Best baby hair products?

Questions regarding styling kids hair.

Boy mamas! I’m curious at what age you started “styling” your little one’s hair? Also, any recommendations for the best baby hair products?


Since birth lol only a little comb over tho… Now he’s 1 with curl hair so I just wet his brush a and comb it over the yak a comb make it neat and scrunch the curls on the sides and back… Not products needed (yet) but leave in conditioner works for me. All natural one that has coconut oil in it.

2 yrs old I started with leave in conditioner now that hes 3 leavon conditioner, curl mousse, or gel

:rofl: 5 sons here. I call it a win if they use shampoo and conditioner. Trust me momma the kindergarten teacher doesn’t care if you style your kids Hair every day


I make sure to keep my son’s hair cut and looking good because his hair grows super fast. But when he had long hair, it was really curly. He’s half black, Mexican and white, and I used this stuff called “coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk” by Shea moisture. It works great!

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My son was about 3 and he loves using gorilla snot

I let my sons grow out til about 2 then cut it short for preschool then about 5 years I started jut crew cut shaved head. Then middle school he wanted what he wanted and now he’s in 10th and looks like Pauly from Jersey Shore or Side show Bob depending where he’s going. I call him Jerry Lee Lewis

When my baby was born he had a head full of curly hair I would always put a little creamy baby oil in. His. And scrunched it until I had his hair cut at 3 months old bc you couldn’t see his eyes lol

When he got his first haircut at one. I would spike his hair up. I loved the way my little boy looked :heart:

If i want my lil guys hair “styled” i use a little bit of thick lotion. It works great and doesnt get hard or crusty

2 and i use water based gels or mousse

2, he wanted hair like Daddy, and returned from a haircut asking if we can get him, “product”.

Mine are 12 and 9, and just started wanting “style”. Kids dont need it. Mine wear hats all the time to protect from the sun, and then its winter and hats are on protecting from the cold. Lol. They only have hats off at school so I made it easy for them with their hair…they just need some water. No gell or anything. Just making sure its cut is enough.

My son has had fresh lower hair cuts since he was about 2. No need to style it because it’s a short cut and he always looks put together.

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My daughter did her son bout two or

I’m lucky if my son lets me brush it lol only thing I use is some detangler. He’s 3, hasn’t had a hair cut yet