Anyones child not gain much weight?

Anyone else have a little that doesn’t gain much weight? My daughter is almost 2 1/2 she’s only 23lbs, she is not a fan of meat other than hotdogs and sausage, she likes veggies fruits etc. she drinks a lot of milk but it has to be Lactaid or almond milk. She’s so active, always on the go and just petite. Sitting at 18m clothes, moving into 2T slowly. I (mother) am very small, have been my whole life. She was a preemie and In the nicu when born, at 4lbs 9oz. She does have a heart condition but they do not believe this to be a factor. She’s at the 1st percentile in weight and the doctors have expressed concern but have not given me suggestions, so anything helps that I can try and help her gain weight!


My kid is almost 4 and weighs 27 lbs

I have a great grand son and he is 6 months old and weighs 26 pounds his mom couldn’t wait to start feeding him and he was 3 months old and she was putting baby food in his formula and now he’s very chunky

As long as she eats don’t worry about it. Mine is 5 and now 40 lbs. She was the same weight for a long time around 32 lbs.

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My six year old weighs 35 pounds. She can still wear a 3T in shorts. She eats any and everything. But love fruit and veggies. She eats constantly. My eight year old, eats the exact same diet and the six year old is 75-80 pounds. They are just built different. The oldest is just built solid and a lot of muscle. The six year old is skin and bones. I wouldn’t be to worried about it. Some kids are just never meant to be bigger like some of the other kids

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My kids are small but my 8yr old actually has a growth hormone deficiency, but my 5yr old is just in the small side, if you have smaller sized family it could just be genetics. Pedisure is what they pushed on me and adding more protein and fats to food like mixing extra into their food like powder protein/milk, butters and stuff like that

My 6 year old only weights 37 pounds but needs size 6 and 7 clothes for height. My almost 4 year old weights 30 pounds and wears 4t clothes and my 2 year old is almost 27 pounds and wears 3t clothes. My 2 year old is the only one that likes to eat and has

My son is 5 and 34lbs and wears 3t maybe 4t.
He grows tall and is super active and nothing but muscle. He is just a little man.

My daughter is 4.5 and she’s 31lbs. She’s been the same (29-30) for almost 2 years. She’s been getting taller! But no plumper. I’m trying to help her eat more but she seems pretty healthy otherwise

She was also 37w, born at 5.14lbs.
My son was 37w, born at 6.9lbs, and is 7 months. He’s 14lbs. He’s very healthy as well. And actually like chunky - has rolls.
We just have small babies.

My 5 year old is ADHD so they watch his weight closely and he hasn’t gained in over a year so it concerns them but he will grow at his own rate. He was a preemie born at only 4 pounds and he is very active. He eats ALL DAY LONG but it’s low calorie items like fruits and veggies. Honestly, As long as it doesn’t create any health issues I wouldn’t worry too much.

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I would not worry yet. Some kids are little.

My son is the same has been at the same weight for a while and I was concerned. As long as he wasn’t losing any weight peds weren’t concerned but did offer food therapy to expand his appetite. I starting to give him some protein shakes and he’s liking them so far.

My son is 13 and barely 64 lbs. He is only in the 2% for age. Had been lucky to put on about 2-4 lbs a year. Dr has even prescribed an appetite enhancer but eating isn’t the issue as he eats constantly.

When my daughter was 2 she could still fit into 0 to 3 months onesies. She eats decent but has always been in a very low percentile for her age. She’s almost 13 now and still kind of small for her age but she’s definitely put on weight and still eats good. Some people are just smaller. She’s never had any heath conditions or illnesses (in spite of being the kid who would put EVERYTHING in her mouth :woman_facepalming:t2:).

