Best diaper rash cream?

Moms of girls…what do u use for a diaper rash? I have a babygirl almost two weeks old, she looks like shes starting to get little blisters/bumps on her area down there. We change her diaper alot. I have tried diaper rash cream and it seems like its getting worse. I have a 1 year old boy who never really got rashes and when he did i just used a little powder, so im new to this. I have nystatin cream, diaper cream and powder, idk what to use. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.


That happened with my daughter before… It turned out to be a yeast infection… If it doesn’t start to improve in a day or two I’d take her to the doctors to be looked at. Good luck. :purple_heart:

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May want to try a bath in Aveeno and a little coconut oil

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Nystatin. Just out of curiosity what kind of diapers do you use?

Maybe try different wipes or diapers?


A&D ointment & Gold Bond worked well for my daughter.

Put towel under her and leave nappy off for a few hrs at time that will help


Corn starch worked good for my kids butt rashes


It may be a yeast infection. OTC lotrimin Cream always works for my daughter

Might be the brand of diaper , it doesn’t matter if it’s an expensive diaper some babies are allergic

May need to change diaper brand and use corn starch

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Air baby out, leaving diaper off. Bathe daily.

Triple paste! I swear by it!

Nystatin. Corn starch.


I’ve always used penaten

Anything to keep it dry

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My daughter gets yeast that looks like that. Doc will usually prescribe antifungal like nystatin so sounds like you’re doing good. Definitely air out. Yeast likes warm moist environment!

Also: I can’t use anything but Huggies natural care or parents choice unscented wipes or Huggies or parents choice diapers


Change diaper brand and wet wipe brand and use Desitin extra strength

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I used coconut oil after bath

I used what is called bag balm comes in a green can with a cow on it with red flowers it works wonders

Pinxav!!! Get it at walmart behind the counter. No prescription needed. You’ll be amazed.

Aquaphor is amazing!! My daughters would get so bad overnight that it would bleed! We tried everything including prescription steriod cream and nystatin and nothing helped. It was because her pee was too acidic

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My mother in law suggested browned flour when my son had a rash. I also had both a white based cream and a jelly based and would try one and if it didn’t work try the other

I alternate cornstarch and 100% Virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil and corn starch! Works better than any diaper rash cream, ointment, or powder I’ve used!

Corn starch! My mom told me that and it works. My daughter has an icky rash right now hasn’t really eased up any past few days until today used some corn starch. Her grandma gave her a tea bath and helped as well… other than that, I’ve been using coconut oil and some zinc oxide.

It may be yeast… antifungal cream…

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Air dry as much as possible and Triple Paste when diaper is on

Boy Mom but I use breastmilk and coconut oil mixed in with bath.

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We use balmex and it works wonders for us. From diaper rashes to chemical reactions from the diapers. Their claims state after 1 diaper change you see a difference. I would say after 2 or 3 you see a difference!

That happened to my daughter around that same age. We went to the doctor and they prescribed nystatin ointment and then out desitin on top and it was gone in a couple of days

A tip from a mom of 3 girls, make sure your wipes you’re using are scent free

Beaudreauxs butt paste

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Nystatin or caldesene powder!!

Triple paste works wonders

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Might have a yeast infection they get bumpy and red and but paste seems to make them worse without medication

A&D ointment. It will clear up within days. Its amazing whst one coat does. Desitin is a joke.

There is a cream called Butt Paste. Really good.

My daughter 2 weeks ago got what we thought was a rash, it only got worse throughout the week and it also had small blisters but it was all over her lady parts and started getting to her thighs. I was using the honest company rash cream and it did nothing. I finally just took her into her pediatricians office and it was not a rash it was a yeast infection​:sob::woman_facepalming:, they gave me a prescription cream and it has gotten so much better


The doctor prescribed nystatin cream, they also have a powder too

When it hits blistering I just leave him without a diaper for as much as possible even sleeping. I first do a baking soda soak in sink so it’s very concentrated.

If butt paste / desatin do not work in 24 hours I do corn starch.

Burts bees baby ointment or Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

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Baby aquaphor gets rid of the rash same day

Destin with zinc oxide

Boy mom but triple paste! It’s expensive but it works and works fast!

As long as it’s not a yeast infection I will use vaseline mixed with creamy penaten (I have a full premixed container in diaper bag). But I use it often and helps prevent it especially in the summer.

Greers goo you have to get a script for it it’s miracle cream

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Corn startch just a tiny bit its natural and usually helps

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Maybe try changing the brand of diaper too

Diaper cream is unisex…

You need a prescription for nystatin cream.

Cournflower sprinkled on like powder is good

Milk of magnesia. It pulles the acid out of the skin

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I know it sounds crazy but crisco works unbelievably well :woman_shrugging:t3:

I always used creamy petroleum jelly. It’s cheap and works!

