Anyone have any natural home remedies to help with morning sickness?

Does anyone have any natural/at-home remedies that you found helped with morning sickness? It hasn’t quite yet turned to actual sickness, but the nausea is unreal I’ve tried ginger, I’ve tried eating little and often, and I’ve tried citrus fruits. I’ve only just found out I’m expecting an extremely early, so can’t ask anyone and don’t know where to start looking! The above things were from a google search

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Sipping really cold pedialyte. Maybe make some ice cubes with it and suck on the ice cubes

Saltine crackers works wonders with nausea.

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Saltine crackers… The soda in them helps settle your stomach and 7up or ginger ale to stay hydrated

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Tea with no milk and licking a slice of lemon helped me.

Salt crackers work best if you keep them next to your bed and have them before you get out of bed in the morning.

A shot of warm coke. It does wonders. I just drank the whole can lol I had super bad nausea all throughout and it worked very well.

Ginger tea, and ginger is great for morning sicknesses

They have little bands you put on your wrists that have buttons that push a pressure point to help relieve nausea. They worked pretty well for me. You can find them at the drug store near the dramamine.

Peppermint candy. It was the only thing that settled my stomach when i was pregnant

I drank purple gateraid with my last 2 pregnancies I was nauseated 24/7 for 18 +weeks it was horrible this was the only thing that seemed to help

There are pregnancy safe tablets, I had to take asic…nothing other than keeping busy, eating something carby like simple pasta ( plain or creamy…not too heavy) and ginger bon bons, in sa we have a thing called bovril…it worked on crackers that i kept on the side of my bed 5 min after i wake up! Hard sweets to suck on are great too!
Hope ya feel better soon

I actually found these all natural candies at meijers. They’re called Mom pops they worked wonders for me

the only thing I could keep down my entire first pregnancy was hot Coca-Cola out the can and barbecue potato chips I highly recommend hot Coca-Cola

Birth control :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Seriously though, I stayed sick with both of my boys.
My youngest, I was convinced it was a girl because I would puke over everything. Literally.

I watched my dog poop, I’d puke. Hair in the sink, I’d puke. Oldest son would burp, I’d puke. :joy:🤷:grimacing:

Good luck mama!


Candied ginger, peppermints, peppermint oil, mint tea, hard candies, ginger ale, other clear soda like sprite.

Papaya but not a lot.

Ginger tea and wintergreen life savers were amazing.

Body Armour electrolyte drink, B6 and Ginger Capsules were all that helped me survive

The one thing that made me sick was the prenatal vitamins. I took them at night or else I’d be sick all day. Sea bands did help a bit.

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The only thing that really helped me was making sure I was never hungry! Snacked on something light all day, sipped on Sprite, chewed mint gum in between each snack… it helped alot

Peppermint tea and sprite. I vomited 24/7 the entire first trimester. Just try to drink fluids even if you vomit them back up. If you decide that nothing natural is working a last resort could be zofran prescribed by a doctor. Unfortunately, nothing really ever helped me but it was gone after the first trimester and only made a small appearance in the third. Good luck, Mama. :heart::heart:

Dried ginger! Tastes gross but it sure helped me .

when you walk up in the morning don’t immediately sit up and have a package of saltines by your bed and eat those laying in bed it worked for me

Eat saltines before you get out of bed to settle your stomach.

Boil a cinnamon stick with two cups of water until it comes to a rapid boil. Turn off stove and let tea steep for a few minutes. Pour and drink. You may add a little sugar or as I do some honey . Hope you feel better !!

A wonderful OB nurse told me to drink a flat coke when feeling nauseous…which was all the time during my first trimester. It definitely saved me.


With my 2nd one I ate a lot precooked bacon sandwiches, also crackers

Don’t let your stomach get empty. Lemon anything helped me (candy, lemonade, fresh lemons, even just smelling them) and sipping room temp Dr Pepper lol.

I found eating lots of very small meals helpful. Non-complicated natural foods worked best for me. I would snack on cold grapes, slices of apple, toast, crackers, herbal teas, lollies, water, salted potato chips, ginger biscuits.

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