Average age of a homeowner?

Is 25 a good age to becoming a homeowner ?how old were you when you & ur partner became a homeowner ? Just wondering if anyone started young


My husband was 22 and I was 24 when we became homeowners. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs. Whatever is best for you and your family.

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My husband was 23 and I was 26! If you can afford it and can get approved for a mortgage why not? It’s investing instead of renting :woman_shrugging:t2:


We was 21 when we bought our first house. Never too early if you have good credit. Just means you’ll have it payed off sooner.

ASAP. I’m no years old because I’m still not one. :cry:

There really is no certain age thats “right” as long as you’re financially stable and can afford to own one then go for it !

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Depends on how mature nd responsible you are

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Dude if you can buy a house at 25 do it.
Wth. Lol.

I wish I could buy a house now at 23

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My husband was 31 and I was 21! :slightly_smiling_face: We bought our home last year.

26 & 21. If you’re financially ready, do it! Best decision we made.

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It has nothing to do with age, it’s a matter of being financially stable & mature enough to understand all that is entailed


I became a homeowner at 25! As long as ur financially responsible there is no right age to become a homeowner :hugs:

I was 19. Literally nothing to do with age tho, because from 31 I was renting again, and still am 10 years later.

19 & 20 when we did our closing ( 2015)
We are 24 and 25 now
Will be mortgage free before we are 30​:relaxed::relaxed:

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My husband and I bought our first house when he was 26 and I was 27.
If you can get approved and financially can swing it, definitely do it! Just do not over buy, too many people make that mistake! Best of luck :slightly_smiling_face:

I was 25 he was 24, why waste money on rent when it will never be yours? That’s how we looked at it.

I was 23 and my husband was 33 when we bought our house.

YES.gwt started as soon as possible.

I was 18 and my husband was 24

Bought my first house as a single mom at 23. Bought 2nd at 27 and my current at 34. All as a single mom

My husband and I were 24 and 25. Our daughter bought her first home at 23 before she married. Very proud of her!

We bought our home two years ago. My husband was 23 and I was 20. We skipped renting and went straight to buying our own home since we already had a golden and it was cheaper to buy than rent and pay a pet fee

Age 22 for both of us

Never too young if you can afford it

My husband and I were 23.

I’m 29 and my husband is 25. We’ll be official in 2 months.

I was 19 my husband was 20 when we bought our first home

Got married at 18 and 19. Bought our first house at 24 and 25.

My husband and I were both 25. It has not been an issue. Just make sure you dont max out your budget. Whatever you are approved for, you likely need to buy a house $30,000 less than that. Make sure you budget for repairs, furnaces going out, replacing the roof. Look into those costs and make sure you are able to contribute to savings to cover it. Account for property taxes going up, things like that.

The sooner the better if you have a good steady job

I’m 23 and my husband is 28. Technically we are still paying off the loan

I love owning a house so anytime!!!

My husband was almost 30 and I had just turned 23 when we bought our home

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25 and he was 24 when we finally bought the house

I was 20 or 21 when i bought my first home but i was single. Me and my fiance just got our first home together… It is his first. He is 30 i am 34.

I wish I would’ve bought a house younger…now I’m 35 paying for all the dumb financial mistakes I made over the years and feel like my kids will be grown by the time I can finally get one. So do it when you can

I was 23 and boyfriend was 29 when we became homeowners

I was 23 and my husband was 26

Bought my first big house at 23

At any age if you are ready for it younger you be paid off sooner

We were 18 and 19 when we purchased our home. 4 years and it will be paid for!!

I was 20 when I bough4 my house!

I was single and I bought a house at 23.

I was 24 and he was 37

If you have a good job and able to afford it, anytime is a good time. I was 27

Any age is a good age to become a homeowner.

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I was 25 and he was 24. Together and renting for 5 years then purchased our home. Will be paid off when I’m 36 and hes 35 :slight_smile: just make sure that youre sure. Dont take the plunge if youre not ready. No shame in waiting for the right time

I was 23 and he was 29 and we got the keys 2 days before baby number 1 due date!

It has nothing to do with age. If you live in California for example, which you probably don’t, it’s damn near impossible at any age.

I was just looking up apartment rentals. $3,500 for a 2 bed room.

So many people with great jobs here who live in their car.

My husband was 24 and I was 27 when we became home owners

I was 21 or 22 when I bought my house. It’s over half way paid off!! Do it!!

