Best diapers for premies?

What is the best diaper for a premie? I cannot find anything that fits my baby…


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I have been using Huggies for my daughter since she was born. She was normal birth weight. But, was fitting into preemie diapers and clothes

Little angels pampers boots & sainsburys all have a premie range nappy.

Both my girls were preemies, we used pampers preemies with both. If those are still too big the hospital has smaller diapers, I’d contact the nicu or ask your babies pediatrician to put you in contact with someone who can get you smaller ones.

I used pampers on my premie baba xx

Pampers work for both our preemies. Our 1st daughter was tiny and I could only find the diapers size she needed in pampers brand.

Pampers swaddlers maybe?

Huggies worked best for my son. Walmart sells preemie sized huggie diapers

I used pampers preemie size for my boy & they worked perfectly… I don’t know of smaller.

My daughter wasn’t premie but fit in premie clothes when she was born till she was almost a month old. We used the parents choice Brand diapers from Walmart, just the regular newborn size. They fit her so well they have this elastic bunching in the back so it adjusts around the baby’s size instead of just being one size fit all.

I used Huggies for my preemie baby it fit well

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best diapers for premies? - Mamas Uncut

Call Dr they can probably tell you I had to order through the hospital. That was way back in the 90s things may have changed.

You could possibly order doll size clothes, and put a soft terry cloth in there to absorb until little one grows into premie diapers :heart:

I also just did a quick bit of searching, and I did find that Pampers released a line called preemie p3, which is designed to fit babies as little as a pound. Blessings :heart:

Pampers. Though online not in shops.

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Where I had your baby would know where u can purchase premie diapers my grandson was born fairly tiny used the smallest pamper eventually he grew into them you can manage I’m sure

I am using Huggies for preemie they are still a bit big but work the best fitting I love pampers the best but they just are not quite small enough

Huggies makes a preemie diapers. I had to use them for the last 7 weeks

Pampers size zero are the smallest ones I’ve found. Tesco sell them. My LB was 860g born still big but ok if folded over at the top x

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best diapers for premies? - Mamas Uncut

Both Pampers and Huggies have preemie size

Pampers makes preemie diapers. You can buy them at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby

I liked the huggies for premies…I think it was the special delivery kind. The hospital had them but once we left there I got them from Walmart. Depending on how small baby still is they may just have to grow into them. I know they make diapers for micro premies but they may have to be special ordered.

Pampers worked best for my babies

How much does the baby weigh? You may need micro preemie which may need to be special ordered.

my preemie definitely fit in the pampers snugglers obviously the preemie size! they were really nice and secure for my little 4 pounder lmao

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we used pampers & huggies in size preemie with my son. he was 4lbs 8oz.

Maybe baby doll diapers

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I used preemie size pampers and my child was 3 pounds when she was born and they fit. They were the snugglers I think.

you could try reusable diaper you can get them on amazon

ALVABABY Baby Cloth Diapers One Size Adjustable Washable Reusable for Baby Girls and Boys 6 Pack with 12 Inserts

We love honest and they fit all three of our preemies!

Pampers is what I used

Mamia newborn , yellow pack sold in Aldi

Both Huggins and pampers make preemie diapers…all the way down to 500g. I bet you can find one that will fit:)

I did Pampers with my Daughter she only weighed 4 pounds and those qorked great

Hello Bello has some awesome preemie diapers I used them with my son

Both my babies were preemie diapers at 6lbs pampers were what worked for us

Although I love huggies, I would say try Premie Pampers.
Pampers always seemed to fit my children smaller than huggies so their premie’s might be a little smaller.

Check out The Honest Company

I personally loved huggies premie diapers over pampers. My baby wasn’t a premie but he was only a little over 6 pounds and newborns were way to big on his little body for at least almost a month to almost 2 months. If you’re wanting to also cloth later, most cloth diapers fit babies 8 pounds and up. One sizes are your best buy. I personally love Nora’s Nursery. I also have Sunbaby and some from an app called PatPat that work great as well and are way more budget friendly if you are not looking to spend $230 for diapers. I got 35 diapers from patpat for less than $200, Nora’s Nursery I got 28 for $233, and then sunbaby I bought off a lady who barely ever used them and I got 35 diapers plus inserts for 150. Patpats you will need to find your own inserts if you are not a fan of microfiber which I am not so i prefer and recommend bamboo inserts as they are the most absorbent.

Huggies little snugglers. My baby was born 4 weeks early at 5lbs and they fit him well

My granddaughter and I look for preemie diapers today at Walmart and could not find any.

It depends on how much they weigh my oldest was 4lbs and both pampers and Huggies were huge on her, my friend would tell me to put baby dolls pampers on her lol but my second was 5lbs and pampers worked great for her

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Best diapers for premies? - Mamas Uncut

Huggies preemies are good

Try boots own make . X

Our volunteers make tent tiny diapers out of our leftover flannel scraps. We use the triangle pattern and double them. We donate them to nicus.

Maybe. The diapers. For dolls

My twin grandchildren were born early and we could only find premie diapers at Target…end of the diaper aisle, up high! Best to you

I used pampers swaddlers premie, I brought my daughter home at 4.4 lbs… they are hard to find but I could usually find them at target.

There are multiple brands on Amazon making diapers for premise and micropremies. If you prefer to make your own, there are lots of videos on YouTube on how to make them.

My son was a premie and left the NICU at 4lbs. We used pamper premie and they fit him well

My daughter was 1lb when she was born, very sensitive skin so cloth diapers hands down were the winner until she was about 1

When i was born 4ibs.8 ozs they didn’t have disposable diapers my mom said the cloth diapers were way to big so they used mens handkerchiefs.

End of isle up high .NICU nurse put son in size 1 keeps diaper rash at bay he was 4 lbs 12 oz

Huggins or pampers preemie usually can find them at Walmart Walgreens some grocery stores have them just have to check

Doesn’t anyone use cloth diapers anymore

Pampers preemi or micropreemi

Won’t newborn diaper fit?

Mayne try cloths diapers?

My mom had to cut clothe diapers in half for me when I was born. I was only 3lbs.

And my cousin used Pampers for her micropremie. I think you can order them through their website.

Our baby was a micro-preemie, pampers swaddlers worked great. Any other brand she pees out.

Have your doctor order you some

Pampers swaddlers. I used Pampers with both of my kids.

Babies 4lbs and under huggies makes micro preemie diapers for over 4 lbs regular preemie

Huggies / pampers fit best. My daughter was 4lb 2oz preemie.