolute favorite though, is the Toyota Sienna.

I have a 2018 Traverse with 4 kids, 2 of which are in car seats. I absolutely love it. Had I not picked that I would have gotten a Dodge Durango!

Do not get a rav4 they start having problems around 150k miles. When looking for a car look up the common problems with that car and the specific year. It’ll help you weed out nonreliable vehicles and save you a headache.

I wouldn’t recommend a jeep wrangler. They don’t handle well

Those 3 are not comparable in size. Theres plenty of youtube channels showing carseat fits, etc. I’d start there and figure out what size SUV you really want.

Love my Toyota Highlander :blush:

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We have 3 rav4s we love them

We have a 2021 Toyota 4Runner and absolutely love it!!! Hands down my favourite vehicle we’ve owned! :heart_eyes: I love that it can still be a ‘mom’ vehicle without looking like one. Ample room for kids. I do before/after school and can have 5 kids in my car at one time and there’s no shortage on space. Handles super well and decent gas mileage!


I have a 2002 saturn. Great car

That new 2022 Sequoia is pretty. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I have a Nissan Pathfinder I absolutely love it! I have two teenage boys 6’4 and 6’1 we also have a now 4 yr old been on many family vacations where everything fits even the boys in the 3rd row. I took my boys to more then 20 dealerships to test drive momma suv before making my purchase. Very few 3rd row suv that fit a 6’4 in the back row. I highly recommend the enclave or the pathfinder if you plan on keeping a mommy car for awhile.

I had a toyota rav 4. It was very cramped for my newborn and 5 year old in the back… we just upgraded to a toyota 4 runner and I love it

We have a GMC Acadia and a GMC Yukon XL Denali – I love both for different reasons.
We have 4 kids and they all fit comfortably in both.

A suburban. Three kids.

Avoid a Jeep Compass!!! Learn from my lessons, space is important even if you don’t think you’ll have more kids or don’t plan on road trips. Life happens in between plans. The next time I buy a car I think I’m gonna bring everything I would pack on a trip and see if we call can sit comfortably nothing like a four hour road trip back home with a stroller on your lap :woman_shrugging: I am not a mini van mom but I think I might want to be.

I have a Toyota rav 4 I absolutely love it! I’m going to have to upgrade to a sequoia

I have a Honda Accord ES
2012they are good cars we get 30 mpg

I have a Palisade and love it…Top safety ratings also🙌

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I have a Durango crew edition has third row and a DVD player. I love it! So do my kids.

We always had a Suburban.

I love love love my grand Cherokee

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Toyota Highlander :raised_hands:t3:

Rav4 is horrible if you have more than 4 people in your family.

KIA Telluride 7 seater love my car

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We have the Chevy traverse with the captain seats in the back and we fit perfectly

I love my toyota sienna I had a 2010 and just got a 2022 toyota sienna I have 4 k8ds 3 are still in car seats there is so much room

It depends how many people you have in your family. I’ve got a GMC Acadia and love it. 3 rows of seating are a must with a family of 6


Loooove my Jeep Grand Cherokee! I had a Cherokee but so glad I upgraded. So much space and I have a big breed dog who fits comfortably in it too!


Can’t ever go wrong with a Toyota

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I have the Sequoia and let me tell you its by far my favorite family car that I’ve owned! I love it!

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Jeep Wrangler isn’t a “family car” they’re a rougher riding vehicle.

RAV4 is great for small family.

Sequoia is bigger.

None of the 3 you suggested are comparable tho


I love my Subaru Outback.

I’d go with a station wagon.

I’ve had 3 Toyota Highlanders. I love them!

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Love my Jeep grand Cherokee! Lots of room for 2 kiddos in the back.

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I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and love it. I would not get a Jeep Wrangler as a family car though. There is no storage at all and not much room. Between the three you mentioned I’d go with the sequoia. Toyotas are great and the sequoia is a decent size, the rav 4 is small

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We have 6 kids qnd another on the way. We have been through some vehicles lol… I loved our Acadia, and I also loved the Mazda cx7. We drive a tahoe now and after having a suburban, I love the Tahoe. Fits in the garage better, can fit in more parking areas (around here they don’t give a lot of room for parking lol)… if you need 3rd row but want a cross over I would say an Acadia or Durango. Explorers have a lot of issues on some models. If you want lots of room suburban or tahoe. If you only need 5 seats I would say Kia. Stay away from chevy traverse. They have issues and and lose value very quickly. Toyota holds value well but never owned one so can’t say.

I have 2 kids with one on the way. I just bought a 2009 Nissan Quest and it’s the best for the kiddos to watch a movie while me and my man can listen to music. I personally love it.

Repairs are expensive more so w/jeep

I love my Buick Enclave

I have a ford escape and love it!

I looove my VW Atlas! Plenty of room for my 3 (giant) kids.

Chevy Suburban or GMC Acadia. Have had both and love them! Suburban has more room

Volvo XC90 is going to be my next vehicle.

Coming from a jeep family unless u have a 4 door one with kids your kid like a Cherokee, liberty or something your doing good a wrangler 4 door or not you don’t really have trunk space .groceries buried the kids in backseat. If get 2 door wranglers uhave push seat up get kids in its up to u though coming from long time jeep family .name jeeps grew up with .4 wheel drive good in winter.

Jeep. They are wonderful in bad weather. But 4 wheel drive. I don’t like Toyotas but Hondas are very nice and easy on gas.

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I have 5 kids and a 2012 for explorer and we love it.

People are pretty steadily switching from Jeeps to Toyota. They aren’t made like they’re used to. My mom had a cherokee and the transmission took a crap at like 35k miles. If you Google jeep transmission it’s a known issue. Toyotas are solid though. She traded her jeep for a rav4 and no issues. I have a 4runner no issues. My brother has a corolla no issues. I only wish I had gotten my 4runner sooner. . We’re hoping to get the next gen sequoia at some point but the 4runner is going to stay either way.

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3 kids. Dodge grand caravan

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I love love love my Chevy traverse.

Jeeps do not take bumps well at all. Might not be fun with kids/food/drinks if you allow eating/drinking in the vehicle. Tahoes are great with kids.

stay away from Dodge, Chrysler. They’re all garbage.

My dodge caravan '14… got it in 16 and my transmission went in 17. Thankfully I’m smart and took out the warranty because I know how shitty they are, I paid 100 out of pocket. Right after my wheel bearings went and one other big repair.

Not a Jeep Wrangler lol

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3 kids and have a Chevy suburban

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We have a Mitsubishi Outlander. Love it! Has 3rd row seats if needed as well.

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I love my rav4! But it is a little on the smaller side when it comes to having a stroller in the back for baby. But over all, a great car!

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4 kids and have a Chevy suburban. It’s a beast and I love it!

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I’ve got a 97 hilux surf and it has ample space (especially for groceries and the like), is reliable and fuel efficient. Also built like a tank and will protect the family. I had someone cut me off and without time to stop I hit them. Their car absolutely crumpled, my surf had not a scratch. Would choose a surf over a rav4 any day.

I worked at Toyota as a mechanic for a few years. Rav 4’s are pretty solid and fairly easy to work on. Just depends on how much cargo space you need, the Highlander has more space. Could compare current trunk cargo space to whichever you’re looking at to get a better idea of how much more space you’d have. Just Google the vehicles and compare. :slightly_smiling_face:

Toyota Caldina or Honda Jazz are absolutely amazing