Are my feelings normal?

You’re grieving. Hugs mama

You’re grieving.
Don’t keep it inside.
Recognize your feelings, feel your feels, & try to work through & heal from it.


You will feel.upset hurt portrayed angry etc your grieving you will grieving for a while especially for such a long marriage life. Just take it day by day. Don’t forget you can always talk about it to someone


You’re mourning the last 30 years of your life. I’d be hella pissed and resentful not just toward him but also towards myself. Id he mad that I didn’t leave sooner.

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Been there and understand that feeling. My children were school age and I got busy with them and their school, then the youth center and anything that involved kids. That was my saving grace. I pray you find yours.


It’s part of the healing process. Try to focus on things that make you happy.


Soul ties makes you feel low. But you can break free from that. Watch soul ties broadcast by Mike Signorelli and you will understand why you feel that way

Don’t, he did it to himself!

You had 30 years of loving him, then a loss. It’s a mourning for the loss of something dear to you. Give yourself a break, expect both good and bad days. You are grieving. It will take awhile to balance out. And if you find yourself down more than up, talk to your doctor, find a support group, take up a new hobby, do some yoga, whatever helps you. Take care of you!


You still may have as mourning process. Not for him specifically. Just off the life change. Ending 30 years of something is big. Give yourself time to grieve it. Plus it could also be hormone imbalance. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Transition is hard but it will pass and like a breath of fresh air life goes on.


Betrayal hurts and runs deep. You’ll always have your moments. Remember they’ll blow over. Remind yourself you don’t need the toxicity in your life.

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You did the right thing it’s going to take awhile to get used to living without him you were together for 30 yrs it’s like loosing a piece of yourself even if you don’t want it anymore you will still morn your lose Be strong it will get better you deserve better


Likely, you married young and moved from momma’s home to your house with a young husband. As the two of you grew up, you both grew apart, and now your kids are grown and you are alone in that house that perhaps failed to become your true home. Give yourself time to realize what you like and where your interests are. Life is perhaps 84 years long, just enough time for you to explore again. Do tell, what is stopping you?

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The death of a relationship is a loss. It is perfectly normal to grieve.


The keep doing what your doing.

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Because your hurt
You trusted him Over and over again
It will take time to heal


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Fuckinnnnnn trashhhhhhh he is. Ugh girl I’m SO happy you’re out of there. Don’t feel down. Keep pushing forward. He doesn’t realize what he’s lost.

Sounds pretty normal to me. You’re grieving the loss of a marriage and relationship. Allow yourself to grieve here it’s alright. Just because you’ve suspected it in the past there’s always been that doubt because you didn’t catch him. This time you caught him and trust me…. Whether the marriage was otherwise perfect or not…… that is just absolutely hurtful and takes a huge toll on you mentally. Speaking as someone who’s been there.


Familiarity. You were too used to him. It’s time for you to get out into the world and rediscover yourself. Try new things, explore your interests…new beginnings. ENJOY


Because your trust was broken, and you are mourning the death of a 30 year relstionship.

What you are doing is totally normal. It sounds more like grief to me.

I’d seek counselling, and allow the feelings to happen. It’s totally normal hun. You need a damn good support system right now.

Pm me if you wish. I’ve been through betrayal, and death. Xxx

I’m pretty sure many people would feel the same if they had been with someone for 30 years of their lives. You obviously shared a lot together and you are bound to feel upset some days but you have definitely made the right decision. Sounds like he doesn’t have much respect for you and you deserve more than that it won’t be long till you’re saying why didn’t I leave sooner! Hope everything works out for you x

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You were married for as long as I’ve been alive… You deserve to be upset about it. You worked really hard to keep that relationship for you and your family… HE ruined it… You’re allowed to feel whatever you want - just don’t stay in it (which it doesn’t sound like you are… Just a friendly reminder :slightly_smiling_face:) as long as you are progressing to be healthier/better/happier then it’s ok to allow some of these feelings to find moments too. It’s natural.


Divorce after so long is tough. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal. My whole life dynamic changed. I will never get over my divorce☹️

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Praying for strength. It’ll never be easy but it’ll be worth it


You’re going to feel low! You spent 30+ years growing, learning, working, living and sleeping with the same person. You feel like a piece of you is gone, missing. Get a hobby, do self care when you’re feeling low. Get yourself out of the house.

It takes time.

Find hobbies. Things that make YOU happy. This is the time in life you get to put yourself first.

A union YOU respected died. You’ll become stronger over time, and happiness and peace will follow.


I’ve never been through it but I’d definitely say normal you’ve been together for so long. I’ve only been with my husband 8 years and I know for a fact if we split up it would be life altering for me and we aren’t even together half the time you’ve been. You deserve someone who loves you and only you and won’t hurt you. You’ll be okay :heartpulse:

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You are mourning the loss of what you wanted the relationship to be. (Not what it actually was.) Let yourself feel the pain and heal and move on.