My daughter was born at 4lb15oz
Always stayed dinky
She’s now 8 and only weighs 3 stone she is very very active though, but she’s healthy
Her two year old brother weighs 2stone already :woman_facepalming:t3:
Some kids just stay dinky I guess

My son was always super tiny, Nutella and peanut made me chubby quick

If you are really concerned you can make a cup or two of her milk into ‘special milk’ - we used to take milk with some Greek yogurt and a pouch of stage 2 baby food to make kind of a smoothie that she could ‘shake’ up in her cup and have as a treat

Have they checked her iron? This is similar to my child and it turns out that she’s anemic.

My daughter is four. Only 30 lbs at her last physical a couple weeks ago.

Wears 3t shirts and 2t shorts. Some kiddos are small. She also only eats alot of whatever she’s into.

I have to watch snacks around meals bc she won’t eat good.

You can try the pediasure drinks. When my son went on a no eating strike and was loosing weight that’s what helped for us

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My daughter wore a size 2t for 3 years. And she ate a lot. Just don’t worry as long as they eat, no matter what it is my dr said it’s OK. As long as it’s not a bunch of junk food of course.

My son is 4 and is only 34lbs he just a tiny kid

My father inlaw used to buy my kids pediasure because they were picky eaters and were really light under age 3. I never worried about it but I let him buy them. My children loved them and they gained some weight off of them.

Try supplementing with Pediasure

You most likely have nothing to worry about. I am small like you and both of my kids are as well. My 4 year old weighs 30#s but she eats all day long and doesn’t ever stop moving. I weigh 105#s so my kids doctor isn’t worried at all

Both of my boys were small when they were little. Neither ate meat but my youngest wanted to live on fruits and veggies.
They started gaining and growing around 10 years old. Now they are 23 and 20 and 6ft big headed pain in the butts who eat anything that’s in sight. Unless she’s showing signs of being physically ill from it I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Unless she’s loosing weight I wouldn’t worry about it. My almost 5 year old was a 8 pound baby at birth… she’s still in 2T clothes and weights 28 pounds… very tiny and petite. She only drinks water and she doesn’t like any meat, well except pepperoni if you consider that a meat :laughing: but well eat her weight up in mostly fruits and a few selected vegetables, she likes eggs and peanut butter which is the only source of protein, could be a suggestion for your LO if that’s concern for you.

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Pediasure toddler growth formula is awesome.

Does she like peanut butter? You can try giving her things with healthy fats. A google search will give you a list of foods that contain healthy fat. The pediasure drinks are also an option and you can definitely just ask the doctor what they recommend trying.

My son will be 10 in November…. He has been 65 lbs for this whole last yr…. Back in Feb he was diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds… They affected his eating and he went to 62 lbs so we changed a few things and he went right back up to 65 and has stayed there… The doctor said he was good and it was normal because he’s getting taller… He went from 4’4 to 4’6 in a month…. He just has a high metabolism because he eats like a normal kid and sometimes eats literally all day long…. The dr said he’s happy and healthy and I can tell he is so no issues over here as far as him not being able to gain weight

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My daughter was 29lbs when she started kindergarten. She’s not quite 70 and in 6th grade. Pediatrician was next concerned. She was good on height to weight and stays on her curve. Someone is always 100 and Someone is always 0 on the growth curve. She’s 11 and she’s making bets that her 14 month old brother will be bigger than her when he’s in kindergarten.

I wouldn’t worry to much as long as she isn’t loosing weight. Some kids are just tiny or smaller than others. My youngest daughter is 9 and weighs just under 40lbs and wears 4t shorts :woman_shrugging: She eats more than anyone I know

I was in the same position w/ 2 of mine. My pediatrician had me start giving them pediasure for extra nutrients & calories

My daughter is 9 months and has steadily been 4-5th percentile. Doc says as long as she’s consistent in her small size he’s fine with her progress. She’s in 6 month clothes. She’s been at the 4-5th percentile since birth essentially. The concern he would have is if she suddenly tanked to <2 percentile meaning not really growing at all in between visits.

If your child’s growth chart is steady and consistent showing a steady slight incline, I wouldn’t worry toooo much.

