Best brand of formula?

What is the best brand of baby formila? having my babe here soon and cannot breastfeed for medical reasons…so i want the best for baby!


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I used Enfamil nutramigen for my lactose free baby

Hospitals usually just give the baby what they have! Not sure you can request a particular one there.

There’s always donor milk if you’re interested in breastmilk.


That will be determined when the baby is born. Whether they can tolerate certain ones, have medical issues that require specific ones


Personally I preferred ready to use Enfamil. I tried powder, it just didn’t work out for my kids. It costs a bit more… and my kids ate a LOT as infants… but it was definitely worth it. My kids are healthy and smart.

I used similac idk if they still have it but with my son I used the one that was for breastfeeding moms who chose to switch to formula. And with my newest baby I use prosobee but I’ve using similac 360 care for sensitivity honestly you get more with similac then u do with enfamil (my opinion)

I used Enfamil gentlease. After trying a few, it was the best one for my boys.

Every child is different what works for 1 baby may not work for yours, it’s all trial and error.
I have 4 and 3/4 were on different formulas, 1 I had to get scripts from the gp as it was a special formula

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Can always look into donor breast milk

I used gerber good start for my first
Gerber soy for my second
My 4th and 5th i used nutramigen

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Every baby is different. We had to try 3 different ones for my guy before we found one that didn’t upset his stomach

Your gonna have to try them and see what your options are. The best on the market isn’t always what your baby needs. Honestly my girls would only take the purple one from Walmart or superstore (same maker) the others made the sick
There’s also whether the baby has intolerance. Hugs. My advice would be to go online to each one and fill out the application. They will send you samples no problem and coupons. Formula is about 100$ a month here so getting the test cans is essential.

You won’t know what is best until you’re feeding them. What works for one kid doesn’t work for the next.

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We did gentleease for my son but we had to switch a couple times to find the right one for him

Enfamil AR is the only formula my baby girl can handle. It really depends on what your baby can handle

Start with what the hospital gives you… And every baby is different so you won’t know how it will effect baby until they are born and drink… My son changed a couple different times to the one that was good for him… My nephew went through 5 or 6 before they found the right one… Sorry to be of no help but you really won’t know until they are born

I’ve heard that Honest Company makes a good one

I personally use the Parent’s Choice (walmart) Sensitivity version. Some parents like the name brand better but I have zero issues with the store brand and find the ingredients are almost identical to that of name brands like Enfamil and Similac :relaxed:

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As far as brand goes, we used the Target off brand because it was far cheaper and we had twins. Bear in mind that ALL brands of formula MUST need FDA requirements, so no matter what you choose it is safe for your child.

Other things to take into account, like type (gentlease, lactose free, etc) won’t be a factor you can truly determine until birth. Don’t let anyone shame you for formula feeding.
FED is Best. Period.

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Can’t always go on what other mothers found as best for their children. You have to find what type of milk is best for your baby (example: some babies don’t digest certain formulas well and throw up a lot from it.)

You’ll need to speak with the pediatrician

Bobbie or byheart are probably some of the better on the market

Similac is good honest company as well all babies are different though. You can get free samples in the mail as well as from you’re Obgyn and pediatrician. Sometimes the hospitals have them as well.

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We used The Kirkland brand, and never had any issues. Spit up was minimal and never gassy.

Depends on your baby

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You’ll get so many responses from this it’ll become overwhelming… find out what the hospital provides and speak to your future pediatrician and/or doctor about that brand. I never chose the formula, I went with what the hospital provided and changed to a different type in the same brand if my childrens body didn’t agree.

It really depends on the baby and if you are on wic or anything. I liked Enfamil, but there are many and I honestly dk much about them being different. They all seem to have the same versions. The gentle, the regular, etc

Similac is good,good start is good too

Have you considered donor milk?

To be honest. Right now Simalic I can’t find food for my daughter anywhere. Their website isn’t even selling her food. Keep in mind whatever you pick to use. Make sure it’s easy to find. Or you might have to change it because of the formula shortages. :expressionless:

We’re on neocate because she was so fussy with literally every formula possible but she’s also gtube fed as well as oral fed

Used infamil. I used Isomil in the past because baby had upset stomach. It’s soybean.

I had to go thru like 4 different formulas to find one that was good for my baby. My advice is to buy small amounts at first to see what works for you.

Enfamil is notoriously harder on the stomach. But brand isn’t as big of an issue as finding what kind your little will need/take. We switched probably a good 4-5 times till we found the AR and she could take any brand of that perfectly.

You will need to find out if new burn is lactose intolerence

Have you looked into donor milk? There’s so many of us that donate to babies in need. From there if you don’t go that route look into EU brands. Better quality and standards and easily shipped right to you.


Have to wait and see what the baby can tolerate. I wouldn’t stock up on it. Certain brands are hard to find right now.

A lot of people have commented this already but donor milk!
I couldn’t do it this second time around due to latching issues and emotional health & a lot of women have donated to me, but also sometimes is a little hard to get donor so i would buy breastmilk. You can express what kind of restrictions for the milk you’re looking for etc.
it’s more harder with donor, but easier to buy it :slightly_smiling_face: or ask for a regular donor.

