Anyone have direct experience with the vaccine being pregnant?

I waited til my baby was almost 3 months old cause with everything I read the risk was not worth him if you know what I mean. I had miscarried alot before and very high risk so I am glad di waited but it was a choice I get my first shot tomorrow.

I’m choosing to wait until I give birth to have the vaccine, not against vaccines just a personal choice based on how I feel about it all.


I am 2 days shy of being 28 weeks pregnant and going for my second dose of Pfizer this week! No side effects with my first dose minus a very minor headache.

Just got my first at 15 weeks and baby is doing fine.

I was fully vaccinated by the end of February and got pregnant (not trying) in March. No vaccine infertility concerns here. We are 25 weeks and going strong :muscle:t2::partying_face:

I am fully vaccinated. 2nd dose was Jan.22,2020. I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I had no issues with getting pregnant. Today I just had my booster shot.

Why would you get the vaccine in the first place not knowing what’s in it and what it will do to you in the future let alone get it while pregnant :joy:

I was vaccinated while pregnant at 18 & 21 weeks and gave birth just last week to a healthy baby boy at 38 weeks (4th pregnancy) :blue_heart: Mild side effects after the vaccine, sore arm, headache, tired but they didn’t last long at all. My OB and pediatrician both recommended getting the vaccine and I’m glad that I did!


84% rate of Miscarriages

I’m 38 weeks almost 39 weeks. I had covid when i was 34 weeks my doctors does not recommend the shot especially in high risk pregnant women. I refuse the shot due to the only reason it being FDA approved is to get more people to take it not knowing the long term effects of it. It’s your body your choice everyone has different affects.


I personally wouldn’t get it. Straight from the Pfizer website : available data is insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks.

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I wouldnt get it due to people dying from the vaccine

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Keep in mind all of the vaccine companies have the vaccine trial listed as experimental with 50% receiving the actual vaccine and 50% receiving a saline placebo…
So people that say “I’ve had my vaccine and had 0 side effects” might have received the placebo…

I watched 4 nurse friends who got the vaccine miscarry or have a still birth and the only thing that they done differently was get the vaccine. Even though their doctor didn’t recommend it they got it to keep their jobs. I’m not saying it was the vaccine but all 4 of them were healthy and 20 plus weeks in the pregnancy and with in days of the shot they were having issues


I got my first dose when I was 30 weeks, the pharmacist told me they’ll only do it if I was in the 3rd trimester. Due for my 2nd dose next week

Anybody asking this question, should go on tick tock and look up#vaccineinjuries
They don’t want you to know about all the vaccine injuries, so the news media, fake news clearly doesn’t play it. Look on tiktok!


got vaccinated at like 12 wks and doing just fine at 23 now

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For those who have delivered after getting the vaccine was there any complications with the delivery or with your child

I’m. Or even sure why people are answering this question :thinking::thinking:…THERE IS NO LONG TERM STUDIES TO DEEM THIS VACCINE SAFE ON ANYONE MUCH LESS AN INNOCENT BABY IN THE WOMB :unamused::woman_facepalming:t3::persevere:


I received my first dose of the vaccine in February and my second dose in March. I received the Moderna vaccine. I became pregnant in May and am due at the end of January. I have had a healthy pregnancy so far without complications.

A friend was vaccinated in 3rd trimester, 33 weeks, and miscarried week 34.
As someone stated above, if she drank water and miscarried they wouldn’t blame the water.

I dunno, the decision is yours and no one can tell you otherwise.

Best wishes!

I won’t lie, I’m terrified to have it whilst I’m pregnant. But that’s just me. I’m 24 weeks, and will be having it once I’ve had baby

I got vaccinated, my doctor highly recommended it because I was breastfeeding at the time. We are now trying for our next baby. But I work in assisted living and my stress has been off the roof with covid hitting our building again. Plus other mental health issues going on. I am hopeful we conceive soon

I didn’t take any medications while pregnant with my kids so I doubt I’d take this vaccine if I were pregnant. I was so worried about how medications would effect my babies.

Just got mine yesterday ! Nothing more than a sore arm & a little headache. Being pregnant is considered an underlying health condition. I felt really good about getting it! I feel like I did what was best for myself & my family. :heart:

I was vaccinated in April and got pregnant at the end of June. I’m currently a little over 13weeks pregnant. I had no problems getting pregnant.

I would neverrrrr. It’s so crazy to me to get a shot that has no studies done for pregnancy. There’s can’t be tests done on pregnancy. No one knows the long term effects of this shot on babies. Wild


It’s the mark of the beast don’t get it

It has killed the babies in the womb please don’t get it it isn’t like other vaccines

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Covid 19 Vaccine-Evidence Based Group: Pregnancy, Lactation, TTC & Children definitely look into this group !

Joleen-matthew Rhoads

I know 2 people that miscarried. Prayers

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Talk to your doctor, they’ll help more than the keyboard warriors on Facebook who want to scare people away from the vaccine :woman_shrugging:t3:


2 friends in different parts of the U.S. were vaccinated in March/April and got pregnant this summer. 2 other friends were vaccinated while pregnant and had beautiful full term babes.

I got both the pfizer shots during my third trimester (32 and 36 weeks), no side effects :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Baby was born full term, healthy and with antibodies :heartpulse: