Best diapers for a child that leaks through?

What are the best diapers for a child that constantly leaks through? i swear nothing works for this child and he wakes up wet every single morning


My son pees like crazy all the time, especially at night. The only thing that works for him is Huggies Overnights. Its a dark blue box that are actual diaper form, not pull-ups. Costs about $26 a box depending where you are located. They are not cheap and i still have to wake him up once or twice a night to change him to make sure he doesn’t soak but they are the only things that made a difference. All the other “night time” diapers just acted like regular diapers and barely held anything. Also get on amazon and invest in a couple “chucks” or bed pads. They have fabric ones that you can wash and reuse. Just lay them on top of the sheets before bed and if there is an accident you only have to wash the small pad and not ALL the bedding. As a CNA we use them on adults too and they are awesome to have.

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Huggies and point his thing a certain way…. I think it was up but maybe it was down. Basically make sure it isn’t leaking bc it’s pointed in such a way to cause it to do so.

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I have to do a change around 9:30pm before I go to bed. then change as soon as they wake up (7)

If i put a dry nappy on them at 7:15 before bed then they will usually wake up wet.

Also I try to encourage more drinking during the day. An start cutting back drinks at night (when they are of age of course to do so)

Usually sizing up worka best.


Huggies! No other nappy compares for a heavy pee -er…


Kirkland brand from Costco was our fave!

We used pampers for my son, but you gotta make sure his penis is pointing down and as suggested by someone else usually going up a size helps

I used parents choice overnights from Walmart, had to be overnight ones. My youngest slept over 12 hours a night from about 6 months on. She would soak through every other brand but them. Huggies was a close second.

Huggies overnight diapers a size up from the ones you use now, make sure to fold the top inward and down before you ( like you do for a newborn with the umbilical cord on), point penis down but not snug against his skin ( make sure the diaper isn’t to tight), double check to make sure where the legs are is not tucked in ( the layer against the skin and then there should be a second layer of diaper frill, and if that still leaks through get a plastic diaper cover they are used with most cloth diapers ( I would ask in your local moms group if anyone has a spare one they are not using ) and make sure to change before you yourself go to sleep. I have 3 boys and they were all heavy sleepers so I could change them still asleep and did it right in the crib. Good luck momma

Rascal and friends :raised_hands: next best is huggies for us

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Most nights diaper is good and cutting drinks off at a certain time 6 months and older dont need feeding at night if they get snack and drink 1hr before bed , if actually help if u train them at night not drink like when u put 6months down to bed if baby wake up instead giving it drink do other thing help them sleep ( no longer then 12hrs tho )

You can add a women’s pad in the diaper. Or get the night time diapers huggies sells.

Pampers Overnight and a Sposie pad.

Might be time for toilet training

Rascal and friends! Best ones I’ve found hands down!!!

Depends on the age we like easy ups

Target brand overnight diapers

My worst experience was Huggies. I used pampers or luvs

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I use cloth diapers and have never had a blowout or leak

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The only ones my son never leaked through overnight were Lidl nappies

l Get paid over $125 per hour working from home. l never thought I’d be able to do it but my buddy makes over $16944 a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The possibility with this is endless.

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So change them in the middle of the night. It’s called parenting.

They used to make inserts, but my baby that needed then is about to be 19. I don’t remember seeing them fir my 13 yr old. But they looked just like pads without the adhesive.

I use tesco nappies and buy the + ones as they hold more for wetter babies

Make sure his winky is pointing down. I went through so many diapers thinking they were the problem, turned out his winky was pointing up so it went right through. We used Target up and up and Huggies.

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I noticed when my son was in diapers that pampers worked well for him.

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Huggies night time diapers at night. But we still sometimes change him in the night once only if he wakes up

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Target or Huggies Overnights in a size bigger

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I used pampers with all of mine. I had one that was just as bad but I agree with some comments I saw. I had 3 boys and made sure it was pointing down and it helped a lot


Pampers. And go up a size on the nighttime diapers.


Go up a size! Usually if they are constantly wet the diaper is actually too small.


We use huggies. I’ve heard some people insert women’s pads as another layer to stop leaks. Also, depending on the child’s age you can try to limit liquid intake before bed.

Surprisingly store brand worked so much better for both my kids than Huggies or luvs. They both suck

I watched a video the other day where she filled each brand with the same amount and tested them and pampers won out of the fancy brands and everything for staying dry.


