Are maternity 21 blood tests accurate?

How many people did the maternity 21 blood test when offered at the clinic around 12 weeks to make sure baby has no defects ect… and how accurate is the gender that’s giving from the lab work? I just got my results back and I currently have a 1year old girl and my results are girl as well and I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s not that accurate… because I did the sneak peak at home one and that was a fail for my first born.


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Mine said boy and I just delivered a boy on the 6th

Those tests are pretty accurate, however there a 400 other issues they can’t detect.

Ours was 100% it said boy and my son was born November

It’s incredibly accurate. The accuracy percentage is listed on your test results. I believe it’s 99-100% accurate.

Mine said girl, I had a girl!

It was correct. Said boy, he’s a boy

Clinic ones are pretty accurate. Mine was correct for both babies

It’s pretty accurate mine said it would be a boy and I had a boy

Those tests work by testing the foreign DNA in your blood. So if there is no male DNA detected you are having a girl. Mine were :100: correct both times. So it’s very fair to say you will have another girl.

Mine said girl and I had a girl.

Very accurate. I’m having my 3rd girl. I’m just meant to be a girl mom and I’m ok with that.

Mine said boy and we had a boy. I only ever did it the one time. I’ve been pregnant 4x

They are pretty accurate I have done 3 an all 3 were correct girl boy the one I’m carrying is a girl

I was told that if results say boy, it’s almost 100% accurate (unless the sample was mishandled, there would be no other reason to have male dna in yours). If it says girl than it’s likely accurate however there’s a very small chance it can still be a boy. Most of the time they’re accurate.

Mine was correct. Said girl and she’s now almost 11 months old.

NIPTs are incredibly accurate.

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THEY Should be absolutely accurate or they should be teported as there is something wrong with the testing DNA is your DNA.

Bloods gender tests are about 99% accurate

More than 99% accurate I was told. I got it done, they said boy… he was very definitely a boy

Had my done at 8 weeks all rest came back good they said a girl IAM currently 32 weeks and it’s a girl

Gender was not included in that test when I had my babies…I declined the test because it didnt matter even if there was a genetic abnormality I would still have my babies also neither family has a history of abnormalities so the odds of my babies having something like that were very small so again the results didnt matter…I just waited till the anatomy scan between 18-20 weeks to find out the gender

My said boy and I got a boy and I have two boys I’ve gotten the test done on

It was accurate with my son.

Pretty accurate in our case

Blood is the most accurate. It has been for me twice now.

Gender was 100 :100: they told me my son had a cystic hygroma and possibly be born Down syndrome. They heavily suggested I abort which pissed me off. He was cleared for any awful genetic disorders (I couldn’t go through carrying him for 9 months then having to watch him die hours after birth) he was born with out Down syndrome, is autistic but high functioning. I did amino testing though so I’m unsure if it’s different.

They are ACTUALLY very INACCURATE. Most drs don’t recommend them anymore because a LOT of times there are false positives for genetic disorders.

Did the blood test at 12 weeks, it said girl. Ultrasound sound at 20 weeks said girl. We will meet her in about 13 weeks.

They are more accurate than an ultrasound

When it comes to the sex of the baby, it is 99.6% accurate. That comes from fetal DNA. For other abnormalities (depending on what they are) could be inaccurate or require further testing.

Out of 5 pregnancies I only had that testing on two, first one was definitely right, this one showed boy, another ultrasound also confirmed boy, here in about 15 weeks we’ll find out for sure lol. But I will say this pregnancy has been similar to the other two boys.

I had three babies and I only did the blood test with one it said a girl she’s a girl lol :joy: they should confirm at your next ultrasound!

Sneak Peek at home is much different than in the clinical setting as well as in comparison to the actual genetic testing your doctors office does. There is a 98% accuracy rate. It will never be 100% because there can sometimes be user error (like if the person from lab puts in wrong thing), mom has high BMI, rare disease, lower than 4% fetal fraction, etc. If your genetic testing said the babies chromosomes are consistent with a girl, I’d say you are having another baby girl! You can of course wait to verify with your anatomy scan of course if you feel comfortable before purchasing anything new for your baby. Congratulations :two_hearts:

They are accurate. The DNA is read in the blood.

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For gender which was your question accurate

There’s a 50/50 chance.

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I had NIPT done at 11 weeks said girl. She was born on 6/10. Very much a girl.
They told me that the blood tests are super accurate like.98%.

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Of course it’s accurate. They test your blood

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I’d only trust the testing in my dr office honestly. My ultrasound teach who did the last one I had said they are never wrong at least not that she’s had and mine was right

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No absolutely not. They told my friend a boy. It is absolutely a girl. It’s not worth the money. Drs have been doing test for years and works just fine

The ones done in the doctors office uses dna so it’s pretty much 100% accurate

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99.4% accurate on gender if the blood test is completed correctly (right size needle/no contaminations).

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Clinical ones are much more accurate than the at home ones. I got it with all 3 and it was right all 3 times.

The blood work for the gender is very accurate cause that’s how they can actually tell what chromosomes the baby has. For the defect test I got them done for all 4 of my pregnancies.

Materni21 has been accurate both times for me. Sneak peak can be contaminated.

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I did it 3 times. It’s accurate.

I wouldn’t trust at home texts (sneakpeak) but the genetic blood draw in a sterilized setting-I would, at least for gender. I did mine-says girl. 15.5 weeks so a little longer and we will know for sure!

It was right for me and everyone I know who has gotten it. I’m sure there are a few that may have been wrong. Nothing is ever 100%

I got it done with all 3 of mine and all 3 came back girls and I now have 3 girls. Lol it’s accurate for the most part but no one knows 100% until baby arrives.

It’s pretty accurate mine said boy and I got a boy

It’s 100% no mistake