Anyone have panic attacks while pregnant?

Any one suffer with severe panic attacks with pregnancy? I’m not new to them. I’ve had them on and off since I was in high school. But every since I reached 26ish weeks I’ve been having them daily. I’m almost 28 weeks now. They aren’t anxiety attacks- they aren’t triggered. They are full on panic attacks. I have medication to take when I’m having them but it only helps bring my blood pressure and body back to normal. I’m still very dizzy and out of it after. I’m gonna talk to my doctor as to how to handle them- I’m just wondering if anyone suffered with preterm labor because of it. I’m worried that it’s gonna get so bad that I’m gonna go into preterm. Because they aren’t small. And they are every day at least once a day. And i know stress can induce preterm labor.


I don’t know how much it will help you, but for myself, panic attacks were normal for about the first trimester, trying to adjust to a new normal, and a complete human growing inside. It is very stress inducing, lol. It’s a miracle, no doubt, but it’s also very scary for a lot of mamas. I hope that you will find that they decreased significantly very soon.

I don’t know how to help too much but I have been suffering from them since being pregnant too. Mine seem to be worse when I’m around a bunch of ppl. It’s like I’m getting overstimulated. I’ll go lay in my room alone for 20 mins then go back to visiting

Take a Xanax and keep it moving. Time to be an adult


The medication is probably bringing them on don’t take the medication. Think of your baby.

All the time. My husband got me awaited blanket and I’d curl up underneath it

Definitely not safe for you or baby! Please talk to your doctor ASAP. This isn’t the way to enjoy life. I have a history of panic attacks and I was told by the doctor to take a Benadryl to help calm myself which is safe for pregnancy but also it is important to get on a helpful daily dose of an anxiety medication. Nobody should be having that many attacks. The stress isn’t good for baby. I really hope you can get help quick and start enjoying your life