Baby girl name ideas?

Ivy Grace
Vivian Rayne
River Rose

Lucy Kathleen
Norah Rosalie

I have always loved the name Julie Ann

Molly , McKenzie , DAE , Brenda , Dawn

Kimberly, Roberta, Charlotte, Annabelle, claire, Hope, Sophia, Isabella, rose, Abigail, iris, Lilly, chloe, Alexandra, Elizabeth, violet, Victoria, may, april, Maeve, mae, hazel, amelia, Amanda, jasmine, louise, danielle, faith, skyler, grace, Marie, Emma, carla, arielle, Lucy,

My daughter is Sienna Raine

Nuri or Zion…pronunciation (Zi-in)

Shade, McKenzie, Rain

Let us know what you pick


Vada like in the movie “My Girl” . Raelene which is what I named my little girl just I spelt mine different. Rayleene.

Bay, Selena, Ella, (Lyric or Harmony If you’re into music):heart:

Stormie, Anika, Pasley, Serenity, Destiny, Journee, Aria, Heaven, Kinslee, Kamber, Olivia

I knew some one that named their daughter Oakley Saige.

Really in love with the name Castel right now thanks to the TV show Queen Of The South

My daughters name is Aurora-Rain

I love Blair, Emersyn, & Charleigh

KaLeeanna, Flynn, kaisley

Everly Raine or Tatum

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Trinity, Kirsten, Cheyenne, Kendra

Isabella, Dakota, Mercedes

My daughters name is Xaviera

Summer :rose: Rose! Daphine,August

Jaylah , talani , shayanne , cassie

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My daughters names are Journey and Azure

My daughter is naming her baby Paris chalreece

What is/are your ethnic heritage/s? Look up names from that culture.

Ava Dawn or Ava Jane. That’s what we are naming our new baby if it’s a girl. Kyra, Emalee, Avery, Layla, Graciela, and Sophie are also super cute :blush:

Saige Mackenna Maddison Sarah Rebecca

Ebony.Harmony. Daisy. Mia.

Bella, Ella, Amelia and Hope.

My name is different. I haven’t met anyone with my name. Cerra pronounced Sear-rah

My daughters are annajean marie and harley-grace marie

Serenity Rivers or Oakley Jane

Cheyenne Haley, Parrish Ann, Savannah Marie, Talyn Kaylena, Ashton Grace, Monroe Antoinette, Sunny Carrol [this is my name, I like it, I go by Sunny C.] Victoria Elizabeth, Olivia Octavia, Bethany Mariellen, Suzanne Jovan, Pamela Heather, Chelsea Amae, Jimma Jewel, Natalie LeeAnn, …I don’t have any of my own but my nieces names are neato to me.