Anyone other SAHMs get mad when your spouse contacts you through out the day?

SAHMs…anybody else get super annoyed when your partner calls you throughout the day? Like…he calls me 3/4/5+ times a day and idk why, just to talk I guess? We live together…I don’t want to be on my phone talking to you all day :woman_facepalming:t2: nothing is new, no I don’t care to tell answer the questions like “why are the kids doing this or that” or “why haven’t you cleaned this yet”. Ugh. Leave me alone and pay attention to your job


My husband and I both call each other throughout the day most days. And he always calls me on his way home everyday. I love it.


I call my husband in the morning if iam not up when he leaves then he calls me on his lunch we don’t talk long unless something going on we need to talk about but it’s a quick love u have a good rest day :heartpulse: then he calls me when he gets off to see if I need anything before he gets home. Then there are some days we can blow each other’s phones up are we don’t talk till he walks in after work :laughing:

I love when my fiance calls me or texts me throw the day even if it’s just to see how our oldest two are doing or how I’m feeling (pregnant with baby3) or even if it’s just to put some drinks in the icebox to get cold for him … sometimes it’s what’s for supper or can we have such and such for supper… I love it

I have always liked talking to my partner If and when we can talk to each other because that’s my person.

Unfortunately I have more often than not dealt with not enough communication…


I talk to my husband literally all day while he works :rofl: I love it!!

I text my partner throughout the day. Sometimes because a patient is trying me and sometimes because I just want to tell him I like his face. I appreciate our little conversations.

Me n hubby both work and normally if he calls something happened. But he’ll text little I love yous or naughty things. I love it.

I love that my husband thinks about me throughout his day.


I love when my husband calls. Literally best part of my day is any part when it has to do with him. He’s my favourite person. Never gets old.

Maybe he misses his family and just wants to know how the day is going.


I get excited every time he calls :smiling_face:

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I love getting calls/texts from my hubby, but he doesn’t ask questions like that. He just calls to see how I am doing and say he loves and misses me. It’s really sweet.


I love it when my bf calls or texts me lol

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Do you want him calling someone else?

My hubby calls me everyday, 3, 4 times a day. It’s nice to know I’m his first choice, I’m very grateful :blush:


Mine calls me but he knows better to typically question me other then what am I up to lol especially because I am only temporarily a stay at home mom. But mine would definitely be getting a mouthful to back off

I love when he calls or texted throughout the day.

I feel this, and my husband and I both work. Like I’m working! Let me work and I’ll talk to you when I get home! :joy:


Love when he calls no matter how many times. Life is short love while you can

My bf works 12 hr shifts and calls me for all 3 breaks. I enjoy it


No! I love when he calls. It also feels good to know he’s thinking of me and our kids.


To have this kind of communication that only most women dream of having…and he may be a little insecure as well, but the communication is everything!!! Maybe he just likes checking on you because he loves you. Maybe he wants to make sure everything is okay at home because the things he loves and values the most, are at home. I wouldn’t dare knock my man for calling me and checking up on me throughout the day…that is top notch green flags and I would personally call that a blessing.

And you have to think…since being a stay at home mom is your job, the hardest job btw, him asking you if you’ve cleaned this or that may just be his way of making conversation about your day at work. Sounds to me like he just straight up loves and misses you :yellow_heart:


Me and my husband stay on the phone all day even if we listening to each other breathe :joy: that’s my ADD tho. I get things done when someone else is “around” mine also don’t nit pick. Although he’s OCD & will mention what needs to be done. It don’t bother me, I get them done when he’s said it too many times or I’m up for it

I feel like you are mad or irritated about something else and putting the emotions toward this. May want to evaluate. Because unless he is chewing you out daily, you may want him to call less, but it shouldn’t irritate you and piss you off that bad.

I work from home, and sometimes I think he forgets im actually working and not just sitting around :rofl:, so sometimes I get annoyed when I’m in the middle of something, but otherwise I appreciate that he’s thinking about me and wants to chat.

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Never bothered me, I liked that my spouse was thinking about my throughout the day


I love hearing from my husband while he’s at work. He could be doing anything else, but he chooses to check in on me.