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Similac my baby been on it since the day she was born

Similac was easier on my kiddos belly HOWEVER no matter which you choose keep an eye out on the recalls they happen to many formulas and one had currently been Similac

I used Good Start but doctor says They’re all the same.

Every baby is different. All 3 of my kids have used dif formulas. My 6 week old is currently on aptamil colic and constipation and it’s helped my bub

Depends on the baby. My daughter hates Emfamil, only would take Similac. Ask your hospital what formula they provide and donor milk is also an option. You can supplement with both!

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I used Enfamil for all my kids. Enfamil, soy and lactose free to Nutramigen.

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Similac was what they used in the nice so I kept him on that

All 3 of my kids were on different versions of Similac. All 3 of them couldn’t tolerate the regular cows milk Similac Advanced. One baby went through 4 before we found one he tolerated best. You will have to wait and see if baby is sensitive to anything.

We always use Enfamil if we need to supplement while breastfeeding and our babies never had any issues at all with the switch. So I would say Enfamil is the closest and easiest on the tummy. Similac tore our kids up. They would get horrible gas…

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There is no one size fits all for this. You will just have to see what works best for your babe.


a lot of similac formula is recalled so i use enfamil neuropro gentle ease. my son is 8 weeks and has done very good on it!

I use Kirkland and it’s settled the best in my boys sromach

Closest to breast milk is nestle good start and if they have a sore tummy nestle good start soothe, all 4 of mine where great on it

We liked the Kirkland brand from Costco

I use Similac Pro Advanced

Pediatrician put both girls on Similac. My older girl had terrible colic and digestive problems but 55+ years ago, not many alternatives (I had been unsuccessful in breastfeeding and my husband hadn’t been supportive – since I had to return to work in 6 weeks, sadli it was soon abandoned).
My younger daughter had some diarrhea but Similac was successful for her.
Get a pediatrician you have confidence in and follow his advice!!
(my first baby was "by the book (Dr Spock) all the way; my second daughter was more by feel and common sense – she was sampling table foods early on and other than fruits, didn’t care very much for baby foods at all - no ill effects!

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Gentlease - Enfamil or the off brand works just as well, helped a ton with my colicy baby with a sensitive tummy

Apply for Wic…they will Point you in the right direction

Not to scare you but I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying there’s formula shortages everywhere…I haven’t personally seen it yet but the place I live in is just starting to see the food shortages that have been affecting large parts of the country.

Honestly there isn’t that much difference in brands besides price
They have the same ingredients and you just pay more for the “better” brands

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Ask your doctor. Your baby may turn out to be allergic to one kind of formula, or be irritated by another. It depends. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

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Goat milk based is best if can find it. Dunno why they wanna make most formulas cow milk based when causes tummy issues plus colic.

Nutramigan is what my sons pediatrician recommended.

My baby loves the Earths Best brand. (Red can) he gets super excited for when I make his baba’s. We used similac with my daughter but all the recalls now I decided different brand all together was good.

I used nestle good start with all 4 of mine.

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Your hospital will supply your baby with formula for your stay after baby is born - maybe go with one of those!

Get on every website you can find and ask for free samples. See what works best for your baby and go from there

Nutramigan is the best on the market

Parent Choice at Walmart. Same Ingredients lot cheaper

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Going to be honest there’s a shortage of formula everywhere where I live and I’m not trying to scare you but it is something scary as a Mom myself to a baby who still needs formula I would really look into what formula brands are not making it to the shelves and even then sometimes babies are picky and their own way and they need a certain kind for their bellies good luck mama

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The type of formula is baby dependent. All formula is FDA regulated so there’s really no one better than the next other than that the types all serve different purposes for babies needs. My son had slight acid reflux so he was on gentle type formula and we always went with Sams club brand cause it was the cheapest in my area and used Walmarts parent choice gentle as a back up if needed.

All depends on your baby

Brands are all made the same. Just look at the ingredients. Only difference is price

Enfamil liquid concentrate is what I used for my kids

It really depends on your baby we went through 6 different types before we found one that worked well with my twins. Even then it wasn’t always available…

You can get sample packs from alot of places to try it new ones out which can really help.

Alot of formulas now a days are super pricey and it’s hard to find them in stores so once you find one you need to stock up and get some before you run out if at all possible. Find which stores in your area carry the one you use and what online services keep it stocked.

Luckily we reached the point where my twins could have things other then formula and weaned them off but sometimes we wouldn’t be able to find the kind we used for 3 months and had to have a couple different kinds that weren’t ideal (my twins had milk sensitivity for mist of that period) so we just had to use what ever was available.

Another thing you can do especially if you are in a pinch is see if other mommas have breast milk and are willing to sell or give away some of the excess they have collected.

Sams club brand. We switched from emfamil to it bc price and didn’t notice any difference.

Enfamil is the best! It has different types to fit your babies specific needs