Best breast pump?

I haven’t decided if I want to breast feed or not but I definitely want to at least pump. Suggestions on good pumps?!


Medela pisa double electric pump is what I used and it was great. Any of the medela pumps are awesome

Medela double electric pump is what I have and used and will use again if we have any issues!

I liked the manual pump for starters

Medela freestyle worked very well for me. It is rechargeable and very light not bulky like most others.

I personally had better results with the medela than the spectra . So that’s what I would suggest using

Medela. It’s the best!

Go for a professional grade if you pump full time as it will help stimulate your supply.

Pretty much any double electric breast pump. Medela and Spectra are good brands though :heart: I do hope you give breastfeeding a try, although I do understand it is not for everyone. I had no interest with trying with my first and he did fine with formula. But I am still going strong BFing my 20minth old. I pumped while at work away from him and I honestly hated pumping lol. But whatever works for you and baby Momma!