Anyone start spotting at 10-weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy question - has anyone thought they were 10 weeks along and start spotting? Then found out after tests and an ultrasound that you are measuring only at 6 weeks (with HCG levels matching) and they didnt find a heartbeat? If so, what was the outcome? I don’t have any cramping or anything. Just the spotting.


Heartbeats can show up anytime between 7 days and 8.5weeks. (Some Dr’s and data says up to 10wks)
Sadly, when mine had no heartbeat at 6wks, even waiting another 10 days showed no heartbeat. :pensive:
I lost that baby at almost 9 weeks.
That said, spotting can be normal. Even with some mild crmaps as the uterus spreads. If the spotting becomes heavier, thicker or you start having period type cramps, go to the ER.

I’m so sorry if you’re looking for some positive affirmation here. I can only share my experience.
I went in for a 12 week ultrasound and the baby measured 8 with no heart beat.
Unfortunately, I had lost my baby at 8-9 weeks-ish and didn’t know and just hadn’t expelled it yet. The very next day the spotting started. I spotted on and off for 2 days until my DNC. No cramps or heavy bleeding.
I’m so sorry if this is your case.
If you’re sure you are 10 weeks, but measurements say 6, this might be the case. Again, I’m so sorry.