BEST thing you can do for your credit is to be a home owner… So any age is a good age…


Last July lol…I was 40, he was 43

I was 19. I was single. It was just me and my son.

You’re never too young to become a homeowner. Mortgages are typically half of what rent is. And you get equity. Go for it.


Purchased our first home at 28yrs old, second at 31 and our third at 34.

I was 18 and my husband was 20 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m 29 and my bf is 31, just closed this past February on our house!

I was barely 21 and my husband 22

Wtf? I dont undertsand how some of you guys were 19 or in early 20’s? Dont you have to have like at least 20,000$ down payment and make more than 30,000 a year?? How the heck did you come up with a down payment at 19 or 20 unless your parents helped you?


My husband and I were 23

I would say to you if you are in the position and able to do that for yourself go for it. I have Amy’s that married when she was like 1920

Like 19 or 20 she has since then divorced but now owns her own

I had about 15,000 down and i make about 35,000 a year and i did not get approved. I was 22 when i applied

And doing really well for her

If you are not married, have a plan/agreement as to how house/assets will be diviided should things turn sour

I just bought a house on my own last year at 32, 3 years after my divorce :slightly_smiling_face:

Age really has nothing to do with it. If u can financially afford a mortgage payment plus all utilities and maintenance then u should be fine. But stay in ur price range. And have all taxes included in ur mortgage payment.

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My husband was 18 & I was 19 when we bought our first home!

23 when my husband and I bought our house. If you can make it work go for it

My husband and I were 21, just out of college

My first house I was 23. Lost it in my divorce and Bought my 2nd when I was 27 and by myself.

My hubba and I did when we were 22-23

We got our house at 22, and he was 23.

I was 21 and my husband was 23 :blush:

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Why not!? If you can afford it.

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My husband and I just bought a house. We are both 23 with 1 child

A couples day before turning 20 :slightly_smiling_face:

25 about to turn 26 with my husband

19 let it go back to the bank when I got out of the Navy so I could move back home.

I bought my own house at 23. Just me myself and I

I was 23 when we got our first house :slightly_smiling_face:

  • V :sparkles:

I (33) & hubby (35). We bought in 2017. I know older. Bought a fixer upper. More like just needed updating from the 80s. We looked for years. Wanted something to make our own and be our forever home to raise our daughter in. Also something that if one of us were to loose a job we could still afford. (We got lucky, no mortgage). Plus if we were to ever, ever sell, we would make our money back plus some.

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I love owning a house so anytime!!!

We were 21 and 29 when we bought our first house.

Me and my now husband were 19 when we bought our first home. Now we have 2 kids and just bought our second one.

If you can afford it to for it :slight_smile:

I think as long as you can afford it and know where you want to be go for it :slightly_smiling_face: (we’ll be 21 & 23 when we purchase our home)

My baby brother just bought his first new house. He’s 21, lives with his gf and just a few months ago he became a police officer :blush:

Still in apartments with 3 kids hoping getting a place next summer

My husband & I bought our first house at 22. Now we are 43 and now have 8 properties - 2 are fully paid off and almost paid off #3 & 4. Our daughter bought her first house on her 18th birthday! Almost 18 months on she is $10k ahead in her repayments and has savings in her bank! It is achievable. You just have to work hard & live within your means!!


Bought my first house at 22

I bought my house when I was 21, just me. It isn’t anything fancy but it is a decent home, could use some paint & new floors as it has quite the 60-70s feel about her but she sits on 3 acres, has 4 small bedrooms, a sunroom, pantry, unfinished basement, dining room, kitchen, porch & bathroom. It’s 1.5 stories, it was 62,000. It is a good starter home and something that can be made beautiful given time & effort. I am now 27 things got really rough at times but buying a home was the best decision I ever made it keeps my life stable for the most part.

I was 24 and he was 29

  1. But it was a little home.

If you can afford it you’d be crazy to rent! Go for it!

I was 25 my husband was 27.

I was 29 when we bought our home. :heartpulse: Only thing I highly suggest considering is, are you ready to be responsible for anything breaking? (Just something to keep in mind) It’s a bit nerve racking knowing you can’t just call your landlord to come fix things. Boo. Haha But, I love my home and my kids do too. Most definitely give yourself a limit on the home cost, so your monthly is reasonable and you don’t find yourself in a money pit.

And last and but not least, never settle! If you can’t find what you want, just keep looking.

We were 27 and 26 when we bought ours. We probably would have purchased sooner but he was in the military and we moved a lot

Baby if you can afford a house at 25 go for it.