Anyone take buspirone?

Anyone in here on Buspirone? Likes, dislikes? My doctor prescribed me 10mg tabs and I have anxiety to take it. Lol


I take it with my Zoloft everyday morning then afternoon

Have been on it for years, works great for me

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I take 40 mgs a day. Love it!!! It has helped me so much.

It helped my anxiety so much. I take Zoloft and I had anxiety about taking this and im so glad I finally added it with my Zoloft. It finally got rid of the last little bit of anxiety that Zoloft didnt! I take 10mg.

I take 30mg twice a day and it helps dull that panic

I take 200 MG of zoloft every day and I also take lorasapam well Ativan that Ativan works great

I take 40mg a day, for a few years, and love it. It really works for me

Everyone has a different body chemistry to how they respond to medications. Not everyone will experience the same. What is dangerous or ineffective for one may be helpful to another🤷🏻‍♀️ my mom was on it for awhile but she was on several other medications so it was hard to gage what worked for her. Just remember that although this medication starts to work immediately, it may take several weeks to reach the full benefits of this medicine. Also, do not abruptly stop this medicine, any medication for anxiety or depression should be tapered down or you will experience withdraw syndrome from the sudden change in your brain chemistry.

I take 30mg twice a day for my anxiety and it helps a lot! You have to consistently take it to notice the effects, but once you realize you’re getting better, it’s like waking up one day and the world isn’t quite ending as bad

Didn’t work for me. Felt no difference.

Didn’t work well for me. Maybe my dose was too low for my anxiety levels but i legitimately felt nothing. Same with hydroxyzine, but I think that one may do more than Buspirone because it literally suppresses your nervous system. I have actual panic attacks and I can’t get in the car or drive without having one so I was prescribed klonopin and it really helped. Especially if you have more panic attacks, rather than constant anxiety

Everyone is different but it made me dizzy and loopy.

They prescribed my son it and I just stopped giving it to him (got another psych evaluation done for him yesterday) it was doing nothing for him. At first it did really help him he was on the 40 mg (10mg at first)