My son is 14, and was always in the <10th percentile. Until he started hitting puberty. Kid went from size 12’s to 27/30 in jeans lol

Pediasure for growth. Check with pediatrician before giving it though

My daughter stopped gaining weight around that age. Now She’s almost 7 and 32 lbs and still wears 2t shorts. We did some testing and she did have a thyroid issue (hashimoto’s) so she takes hormones now. But that didn’t really seem to boost the growth. They also tested for celiac, because it’s in my family and her blood tests came back slightly elevated for it but she’s not diagnosed celiac as of now after doing the scopes Other than that she’s pretty normal … just petite! They have offered appetite stimulants because she isnt a big eater, but I have been reluctant to try it yet. Mainly they just say to feed her really fatty food… whole milk, ice cream in the milk, double butter the toast, etc.

If she is healthy. Don’t worry about it. Don’t make food an issue .

Have u tried pedicure maybe give it to her acouple of times a day on top of what she eats?

What does your doctor say about it? People need to stop asking fb for medical advice

Doctor expressed concern but couldn’t suggest anything? :woman_facepalming: Must not be too concerning, I’d think. If she’s healthy in every way and they’ve done bloodwork to make sure, I wouldn’t worry too much. Some kids are just petite.

My stepson is 11-years-old, 60lbs, and can still fit in kids size 7 clothes. My 2-year-old, on the other hand, is 40lbs, 3’5" tall, and in 4/5T clothing. They’re very different height/weight wise, but they are both equally healthy. :woman_shrugging: Some kids are smaller, some are bigger. But as long as your little girl is eating and has energy, I wouldn’t worry too much about forcing some weight on her. If you have to do so, I’d hope your pediatrician would instruct you on how to do so in a healthy manner.

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Drs need to stop with this percentile bull crap! :roll_eyes: Every child is different it is completely ridiculous to compare every kid on a percentage scale with all the different body types and genes its the stupidest thing.

My kids are tiny and tall. 10 year old is only 75lbs and my 8 year old is 53. Gastro and regular ped say they are fine. They eat and are active and very tall. You can always try to see if she’ll eat protein bars to supplement lack of eating meat. Either way if she’s happy and otherwise healthy you’re doing a great job💕

This is my super-active monkey who rocked 12 month clothes through 2 years old, and now fits 24 month clothes only a few months away from 3. As long as the milestones are being hit, and foods is being eaten regularly, if they are small, they are small.

Some children are small. My mother was 26 pounds at 6 years

Don’t force it.
Keep her healthy and active.
Everything else will take care of itself.
She’ll grow.
My premie was 3 lbs 14oz.
She’s a full grown woman now with children of her own.

My daughter has been a very low percentile since she was born. She’s 6 now and finally starting to catch up. She was always a year behind in clothing sizes. But my mom was a small lady, my daughters dad has also always been tall and thin. Sometimes it’s genetic. The doctors were always worried about her too. We just tried to get her to eat healthy fats and tried some pediasure for snack time and lots of protein. I would make her smoothies sometimes and put avocado and olive oil in it and peanut butter. Anything to get extra calories in.

If she’s eating fine I wouldn’t worry my 7 and 5 year old are small too 7 year old 36 pound 5 year old 30 pound ,as kong as she’s not loosing weight and stating on her own curve it’s okay

My baby is 19months now still in 9-12 months clothes I don’t no his weight off hand but he’s on the lowest line,he can only have oatly milk n pick’s at food some day’s others stuffs it in has multiple intolerances so can’t eat much other than salmon broccoli potato Inc sweet potato,spinach,all green veg, n few other bits but he’s healthy n doing fine he was 5.5 prem also but hv has no concerns we are seeing pediatrics next month about his intolerances n bowels but still is nothing major so most likely he just small so definitely not the only one who worrys about this as I was worried but have had him checked n he’s doing great hope this reasures u x

What you wrote if you changed it from she to he it would be near identical to our son. He gets pediasure especially on days when he doesn’t eat well. He’s 3 now and only in a 2t