Anyone take ozempic?

Any mama’s take ozempic? I can’t keep anything down. Any advice?


How long have you been on it? That’s a common side effect as well as diarrhea. If you haven’t been on it very long- I’d wait it out, it takes some adjusting to get used to it.

Thats pretty much normal. Finding it is hard as well too. My father was without it for a month while his blood sugar was continuously rising before he finally found it.

I’m on ozempic and and I don’t have any issues with now, but when I started to take it I was on the wrong dose and it made me sick.

I was on a high dose and had those issues but now back to the lower dose and it’s gone away I take it for my blood sugars not as a weight loss and it has helped my A1c a lot

I did it helps to lose weight dr gave me it to lose weight but it made me sick so I stop the first wk I lost 5 pounds but when she raise the doses that’s when I started to get dizzy n throw up

I do - it’s very nauseating the first few days after I take it . I am not on a high dose but have to take it for diabetes. I live on phenergan for the nausea

I had to quit taken it as made me so sick I was on it for 5months and nothing got better taken oz was worse then my very sick pregnancy lol
Good luck hope it gets better for u

I’m not on ozempic but if you’re experiencing complications you should stop the medicine. This goes for mostly any prescribed drug.

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Let your Dr know! He can prescribe meds to help settle your stomach!

Stomach problems are a common side effect for ozempic. Discontinue it until you have spoken to your doctor. There are other medications that they may try instead.