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I’m probably crazy but I love that my hubby does this :rofl: it gives me an opportunity to vent if something happens throughout the day that annoyed me … and I just like that he cares enough to want to check in on us. However, communication is key in any relationship and if you don’t like it then you guys should have a conversation about it and come to an agreement of Maybe he calls at lunchtime for a quick chat instead of every other hour

I get excited everytime my phone rings while he is working…and he calls 3+ times. Every chance he gets lol. I love to hear his voice.


Nope lol he texts me and calls me all day and we send tiktoks non stop too. When he doesn’t text I know it’s a busy day. It’s nice to know someone is thinking about me during the day lol

I guess to each their own but I wish I would get more calls where he checked in- when he does it makes me feel like me and the kids are on his mind and that he loves and cares us about us….

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Is the issue that he’s calling in general or that he’s nit picking? If its that he’s calling in general I question the health of things. I know every relationship is different. My husband gets 2 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch. He will call me during each of those to check how I’m holding up with being home with 4 boys. When he does it during his lunch he’s trying to eat and talk at the same time. Alot of times he even calls when he’s on his way home because it’s a good 35 minute drive.

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I love calls and texts from my husband

What kind of person has a job that they can call /text throughout the day? Does he work? What kind of work does he do that he can do personal calls.
If he never contacted you would you be wondering? I’d rather him call me vs someone else

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Grow up! Your husband deserves better. At least he cares to talk to you throughout the day. You, on the other hand, should probably be single since you seem to not like to be bothered. Again. Grow up! Or move on and let another woman enjoy him and he enjoy her :wink:


Maybe he misses you and just wants to hear your voice?
Bet you’d be madder if they never called you.

I like when he calls :woman_shrugging:

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It doesn’t matter what I’m doing when my hubby calls during the day I answer or call right back if I miss his call. With his line of work, its dangerous. You never know if something is gonna happen and that be the last phone call. So instead of getting annoyed, be blessed.


I absolutely love when my man calls to talk to me

Lol if it’s not for control purposes, then I wish my man thought about me all the time and just wanted to say hi.

I love it when my husband calls me. Sometimes it’s to tell me something funny that happened, sometimes he wants just wants someone to listen to him complain and sometimes he just wants to show me an animal that he came across on the job. I love being the first person he thinks of when he has something to say.


Calling? No. Asking if you got things done? Questionable. Is he controlling in general? I love hearing from my s/o throughout the day. But the reasons for the calls matters.

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I don’t mind once a day if it’s to say hi and touch basis. But I get it. It interrupts my flow when I’m doing things and there is no lack of love but if I get distracted or have to take a break it makes it so much more challenging to pick up where I left off. and I can’t stand when it’s to add somthing to my never ending todo list. I will forget it if it’s asked verbally just send me a text :sweat_smile:


My other half has a very demanding stressful job I love it when he calls me during his day to tell me what he doing where he going and telling me about his day and asking me how I am? I dont care if it once a day or 10 times a day you’ll soon miss his voice if something happens etc he showing his misses you when he at work etc

We text throughout the day but not usually calls. If he calls there’s a purpose or he needs information for something. Otherwise :woman_shrugging:t4: we leave each other alone for the most part.

Wow. What a winning personality. I’m surprised he calls you that many times honeslty with all the love you seem to have for him.


i wish my would call :cry:He passed away. watch what you wish for


My husband is too busy to call me😂 He will text during a break or lunch.

Really?? I talk to my husband more than a dozen times a day. It makes me feel special and cared for. My husband is my favorite human on earth and if we are apart I miss him. Maybe be thankful your partner wants to talk to you. Would you want him taking to someone else?

Wow. Most would love this


Let him go and let someone else appreciate that gem.