Make a paste out of a little water and baking soda.
Bathe her in an oatmeal bath (I put real oatmeal in a long sock, tie it on the bathtub faucet and run hot water through it. Add baking soda to the bath and squeeze all the liquid from oatmeal.

Could be allergic to the diapers your using.

Coconut oil worked best for my daughter. It works quickly too. And corn starch also works.

Use cornstarch instead of cream. Old-school trick that works the best for any kind of diaper rash.

My little one started to get a rash and I put coconut oil and it cleared up before her next change. With my first two,it seemed that the rash creams didn’t do anything other than make it worse…

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DON’T use powder. Desitin creamy or Buttpaste are good. May need to change diaper brand or wipes or even just use wet baby washcloths. My kids have all had sensitive skin so I use Costco brand diapers, cloth or huggies snugglers or cruisers but Costco brand worked best.

Have you tried using different diapers?

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I have a son but I swear by corn starch

I used an anti fungal and an antibiotic cream mixed together. Works fast!

Honest diaper cream has more zinc than desitin and less chemicals

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I had to put my first born 1976 in cloth diapers. I’m sure there are other things you can do now. I’m out of that loop NOW

Cornstarch or coconut oil

My pediatrician suggest bleach bath. For a sink of water its like 3 tbsp… for a bath tub 1/4 cup added to water. Helps with all kinds of skin conditions. Air out as much as possible. Use aquaphor, A&D works good also along with desitin

If the rash isn’t too bad I just use aquaphor but if it’s more than just a little rash I use calmoseptine. It’s over the counter so you’d just have to ask the pharmacist for it but you don’t need a prescriptions works great!

Fried flour worked for my 3

Sometimes the girls are more yeasty. You might have a small yeast infection and need prescribed cream. My daughter was super yeasty lol.

Don’t use powder as it has other serious health risks. I have twins, one boy one girl, and I’m not sure if it’s because she is a girl but my daughter had all the diaper rash issues and none for my son. We use higher end diapers (pampers) for her, and the diaper cream “butt paste” works really well. If it’s so severe she is blistering you might want to take her to the doctor though.

I used cornstarch I don’t have a little girl but I have a boy when he would get diaper rashes this is what I would use.

Athletes foot cream it kills bacteria that causes rashes

Corn starch. I swear by it. Used it with both my girls.

Apply anytime u change her diaper. You can give her a bath sometime during the day. Let it air dry a little bit once u let her out of the bath. then apply corn starch and put a diaper on.
If it’s not clearing up some after 24-48 hrs. Call pediatrician. Bc a normal rash will clear up some by then. If ur not seeing ANY improvement time to call the doc.

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Cornstarch worked wonders on my daughter!

Since day one, we have used A&D. After even one use, redness went away almost completely. We use it every diaper change and have daycare do the same!

If you give her baths use baking soda in the bath. If you don’t give her baths yet (honestly it’s been 8 years I can’t remember when you are only supposed to give sponge baths) make homemade wipes with baking soda and water. It’s the only thing that ever worked for my daughter. You can also do a combo of both.

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If the rash keeps occurring switch diapers. It may be why they keep getting bad

My daughters had this same issue when little an needed an antibiotic cream from the pediatrician. Everything I used didn’t work… aveeno baths help sooth though regardless what you treat it with also.

Pinkxav is the best within a few hours gone

I’ve always used corn starch and it ALWAYS worked for all four of my kids

Lot’s of air.When she naps put a pad or towel under her.Keep her as dry as possible.

Try changing the diapers different brands

Boudreau’s butt paste

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When one of mine had that used cool boiled water and powder I didn’t use cream as that made him sweat and made it worse


Life changing

Monistat mixed with buttpaste

Behind the counter in the pharmacy! I will never use anything else

But paste worked great on my son who had a very sensitive bottom, he would get so bad it would look like raw hamburger.

Gold bond cream my son had a diaper rash he looked like he was scalded

I use A&D ointment… works great…

Have her checked for yeast. Most the time it goes unnoticed even sometimes by a doctor. My son and daughter got it frequently as I do as well. No harm in using some tinactin on baby. Better safe then sorry

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The only thing that ever worked on my daughters super sensitive skin was corn starch. Cleared it right up! Good luck to you

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Take her to a doctor. It’s probably a yeast infection. Please do not put your little babe in a bleach bath or powdered bath :grimacing:

Aloevera plant works great

We only ever use A&D ointment. Best stuff ever!

If there is bumps it’s yeast I have two girls that constantly get it your doctor will prescribe nyastatin it works amazing for yeast you can always tell when it’s yeast the rash will always end up with bumps

I think I’d call her doctor first for a baby that young.

This is what I used on my daughter. Sometimes Walmart will have it and home town pharmacies. It’s kind of a thick cream so a little goes a long way. Good luck and hope your baby girl feels better soon