Baby teething pain relief?

What natural/organic things can I use to soothe my teething baby? She only really cries a lot at night time.

I gave me son a frozen waffle :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2: it tasted good and soaked the drool up

I gave mine frozen pineapple in one of those netted feeding things. Pineapple has natural painkilling enzymes.

I put frozen breastmilk in one of those baby mesh food things.

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We do frozen fruit in that mitt thing. (So helpful lol)
Also frozen waffle.
There are all natural calming teething tablet from nuby at Walmart.

My mom gave all three of her kids whole carrots or beef jerky. Both taste good and we couldn’t choke on them or bite them off

Karen mira wey mucha info pa ti aki

Cuddling! Rubbing gums with a finger, teethers. Always gave mine a cold rag to chew on.
Try freezing breast milk like a small popsicle. It’ll be both nice and cold and fill up her little tummy