I get up a couple times throughout the night and change my grandson. Although I woke up at 5am to find he took his own diaper off this morning and peed over the side of his crib, he’s 15 months and quite the comedian :smile:

My 3 year old grandson drinks a ton all day & night, always has, & we only use Parents Choice diapers with him & we’ve only had soak thru when we needed to go up a size.

My other daughter uses Pampers on her boys & limits nighttime drinks & has soak thru all the time.

However, a diaper change thru the night is always a good thing too :grimacing: especially if they sleep 10-12 hours straight.

Huggies overnights are great for heavy sleep peeers. Lol

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Pampers swaddlers are the only ones that work for us


Huggies overnites are the best. I used them with all 8 of my boys!

You can also try a folded diaper I side of his throw away diaper folded so it’s helping catch the moisture

Pampers worked the best for me

Pampers swaddlers! Tried all different kinds. These didn’t smell and held the pee/poop without leaking. I did have 2 girls in them.

I’ve had a boy and girl in diapers. I’ve used the brand names and I’ve used the cheap ones. Unless the baby has a reaction to the diaper itself, I haven’t found much difference in any of them as far as absorbency goes. I think we’re in a case of diapers from Aldi at the moment and they work great.

This could be how often baby gets changed? Some nights my daughters needs to be changed in the night, sometimes not. I also notice it’s obviously more full if she goes down with a drink at night.

Boy baby, make sure it’s pointed down. Tummy sleeper, put it on backwards. Any baby ever, size up at night.

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Try the overnights from Huggies they are a thicker diaper to hold more at night when they sleep longer.

If it’s a boy make sure to push their penis up when you change him to go to bed. This helped be tremendously. Also we did luvs and they worked good.

Change it n the middle of the night


Go up a size and for my daughter pampers was the only brand she didn’t leak through over night

Try the next size up.

People have been raving about the Rascal & Friends brand from Walmart.

But I agree with previous comments, try the next size up.

Rascal and friends they hold so much. My toddler sleeps 830- 9-10am and never leaks through

Boy or Girl. You do know that boys and Girls don’t pee in same direction. My daughter is now 22 years old and pees backwards like a boy. So I switched to boy diapers. GOODNIGHTS at about age 12 and put 2 diapers on her at night. It stopped the leaking. Also when your child gets to old for changing table. Put 2 diapers on your child, handicap old child, Adult or Seniors when you go out in Public so when you have to go into Public restroom. You don’t have to take there pull up diapers off; 1. You don’t have to take their Shoes off, clothes off. WET nasty floors. 2. You don’t have to get on floor or redress your child, handicap older child or Senior 3. You can pull up inside diaper off and have Clean diaper inside No redressing, No nasty wet socks or pants legs. 4. Poopy pants clean up child, handicap adult or Senior inside diaper ready to go. Check which way they pee, because with my daughter when she was about 13 she started leaking through Girl pull ups because of direction she was peeing. May need to go up or down in size depending on what brand you buy. Or change which gender you buy. Remember to 2 diapers trick.

I always used parents choice diapers they worked perfect

Huggies overnights one size up


I swore by luvs with all 4 of my kids!

Get up in the night snd change the diaper.


NINJAMAS!!! best diaper ever!

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I put a maxi pad in the diaper and it worked great

Parents choice from Walmart. They are the cheapest brand but the best at holding in wetness. I have 5 kids and have tried them all and the were the only ones that didn’t leak

Pampers hands down. Anything else was shit. (Boy mom)

Pampers & go up a size.

Hello bello night time diapers

Pampers baby dry 1000000%%%%%%%%%%%%%% and up the size
Usually leaks are because of wrong sizing in most cases

Huggies little movers

Size up. That’s how I knew to size up with my son. More than 2-3 mornings being soaked like that. And for myself, I preferred just the pampers baby dry. They fit very well. (Although all babies are different.)

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Coterie! Literally life changing, and their wipes are awesome.

Hello bello ,or honest company

Go a size up and I prefer the dollar general brand…

You most likely have the wrong size on the child

size up. i always used the cheap ones. walmart dg target ect.

Pampers swaddlers and go up a size

Rascal and friends are pretty good.
I use huggies pullups for overnight and use the pams pullups during the day.(they are surprisingly good)
I also get a size up

Whatever you are already using but a size up.

Rascal and friend diapers at Walmart are about the only thing I’ve used since my son was A new born and they’ve never leaked on me

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