I’ve been alone so long, it would be SO hard to imagine this much constant contact thru every day. Some ppl want/crave (or are uses to) that kind of attention more than others. I personally would never want any part of a significant other calling me multiple times a day. If there is a reason, of course, but otherwise I’m not going anywhere,hate small talk, & would prefer missing them til they get home. I have zero need or want 4that & doesn’t mean I don’t love that person. But I also feel like these are boundaries & compromises set early on when determining compatibility. To each his own & definitely varies. No one way is more “right” & is more about individual needs/preferences. Sounds like there is just need for some compromise :slight_smile:


Uh no… I like that my husband talks to me throughout the day because we hardly see each other since he works weeks and weeks at a time. If he stopped talking to you then that would also he an issue​:unamused::roll_eyes:

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My sister and brother in law have been married 27 years he drives me absolutely crazy! He knows where my sister is and will still call her MULTIPLE times a day. I tease her and ask her if she has to hold his hair back (he’s bald) to pee. I just don’t get it. You live together, you sleep together, eat dinner together must you call her all the dang time. She could not even spend any time with our dying mother without him calling over and over. My husband and I have been married 26 years and it had better be important if you’re calling me.


Thats just excessive. I get a call during his first break. The further along i get i know ill get his 2nd break call bc we have had two late loses. But i rely on those calls. But he doesnt do them to tell me what i should be doing either. Thats very controling.


All yall missing the point he’s nit picking when he’s calling. Atleast from this post that’s what you can understand. Don’t know both sides of the story so I don’t assume one person’s side is the completely truthful side :woman_shrugging: however, for the sake of what the post says I wouldn’t answer the phone if he called everytime to nit pick.


That’s good he’s like that. What if he never wanted to talk even when he got home?

It doesn’t matter how anyone else feels, it matters how you feel. Don’t seek validation on that.
Try talking to him, maybe agree on half the amount of phone calls. Then try reducing it to one call a day. If it makes him feel good to talk to you during the day, I wouldn’t take that from him. However, your time away from him is just as valuable and should be respected.


Jeez be lucky he still calls you with that attitude…

Weird. It seems like a lot to call during the day and maybe some people might misread your cry for help as being ungrateful that he “just loves you a lot”. I think this is more than he calls you 3/4/5+ times a day and you need to tell someone safe the bad stuff too.


I don’t know…I find this post immature and petty. But the poster did mention asking why she hasn’t done this or that yet- I could see that being annoying or maybe thats his way of checking in…
I love that my husband messages me or calls me through out the day. Communication is key. Successful relationships have strong communication. However, I guess if it annoys you so much- ask him to stop or limit how much he does it. :woman_shrugging:

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Ahhh :tipping_hand_woman:t2: my partner rings me 10 minutes after he’s left the house sometimes I’m like really :woman_facepalming:t2:.


Yes and no, I don’t mind talking to him but with multiple littles I’d rather he text me so I can reply when I’m ready not try to hear him over the kids, the animals, and the TV AND while holding stuff. He used to call every break but I got stuff to do and I asked him to cut it down to lunches or ask before he calls lol

Mine did the complete opposite. Wouldn’t contact me during the day, while working 12, sometimes 14hr days. Wouldn’t respond to my texts, nothing. We are now divorced. Appreciate the communication.

My partner is a pipe layer in construction, gone 12 hrs a day and I’m happy he makes it a point to talk to me throughout the day.


:rofl::rofl: You’re messed gratful or move on

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I call my hubs like every two hrs. Once when I go to work in all my breaks and when I come home, mainly cause I’m bored and who else am I going to call and actually answer

I work from home and my husband calls me several times a day. I either ignore the calls or answer and tell him I’m busy and to stop calling.


Mine messages me all day long. And then we talk on his way home. We enjoy talking to each other and it helps us communicate and keep up to date with each other’s day. Because let’s face it kids can make things difficult to spend time alone together.

Your headline question is so misleading! Based on that, I was like what kind of woman doesn’t want to hear from her partner throughout the day?!

Then I read the rest! A call while he’s on lunch would be normal. But to call up to 5 times during one shift is a little excessive. Especially just to “chat”.

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My husband calls me to chat on his lunch break. He doesn’t nag me about anything though, that’s toxic.

