Anyone see a chiropractor before giving birth?

Anyone ever see a pregnancy chiropractor before giving birth? What was the experience like for you? My midwife referred me to a chiropractor before I get induced next week.

During my last pregnancy I had pelvic separation and went to the chiropractor weekly until I went in for a c section! Do it! It’s so worth it!

I had to see one because one of my hips kept popping out of the joint. I saw them from about 6 months until I gave birth to pop it back in.

Yes!! Chiropractors are amazing. If you are shopping for one you can ask about the Websters technique and also if they use an activator. The activator provides a very gentle adjustment, although a manual adjustment will get lots of movement. I just delivered 5 days ago and have an appointment with my chiropractor tomorrow to get back in alignment. It’s absolutely worth it!

Because my pelvis seemed out of alignment. I had two micro adjustments in two days, and he was born on the second evening.

Definitely! And then took the baby in when she was a few weeks old! It’s 100% worth it.

I saw a chiro my entire pregnancy from when I found out to the day before I gave birth. Helped with hip n lower back pain for me (I joke that it’s my chiropractors fault I went into labour. Lol)