Anyone just packed up & gone overseas for an extended time?

I think I'm having a midlife crisis lol & I have a massive desire to just quit my not so great job & go.

I am able to.
I’m in my 40’s, I am debt free, have no small children & have some money.
I’m thinking 6-12mths.
I want to backpack Europe & Asia. Stay in hostels & cheap accommodation.
I’m very introverted, so I think hostels will make me talk to people where as motels, I would keep to myself.
I want to use buses & trains. Not really interested in big cities or things like the pyramids, Eiffel tower etc.
I’ve barely travelled out of NSW, so I’m a little nervous. Also, being a solo chick, safety is a slight concern.
Thoughts on that?
I was thinking of going to the most expensive places first & majority English speaking, (England/Scotland way) then work my way back down through Asia.
I don’t know any other languages, but will definitely be trying to learn some basics of each.
Would around 40k be enough?
I have access to more & I can get credit cards or come home at anytime.
Any information for a sheltered, inexperienced chick would be appreciated.

I realise there is Covid


Is your body strong enough too should be a question.
When I traveled to Central America I get violently sick every time. My body cannot handle their water.
It’s like the flu.
Are you trusting?
If so don’t go. Traveling is not for the naive. It can be extremely dangerous.
Best of luck.


Some countries are locking down so look into current & possible actions bc you could get stuck.
Behind that, traveling alone can be dangerous without some kind of plan, emergency plan & a plan C. Plan to get sick. Plan on food not agreeing with you. Plan on counting on you, especially if you can’t speak the language at all. Not everyone speaks English.


Go for it I wish I could do that

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I say do it while you can, just be safe and maybe have someone wherever you go that you can “check in” with. I would do it in a heartbeat if I could

What about Fiji? If you’re thinking of visiting the Pacific. I am Fijian btw

Always travel with someone never alone especially if you haven’t had experienced traveling in other countries. I been to central America with family we did tons of research only bought water bottles instead of drinking the water there. Only got sick once after going 4 different times. It’s fair to say at this point everyone is going through mid life crisis, for sure if your unhappy in your job quit and look for a job you would love or enjoy. Baby steps instead of big leaps. Maybe go for Europe and just enjoy the English speaking places then you can take it from there.

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I have no advice but id just like to say that sounds like such a great idea and a fun experience

I think it’d be better to do a trial run here in the US first. Figure out what you need to before you’re trapped in a foreign country by yourself. Maybe take a self defense course.


There are companies for this sort of thing. I had a friend who did something similar to this but I can’t remember the name of what they were telling me about. I tried to search for it and this site kinda jogged for me but I’m not sure if its it or not

Do it!!! Sounds freaking AWESOME

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DO IT!! You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. Just be safe, be smart, and if you can help it don’t travel alone at night.

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Do a test run! Winging a trip like this could cost you your life. My husband and I are AVID campers and outdoors people. We just did a camping/road trip across the east coast and back and it was SO much harder than we expected! We also spent a LOT more $ on emergency things


Maybe find a friend to go with…Backpacking alone in strange countries seems dangerous. I had to go to LA for three days for business and took my husband bc didnt feel safe even going alone for that long somewhere…

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If there is anything I have learnt lately, it’s that life is too short.
Fuck it, do it while you can

You only have this life to live, make the most of it. Take the trip


Maybe find a traveling group and connect with others that will be in the areas you plan to go. Connect with locals to the areas you plan to go. Like tour guides. Start a blog or something where you post your travels. If anything happens people will know where you are and what you were doing. Most of all do it and have an amazing time.

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With all we have been through in the last 2 years you deserve this.
If you can go with a friend great if not just do it.