No :eggplant: is worth dying for. He’s going to get HIV and bring it home. Cheating is attempted murder. Period.

Your feelings are quite normal. Allow yourself to grieve. Your husband of many years is not there anymore. It’s like someone died. It’s a process. Use this time to take care of you.
Joshua 1:9
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

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It is a process. I can say 100 percent you did the right thing however that doesn’t change how you are feeling. Ending a marriage with someone you love is a grieving process. Give yourself time and grace. You deserve more love and to be respected. Time will help… in the meantime feel your feelings and do the things you need to do to help you. Maybe a professional to help sort your feelings? I got out of an abusive relationship over 20 years ago and still go through things internally. Even after being remarried and happy. I never dealt with my feelings early on… so my best advise is to feel and heal. Sending prayers your way.

You will get angry to let it happen you need to

You made a major life decision. Thinking about it and it actually happening feel very different. You may have bad feelings for him, but he was a constant in your life for 30 years. I was with my ex for 8 years and he cheated and I had ups and downs for at least 6 months. It will take some time to regulate.

You’re probably feeling like you wasted all those years on someone not worth your energy. What you’re feeling is normal.
Speak with a therapist if you can.
Focus on the saying, “ it’s never too late”. It’s never to late to travel somewhere you’ve wanted to go, things you’ve wanted to do, go visit people you’ve wanted to see. Go do it.

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Old habits and routines are hard to change. I’m sure you’ll find a new norm that will bring you happiness again

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Because he has always been there, 30 years is a long time. It will take time. It’s almost like a death , but you still see them.

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30 years is a long time. You were deeply invested in your love for this man, your home and marriage. Your feelings are completely normal. I find it sad that people cannot be honest with each other. If he wasn’t in love anymore, why not just be an adult and say that? Cheating was unnecessary and brutal. Keep your head held high and know you did nothing wrong. Life is about changes & some of them aren’t fun, but you can do this!

You’re mourning the loss of a relationship, and that’s 100% normal… give it time to heal… what you did was right, but 30 years is a long time, so your body and mind have to get used to the change… it’ll be ok :heartpulse:

It is a loss. You were a wife and mother. Now you have lost the wife part. Despite the circumstances, you will grieve that loss. God Bless you.

Grief of a loss is real…especially a relationship.

feeling low will pass… surround yourself with your friends and family that love you <3 it wont happen over night but it will you will wake up one morning and just not carry that sadness any more … he is not worth feeling sad over if he cant even keep his dick in his pants xoxo be glad the kids are grown <3

You spent a good amount of your life with this man and now that’s ended. It’s normal to grieve losing something that’s been a part of you for so long. Don’t try to bottle up those emotions and just let yourself feel everything. That’s how you’ll work through this and come out happier and stronger :heart:


I would imagine it’s a big adjustment to make after 30 years of marriage. Give yourself some time to work through all the different emotions you have. Talk with someone if you need to in order to clarify your feelings. Takes time.

My husband and I have been together 15+ years and if we ended my whole life would be changed. So I’d say it’s normal to have up and down emotions over a 30 year marriage ending.

Get therapy. My husband cheated too and I stopped having any respect for him. No trust. Never the same. So after 22 years I left. Never been happier. You accepted his behavior for a very long time. Now it time to find out why.

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You have to grieve your loss then head up :arrow_up: it gets better with time !! But feel the feelings and keep going your doing great

You are grieving the death of your marriage. It takes time to grieve a loss. Can you find a support group or a therapist to give you some support?
Be kind to yourself. You are a strong person and will no longer tolerate your husband abusing you by lying and cheating. You need time to heal. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


You are awesome! Congratulations on your fresh start :clap: Rock it! :sun_with_face:

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It’s a grieving process. Ending a long term marriage is like a death. It will get better as time goes on.

Grieve over it. Give yourself time. Then spend as much time as you’d like living a life you couldn’t have while raising children and being a wife. Find yourself again and keep a smile. It’s okay to not be okay.

Do yourself a favor. Get on a low dose antidepressant for now . Your suffering from grief . Your marriage died and your 30 year life together is gone . He may not be dead but your marriage is. Help yourself

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Your grieving the life you had. Go through the emotions, ugly cry if you feel like you need to this is also you healing .

Join therapy. You are grown too, u have a right to be happy by yourself. The pian and stress that comes with a cheating spouse is so much more detrimental to your life than if u stayed by yourself! Find some hobbies!!

