As a single mother how many jobs do you work?

For all you single moms out there, do you work two jobs? Or just one? I am taking care of my two kids by myself. Their dad is in a different state and doesn’t help. I have a full time job, but I’m struggling to make ends meet still and trying to figure out if I should get another job.


I’m having a hard time finding one job my daughter is home schooled as soon as I mention I don’t have open availability they pass me up they don’t want to work with the schedule

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You already have two jobs you have your out of the house job then you come home and raise your kids that’s your second job especially being a single mom yes it does get hard but you have to pray about it and God will provide believe me I been raising my daughter alone for a while now and it all works out don’t take your time away from your kids they already don’t have a dad that need you things will work out.

I work 4 jobs to provide.

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Most of my friends did work two jobs . One full time and one part . I couldn’t . I worked one full time but I had my parents to help. I do not know how my friends did it . I was utterly exhausted from working my one job and being a single mom . My heart goes out to all single , working moms !

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I’m a single mom to one little girl and only have one job, work around my baby’s school schedule too… you got this girl! :crossed_fingers: make it happen from your babies all they need is you!!!

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2 jobs here. Regular FT job at home. Then part time weekend job.

First of all, being the only parent, go for child support. Don’t sacrifice your time with your babies because the other half is a deadbeat. You will regret missing sooo many things as they grow up. I understand not wanting anything to do with the other person and wanting tp just do it on your own, but kids grow way too fast. :mending_heart:


2… 1 regular job & I do side gigs

I only work 1 job I physically do not have the time to work more than 1. My son is autistic his routine is super Important plus finding anyone to watch him is almost impossible. His father also lives out of state and only has him every other weekend

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Apply for any and all govt assistance programs! I had to for a while . I used foodstamps and WIC for awhile
And had kids on medicaid. And was even on it myself ! That’s what they’re there for! No shame in having it if you need it!
I since then have been a full-time stylist and haven’t had to use it.


2 one job is 5 am to 10 am mon wed Thursday and Friday 7-10 and my second job it’s around 25 hours a wk diff days

I work two jobs
I wouldn’t be able to make it if I didn’t :face_exhaling:

I raised 5 kids by myself. They had 2 different dads. We were together for 7 & 8 years. The older 2 he helped with necessities. The younger 3 he never helped at all. I always worked 2-3 jobs. Depending on the days and hours. Its not easy working specific days and hours when you’re raising multiple kids alone. My youngest is now 13. Im still working 2 jobs. Life as a single parent aint easy. Especially with no support system.

Two but I work in a nursing home on weekends and I babysit monday-thursday and they are with me

When i was a single mom of three daycare barely allowed me to be able to work 1 job. Between all the holidays i have to ask off bc daycare didnt do any of those. The calls i got from the school for behavior or sickness and daycare mostly was sickness. On top of that i couldnt work passed 6pm and i couldnt work weekends due to daycare hours. I dont have anyone to help so i was bound tied and gagged by daycare hours so i was only able to fit one job in that.

2 jobs - one full time 36hr/wk (3, 12.5hr shifts) and one part-time 24hr/wk (3, 8hr shifts), plus working on a masters in Psych, full time. I have my schedule set up to work the weekends the kids are with their dad, and work on school after work and on breaks. I have 4 very active kids. Not sure how we do it, but we manage…

Up until the other day, three of us shared one car, now we share two. Everything is scheduled around my kiddos, we work together as a team, and I live on coffee.

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If you need the money and can do it , try for a couple nights . Maybe babysitting so you can still have your kids.

I work one good paying union job

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I used to have 2 jobs but my son was missing me badly now I’m down to 1 job and struggling badly. My son understands why I had 2 jobs but he needed his mom too. He over heard me one day saying I feellike a bad mom for not being there for him and his brother but he came tome told me I’m not Abad mom we have everything we need cause of you mom but what they really needed was me. Being a single mom isn’t easy but all we can do is keep pushing for our kids.

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Being in a different state doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be paying child support


I think most people are struggling right now and it’s not uncommon for.people to be taking a second job or finding better paying work. Gotta do what you gotta do unfortunately.


I have 1 job but I do any where between 80 to 125 hours every two weeks Im also a wellness director at a assisted living so I’m on call 24-7

Honestly I have like four jobs :rofl::sweat_smile: but my kids are in expensive sports and we have horses. I work at the hospital, a dealership, I groom dogs and do photography as my two “side gigs”. I’m busy 100% of the time, but I schedule everything around my kids. I’m also in college :sweat_smile:. It all calls for late nights and early mornings. I live on caffeine.


Persue with the courts on him paying child support. That’s your kids money!

Get a better job…not an additional job

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FILE FOR CHILD SUPPORT!!!and you obviously haven’t been to court to establish custody…you need to get that done too.neither parent has custody if neither has filed for it.

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I’d put there dad on child support immediately, he made the kids to so he should help pay for there costs as well. Also apply for food stamps or wic. I’m basically a single mom as my bf barely can make ends meet so he can’t help pay for her, I only get $48 a month in child support as i have a 50/50 schedule. I live with my parents but have no one to watch her so I’m stuck being a stay at home mom. Tried to put her in preschool as she’s almost 4 and they won’t take her because she isn’t fully potty trained. ELC denied me because I don’t already have a job, I apply to jobs but they deny me as well as I have no GED or diploma. Plus now my vehicles transmission is messing up so I have no transportation. This day in time no one can just live a glorious life unless you win the lottery or you’re a celebrity

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I raised 4 on my own and worked two full time jobs 7-2 on morning job 4-10 night job and was off every Monday it was hard Very hard But I made it work and now my kids are grown and I’ve worked 1 job for 2.5 years now

I worked one job with full time hours making $9 an hour as a single mom with 2 kids and had my own place $650 a month and had to pay my own electric and gas. It’s tight but it’s do able just gotta get good at budgeting and get food stamps if you don’t already have them.

I work 1 job always have. But my kids have suffered because of that we have not been able to go on fancy vacations like most. Oh well! I like to keep them fed and clothed. Roof over there heads!

We struggle and I’m married. I absolutely could not imagine how hard it is for you. I’m sorry this year has been a rough one.

I’ve always had to have 2 jobs. Even just a Sunday shift at Starbucks helped.

I’m struggling with one job and two kids as well

2+ jobs… the struggle is real… not just financially but the emotional/mental strain trying to provide for your kids but then never having time with them or being too exhausted when you do

Use all the gov’t assistance you can I do and don’t feel ashamed that’s what it’s there for! No one cares to realizes how tough us single mothers have it I work one job and have to work around my son’s school schedule because jobs do not want to accommodate me at all! My son comes first I’ve had to make many sacrifices!

I recommend download the apps for the stores you shop in. Clip all the coupons on each app. Only shop sale items with coupons. Go to couple of markets instead of just one. This will cut your food bill in half

At times, I worked three. Days and nights. You do what you have to do to keep the roof over your head and the children fed etc.

I work at home remote and I door dash on the side.

i was a single mom of 1 at one time working 2 jobs both were parttime ones but did decent now i have 2 mor kids and right now once again working 2 jobs but not a single mom yes and no on that one.

Work smarter, not harder. To save money, use proteins other than meat, which is expensive: tofu, quinoa, rice & beans, eggs, yoghurt etc. Use food banks for staples like canned goods, rice, pasta, peanut butter.

Childhood goes so fast you don’t want to miss more than you have to. Make a plan to get more education/training for a better paying job, then put it into action. Also network like crazy to find new and better paying positions.

Raised 3 kids alone. Always worked 2 or 3 jobs. The court ordered child support never came. And the courts could care less about it. It was a living hell.