Do it don’t think about it just go be the best thing for you nothings stopping you but you :relaxed:

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If you don’t do it now you never will.
Always make sure you keep enough cash aside to get home quickly if necessary. Get a body belt to keep travel documents and money safe. Look into what vaccines you need for the countries you wish to visit. Look into visas you’ll need for entry to countries. Ensure you have a good first aid kit and plenty prescription meds…take the prescriptions with you as some meds may be illegal in countries you visit.
Make a travel plan and keep contact with someone regularly so they know roughly where you are and if you haven’t checked in they can contact the embassy and report youve missed a check in
Self defence course is vital if you’re travelling alone , citronella spray in your pocket . Hitchhiking is illegal in many places so make sure you’re aware of local rules. Carry a hat and large scarf for cover up if you’re female. Make friends along the way…but trust no one.
If you’re well prepared before you travel then all youve got to do is enjoy the experience…


If I could do it i totally would. I drove across the US as a young single woman with a small baby. But to travel out of the country would be amazing. Good luck and prayers for a safe journey

Go for it! If you get lonely, or need a friendly face give me shout. I’m on the Isle of Man (between UK and Ireland)


Seems like you have it all planned. Do it! You only live once. If I didn’t have small children and had money. I’d go with ya. I would say not Asia.

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Auntie Wendy Klippenstein, these sound like really good questions for you. Lol. You and uncle Dean have done so much traveling, even couch surfed. Any tips for this lady?

I say go for it! It sounds like a wonderful experience that you have worked hard for in order to do so. I would do some research on safety, what to expect, hotels, things to do etc before you go. I’d also suggest traveling somewhere in the US first before you go out of the country alone.

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Find a knowledgeable well traveled Travel Agent! Best source

Go! Just do it, you won’t regret it! Best of luck to you.

With the COVID situation right now I wouldn’t be going anywhere.

I agree with the trial run of America with cova and all I wouldn’t want to get stuck in another country not knowing the language not being able to get back tons of really weird right now

Make sure you familiarize yourself, at least in part, with both the language and laws of the places you plan to visit, as well as where any embassies might be. I would be concerned with accidently breaking laws and facing harsh punishments without any knowledge. Also, if going alone make a plan and let others know where and when you will be and where you are heading next. Maybe a plan to check in with them at certain times and days? Good luck and have fun!

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Do it!!! Go live your best life! :dancer:t5:

Maybe start with our northern neighbors…with covid right now I wouldn’t go somewhere I couldn’t get back home from. JS. Tbh ever since the movie taken I’ve been paranoid to leave here. I would love to go to England someday thou

My daughter (27) lives in S. Korea works there & her job is flexible where she gets to travel all over Asia very very cheap & yes stays in hostels & meets new friends. They do stuff together& then go in back to reality after a few weeks. I’m happy she’s doing that & sad I don’t her to see her much due to COVID. Yes COVID has put a STOP to a lot of her travels.

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Go for it I wish I could

If I didn’t have children and a husband I wld definitely do it. Live your life. Enjoy wht u can and everything u can see. I absolutely love to traveling. My husband works overseas. I can’t wait to go with him one day


If I could afford to I definitely would!! People say that u only live once… that’s not true, you only die once, but u live every day! Spend those days doing what makes u happy!


Ya good luck with covid.

So your inexperienced that concerns me. Other countries are not always the safest and the way your wanting too sounds a little bit worrying. However I love your idea. I absolutely think you should go for it. Just be extra careful and defiantly be aware of your surroundings at all times. Not sure how much all of it would cost you but love go for it. You only live once.


I would say go for it but you should really have a companion with you.


Watch ‘Eat, Pray, Love’…great guide x

Start with Asia! Safest and moe bang for the buck. Thailand is the safest for women traveling alone.

Be very, very careful and consider putting a tracking app on your phone and even on yourself. Don’t want to scare you but I’ve read several instances where females traveling alone have gone missing/ assaulted. I wish you the best!

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As some one who has a strong desire to do just this, I say absolutely go!!!
If you’re able to, have the means and all of that, do it! So long as it doesn’t set you back when you return.
How many chances in life are you actually going to get???

You will only regret the things you didn’t try! I recommend researching to see what you can bring with you as protection. I have a taser and knife that I carry. I would share your location with a few people you trust just in case. Always trust your gut instinct. Pack easy foods like cashews, freeze dried foods, granola bars…etc. Try not to carry too much cash on you. But the biggest tip of advice I can give you, is ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!!

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I would say go for it… face your fears and live your life to the fullest.

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Go for it. Live your life

Good luck n watch your back.