Anyone have pain after an epidural?

Any mom get an epidural during their birth and just have random spasms of lower back pain? This pain has just randomly come out of nowhere. I had my son a month ago and didn’t start having these problems until this week


Yes everyday since I’ve gotten it

11 years later and I still have pain.

Yes, I’ve had 3 csections and had horrible sciatica after my first. The sciatica I’ve been able to control for the most part but the lower back pain has been there off and on since. To be fair, I’m overweight and probably lift improperly, but I have been overweight a good portion of my life and didn’t have back problems until the epidural.

Yup. Almost dropped my son when he was 3 months old because of it. I had an emerg c section

Yep, still do 16 years later! It’s the worst decision of my life I should have just pushed her out without the epidural (because it wore off by the time she did come)but I will tell you soak in hot :bathtub: and always, always wear socks even if it’s freaking hot outside!!! It’s the change of weather!

Yep I got prescription for muscle relaxer pretty sure been a few years now. If that spot was touched it hurt so bad!! It still does some but definitely nothing like before

I was on epidural for both of my kids, my daughter I was on epidural for four days​:grimacing::grimacing:. She was born at 7 months

I had pain a few weeks after but no more after that

I had a spinal block from C-section and my back hurts 90% of the times that I have to bend or turn or sometimes at random

Yup I got scar tissue there.

Yes unfortunately. My dr use to give Voltaren injections for them so it’s not as bad as it use to be

Yes! It’s been 9 years and I still get it.

I have had 4 an I still have pain in my back due to it my oldest will be 20 this month

Yeah I had some pain a month later and then here and there I’ll get a crazy pain exactly where the epidural hit! It’s normal and comes w it but it’s definitely not fun. Just nothing to be worried about :yellow_heart:

I did for years afterwards… I refused it, but they gave it to me anyways in the early 80’s. My daughter was born before it took effect. Back then we didn’t sue… best of luck

I did after my first for about 6-7 years, but haven’t had issues after having my 2nd Kiddo 3.5 years ago.

I still have the pain 5 years later. It comes and goes but is always really bad the week if my period. It just aches

For the last 9 years and it only got worse after my 2nd and 3rd

It happens, she should seek medical attention and ask about a “blood patch”. I work in a hospital lab and we help anesthesia perform them