Baby girl name ideas?

I’m due August 4th with our second daughter but we’re struggling to put together the perfect name for her, we decided ‘Alice’ would be her first name but have no middle name yet! We’re trying to keep her name short and sweet much like we did with our first daughters name, Any suggestions would be a huge help!!:hugs:


Alice Ann, or Alice May?

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Alice May/mae was my first thought when I saw your question x

Why alice. How about sage bethany or delia

I like Alice Mae too that’s the first thing that came to mind

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Alice Rose. Alice Elise. Alice Ivy. Alice Lee. Alice Jae. Alice Lily.

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Alice Monroe
Alice Rose
Alice Faith

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Alice brielle or Alice grace

I always suggest your middle name or either Grandma. Otherwise, Mae, Rae, Kay, Lee, Sue, Jane

I love girl middle names to be after their grandmas or great grandmas … maybe see if one of those work for u

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Alice Arlene, Alice Destiny,

Rose, Dawn, Marie, Joanna or Joanne

Lea, jo, kay, mae, adele.

Alice Skylar, Alice Marie, Alice Victoria, Alice Rose,

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Alice Ana like “on a”
I know it’s a band but still… I love it lol

Here is my cutie, Alice Ivy. We went back and forth with a middle name for a long time, but I’m so happy with Ivy. Its short and sweet.

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I have a Abbie alyss
Alyss rose was what I wanted but bf didnt like it

This is my cutie Alice Jeanette.

My grandmas name is Alice Mae

Alice Amanda
Alice Anis
Alice noreece
Alice Renee

I had a friend named Alice Ann

Alice Mae
Alice Marie
Alice Brielle
Alice Nicole
Alice Sage
Alice Rae
Alice Dawn
Alice Genevieve
Alice Penelope
Alice Seraphina
Alice Valentina
Alice Juliet
Alice Margaret
Alice Primrose
Alice Catherine
Alice Meredith
Alice Rebecca
Alice Madeleine
Alice Isabelle
Alice Claire
Alice Blythe
Alice Quinn
Alice Olivia
Alice Guinevere
Alice Juliet
Alice Josephine

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We did our sons name joining my granddads middle name and my husbands grandads middle name. Benton Thomas :blue_heart: my grandads name is jack Benton, and my husbands grandads name is Norman Thomas.

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Leigh, Brynn, Rain, Anne, Lynn, May, Faye, Rae, Wren

My great Aunts & many ancestors are Alice Mary. A grand old English name.

Alice Rose
Alice Mae
Alice Rae
Alice Rene
Alice Nicole
Alice Lynn
Alice Marie
Alice Leigh
Alice Elaine

I love Alice Mae or rae

Alice winter. Beautiful!!

Alice Sue,
Alice Marie
Alice Kay
Alice Ann
Alice Lynn

Alice hope alice faith

What is the last name going to be? Hard to make suggestions without knowing what we have to work with :slight_smile:

Alice may
Alice faye
Alice Rae

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How bout Alice Marie , (my favorite)Monique , ? Or Joy , Mila, Wendy , Jody , Carrie ,

Also due August 4th :blush:

I’m due August 3rd with my 2nd son! N I like Alice grace

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Alice Mae, Alice Marie, Alice Nicole, Alice Rae

Alice May, Alice Lynn

Mae, Daye, Rae, Lou, Lea, Roe, Beau, Dee, Fae, Jo, Ann, Elle, Vee

My grandmothers name was Alice Bell, I always thought it sounded beautiful


May, Beth, Joyce, Teresa, Mary, Sue, Renae, Anna, Ann

Alice Jane OR Alice Jean. You can call her A.J. for short

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Sue, Rae, Lee, Irene,

Alice Irene, Alice Louise

Alice-Jane Alice-May.

Rose, Ruby, Bell, Lily, Martha, Freya, Ivy… :blush:

Alice Baba. call her Allie for short

Alice Darlene
Alive Darling
Alice Summer
Alice Rae
Alice Violet
Alice Amity

Kae. Or Che, prounce with as Shay or CH

Alice rae or Alice Marie

You need an older name to go with Alice. Anne or Margaret?

Ive heard Lulu means rabbit in one of thr Native American launguages lol Alice is kinda tough to pair with a middle name!

Here is a link to a site that has a long list of short and sweet middle names in alphebetical order, maybe it will be helpful :slight_smile:

Alice Elena or Alice Elaine