Baby girl name ideas?

Do you think Emerson is more of a boy name or girl name?


Only ever known of girls with that name

Either. I have a male supervisor named Emerson but I love it as a girl name too.

A middle School down the Street…


My sons name is Emery and it is a male name. Most Emerys today are girls though lol

It really doesn’t matter. It’s a beautiful name.

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I think it’s a beautiful name for both.

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Either depending on middle.

A name for electronics :joy: thats all i think when i hear it

Both! I know a boy and a girl named Emerson

I love it for a girl. We actually had that on our list

Neutral based on middle name

I think boy when I hear it.

We were actually going to use that if we had another girl, I still love it

I think it’s gender neutral

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Boy but is cute as girl, Emmy

I know a beautiful little girl named Emerson!!!

I’d say unisex…but my daughters name is Emerson

I know a boy and girl named Emerson so it goes either way

I actually love this as a girls name! A girl I went to school with has her little girl’s name spelled Emersynne

Sounds like a last name.

Boy but could be both.

Sounds like a boy name to me

Both my girls have boy names Charlee and emree … u could spell it Emersyn ! Love it as both boy and girl !!

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I know both a boy and a girl with this name. I think it’s unisex like a few others .

Don’t matter, girl or boy.

It can be both but I think it’s more of a boy name personally

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Boy I had an Uncle Emerson.

I think it would work either way

Tbh when I hear Emerson I think of a tv. But I think it sounds more masculine.

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Boy . I have a cousin named emerson

My little girl is named Emercyn. I think it is a unisex name.