Anyone have gestational diabetes while pregnant?

Has anyone had experience with gestation diabetes during your pregnancy??


I had it. It’s definitely a learning curve! Lots of cheese, beef sticks and peanut butter! Lol

I did, it sucks cause they make you high risk, and taking your sugar 4 times a day sucks and is convenient but follow the doctors directions and you’ll be alright it’s not as scary as people make it out to be

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Yes I did! Feel free to message me if you want! Definitely make sure your following your doctors instructions and checking your blood sugar when you’re supposed to! But it’s actually not as scary as it sounds tho

Yes just don’t eat the whole package of oreos.
The nutritionist I had to see said just because it says sugar free doesn’t mean to eat the whole bag.
Doctor said I was going to have a big baby. He was 8.10