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not at all I love when he calls. my husband has a very demanding job and he’s busy a lot of the time so when he calls, it means that on his spare time, when he could take a break and “doom scroll” social media or literallydo anything else in those five minutes, he preferred to call ME and talk to me and had me on his mind. each person is different though, I personally love it and really appreciate it when he does so.


Or maybe he just misses you…


Just be glad that you still have someone that can call you. Quit taking him for granted. Some day he may be gone and you’re going to wish he could call you.


Be careful what you wish for.
Nothing worse than being neglected, and ignored :slightly_frowning_face: :pensive:


No. He used to do this all the time and I really liked it because he was thinking of home and me, where he wanted to be. Now I get no calls or texts. He’ll call his mom and talk to her but he couldn’t care less to know how I’m doing from day to day. So appreciate that because one day he could decide he doesn’t care about you and you’re not important enough for him to check on or think about.


I will say this… cherish those calls. My husband passed away a year ago on 8/31/22. He used to annoy me with those calls. Now I would do anything to hear them again….


If he ever stops calling, then you’ll have something to worry about.


Can’t relate. I’m the Sahm that calls multiple times :joy:

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Does he actually talk or just tell you what to do?

My husband does and I love it sometimes it’s only time we can communicate especially with 3 kids idk he calls usually 3-5 times and like tonight he’s working 9 am -10 pm and it just shows me he misses me and kids :person_shrugging:

I had boyfriend like that. I found it annoying too.

Nope. He calls so he can feel like he is part of our day. I also send him pictures and videos of even the most trivial part of our day. He misses us. I’m happy he is a great father like that.
Also, I generally just put him on speaker, and he uses ear bud, so it doesn’t inconvenience w

Wish he see this and start calling someone else

Give him my number. He can contact me if you don’t want him to bother you.

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God you know how many woman would love that??? Talk about ungrateful!


Damn he sure married a real winner…:woman_facepalming:

But I guarantee you if he stopped doing that, you’d have an issue with it and ask him why he doesn’t call you anymore :roll_eyes::grimacing: y’all get on my nerves my god.


Been a SHM for 23 years…we talk over his lunch everyday…and whenever else we want…or need to. I just can’t with some of these posts! If he never called or cared, you’d be whining, too! There is no winning with some of y’all! :roll_eyes:


If not already stated…ask him why

Wow. Your poor husband. Don’t be shocked when you’re served papers eventually.


I’m seeing quite a bit of comments from women calling him controlling. If a man works and you stay home (I stay home with my kids) and he has standards and expectations, that’s not controlling. Women have all these wants and needs that are to be seen as normal and empowering but as soon as a man has wants and needs, he’s a controlling pos. Make it make sense.

I work with my husband and am home together when we are off no need for phone calls I see him 24/7 :grinning::heart: but when hr does go off alonr yo do a side job i do like him sending me messages :heart:

This is the first :joy: . I have seen post because their husband didn’t call but never have I seen one because he calls to much.

Seriously? Wow. I’m always happy when my husband is thinking about me or the kids and calls. This is strange…

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Nope I love when he calls me! 14 yrs together and more times its me calling him but he will literally get upset if I don’t call him during the day cuz he thinks I’m mad at him… we love to talk to each other throughout the day… I adore him tho…

You need time away from being just ‘SAHM.’ I never wanted to talk about or dwell on my daily activities at home and be constantly reminded that my spouse was out of the house working. I was jealous and a little spiteful almost.

I mean if he is calling you just to complain that you aren’t doing certain things or why are you letting the kids so and so then yeah I’d be annoyed. I’d tell him to stop trying and micromanage you and you can take care of things without him telling you.


My husband calls me in between his jobs, I love it. Normally it’s just go chit chat and tell me about something that happened at his job or what not. I like that I’m his person and that he wants to share things with me.

Mine txt a million times a day and if I don’t reply with in a few mins he’s on the house cameras to see what or where I’m at :tired_face: sometimes I get very irritated because well I’m a SAHM with 2 small kids and 5 all together when they don’t have school… I have 2 million things to do thru out the day and one of them isn’t staying on my phone :woman_shrugging:
I completely understand where your coming from.