Baby shower ideas?

Wednesday we get to te everyone that I’m pregnant & I’m so excited! With that being said I’m already figuring out how I want my baby shower! I want to do a BABY Q. What ideas do you have for food, games etc? I want to make my husband, daughter & myself shirts to go along with the occasion as well, what ideas do y’all have for the shirts to say?


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“IAm SO EXCITED” add the date.

I did a Baby Q one for my toddler that was due in early September 2020 but we did it open house style so people could come and go as they pleased. We did it at a local park. We just had outside yard games out but didn’t do any traditional baby shower games though! We did BBQ style food (chicken, pulled pork if I remember right - if not brisket + buns to go with, taco salad, pasta salad, mac salad, fruit, veggies, regular salad, bags of individual chips, etc). For shirts we didn’t wear matching and he just wore a pink shirt and I wore a pink maternity dress from Amazon but you could do something like “Baby-Q sister” “Baby-Q Daddy” “Baby-Q Mommy”

I’ve never heard of someone having their own baby shower


Hot dogs, burgers, mini sandwiches, chips n multiple dips, fruit trays, veggie trays, meatballs. I can go on lol

I’ve never heard of a Baby Q shower. That’s a new one on me. Any shower sounds like fun. The one the lady suggested with the open house feel… at the park with the barbecue, people coming and going as they wanted… outdoor yard games… sounded like a blast.

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We did monster inc. Theme and put Mommy’s and Daddy’s little monster on the :tshirt: shirts And Sissy’s and Brother little monster too. With a picture of baby Sully on the shirts

Baby shrimp, baby corn, baby back ribs


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