I’m so sorry to hear that my dear, breaking up is never easy been there done that, you are a strong confident woman like me for that brings say that you didn’t do anything wrong! Most men are pigs they are respected too much, the women are cheating with are pigs! They knew the man they are laid with are taken but that didn’t make any difference. Most men that cheater lines are as follows, my wife doesn’t understand me or I’m not happy at home life anymore! They think the grass is greener on the other side! They had forgotten the water hose! Move on you deserve better! I did and now I live the fullest life! God Bless you. You got this! You’re not the guilty one.

This too shall pass!

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You’re grieving the loss of your marriage. That is completely normal. You’re remembering the good times and they are making you feel low. When you think of the betrayal, you feel power and happy. Take the time to process your emotions and heal completely. Things will get better.


Things got a lot better after I left a marriage of 34 years. Just take time to grieve and do things that make you happy.


Perfect time to revisit what it is that makes YOU happy. I’m sorry this is happening :pensive: feel it and release it. It’s your time now :heart:


Your sad that’s a big chapter in ur life it’s almost like mourning the death of someone u loved

Take time and don’t be so hard on yourself. You are now processing and releasing years of betrayal and heartbreak from 30 years. Forgive yourself for staying with him and allowing this disrespect, even if you had little choice and stayed out of love. You will have a good future if you create it, but take the time to heal. Many Blessings :yellow_heart:


I would go out and treat yourself to something you have always wanted but you never did. I know it only will last a while but in time, every time you look at it, it will make you happy you did.


Been there, time heals all wounds. Just take a deep breath and move on.

You’re lonely. Get out of the house and gain some confidence. He doesn’t deserve you.

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Time it takes time. It will get better.:disappointed_relieved:

It’s part of the process. It will get better. Just find yourself because you are worthy.

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Divorce goes through a grieving process just like a death does. Your emotions will pro ably be all over the place for awhile. You wanted a good life with this man and I’m sure when your marriage started you pictured yourself growing old together. That dream has been shattered. He has betrayed you. Your are going to go through many emotions during the healing, fear, anger, denial, bitterness. I was like you after my divorce too. Now I enjoy life and even being alone. I no longer feel tied down or trying to please someone that doesn’t appreciate or care about me. I enjoy my kids and granddaughter and give very little thought to my ex anymore. Get out and enjoy yourself. Start dating. Nothing serious, your not ready for that yet, but just get out so that you can see that there are other men that would enjoy your company. Get out with your girlfriends. It’s a whole new world for you.

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It’s a process of grieving and being happy it’ll take time but you’ll get there good luck for you

Once a serial cheater always one. U should have. kicked him the curb .

Sweetie, he WILL never change. You know that. Get rid of him - you deserve better!! Start getting out of your comfort zone. Now it’s time to find out who “you” are. You’ve been a wife and Mom for a long time. You’ll always be Mom - but now it’s time to explore and have adventures. Go do things - little ones at first- gotta test the waters😋 and go from there. HAVE FUN!!!

you should feel free & happy, Throw his ass out, if not already done, And see a therapist.

Divorce is like a death, you have to grieve, no set time!!!

You are bound to be sad at times. You gave this guy 30 yrs of your life.

Because you never had actual proof before n this time it’s slapped you in the face.

Time will heal back feeling

You love him and are grieving .

Sending you love and hugs. :revolving_hearts: you will get through this and have better days ahead.

That is part or the healing process. One day you are completely ok and happy and the next day you feel broken and can’t figure out why. It will get better ❤‍🩹 it has been 1 year since I left a 14 year relationship and I still have my low days out of the blue. It’s ok to be down, just don’t stay there for too long. You gave him 30 years so it’s going to take time to grieve and move forward and that is :100: ok.

Keep your head high, he is the loser in this situation. Let him go, you deserve better

You are going to feel low. 30 years is a long time and he betrayed your marriage

Try to go out and meet with friends that care about you. Have a meal with them, a glass of wine, laugh and enjoy the evening! There is more to life than being sad.

So sorry u went thru this. U deserved better all along. xx :bouquet:

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Trust me he will never change. Don’t let him back in your life. Enjoy your kids and Grandkids. Don’t sit around and mope.

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I think it’s the betrayal that hurts the most, it will pass. 30 years is a long time to walk away from, but you did the right thing, keep yourself busy this feeling shall PS pass.

It takes time. You were married 30 years.

A failed relationship can take years to fill that hole. Focus on loving yourself. Treating yourself/salon/nails. If you can’t do that get some epsom salt and soak with candles. Love love love yourself. Tell yourself affirmations every morning. I think there’s apps too

It’s a big adjustment. Take it one day at a time. Accept that most days are going to be difficult. But, in the midst of it all, a good day DOES come along. Don’t expect it to be earth-shattering. It will simply be a day when you find yourself caught up in something–a task or a chatty phone call from a friend or even a cool find at a yard sale–and realize that you are actually having a good day. The next day may suck, but you now know that good days will come along. Build on them. It does get better. Take it from one who’s been there. :wink: