Anyone have a toddler with stomach issues?

Anyone with toddlers with stomach issues? My little one has always struggled. He goes between constipation and diarrhea constantly. He’s never regular. We’ve tried changing his diet and everything and nothing helps any suggestions or things I can say his to doctor? I’m tired of my son screaming and crying when he poops.


Had to give my daughter soy milk

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We gave ours a probiotic gummy, limited sugar and dairy, and nothing after 8pm. It seemed to help ours and it helped stay regular.

My son was like this too, he’s 4 and just recently diagnosed celiac! Could be a possibility?

I give my littles yami yogurt or real yogurt from Amish it will help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: make sure they are getting magnesium not a lot but helps it diet collar green oatmeal help they make a drink called kabotcha helps as well
Lastly used this for myself and works really good eat two kiwis a day

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Try a stool softener daily that helped my son

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Have they done a blood allergy test? My son was allergic to cows milk. We didn’t find out until he was 4! Poor guy always had milk.

Maybe check if he is Celiac or Gluten intolerant

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My 3yo daughter is lactose intolerant and has chronic gastritis. And forever constipated. She takes an acid suppressant in the morning, miralax midday, and an acid reducer in the evening before bed. Lately she has complained about her back hurting before and after pooping, I’m not exactly sure why. Not sure if that helps. Definitely make an appointment with a GI. It took us us 2.5 years to figure out the right medication for her. Is there a particular pattern to when he’s constipated or diarrhea?

Talk to your pediatrician

Look into the fodmap diet. It’s super restrictive, but we used it to reset our daughter’s tummy, and it worked.

I would try cutting dairy if you haven’t already. Since I’m all about castor oil, a little rub on the tummy daily could help as well :woman_shrugging: I’d check fibre intake too, too much or too little isn’t great for the belly.

Pediatric gastroenterologist consultation

Try a reflexologist. We can help.

I became lactose intolerant out of nowhere at 28 and lactose is in A LOT of food. Even some deli meats. Everyone has a different tolerance too. Like, I can’t eat chocolate unless it’s cooked :sweat_smile:

They make supplements for that. I would also put him on probiotics and have him tested for other food allergies like gluten.

Following. My 2 year old is the exact same and the doctor says she could have a unmature bowel.she has been on 4 different type of laxatives. We are going on 10 months now

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Sounds like he’s gotten a gluten intolerance honestly.

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Possibly lactose intolerant.

I was like that as a child. Found out later in life,I was lactose intolerant

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My neice was like this. Her stomach would swell and become distended. It turns out it was celiac. A complete gluten intolerance. She’s 10 now and has a great diet (so many options these days) but it’s still tricky to navigate and she’s still figuring out how to navigate it.
Good luck to you. Please talk to your doctor and see if Maybe even a dietician can help?

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Has your son been seen by a gastroenterologist? Have IBS and Crohns’s ruled out.

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My Sons like this he is 3 he was on a hydrolysed formula and anti acids as a baby (cmpi/reflux) slowly under gp guidance we re introduced Dairy he doesn’t have a lot but goes between diarrhoea and constipation to the point he screams he is fully toilet trained for wees but poos is that bad and unpredictable (he has rectal tears and all) he flat out refuses to go on the toilet will only go in a nappy we have been put on 2 different laxatives no anti acids ect it’s been quite challenging

He could be lactose intolerant. My child suffered this way to. Check into it

Try doing a fiber and probiotic gummy vitamin. Also the Activia yogurts helped my son and cutting down on milk and cheese.

Make sure it’s not anxiety. Anxiety in children can present this way

I would definitely recommend checking for food allergies, gluten/dairy issues. With all the additives in food now a days, it takes a toll on little tummies. Definitely read the ingredients on your foods and maybe keep a journal of what he ate and what could’ve bothered him more? Dairy issues run in my family & my little brother was the same way for a long time. :pleading_face:

My sins Dr reccomded I give a daily probiotic to help even him out or give him yogurt regularly.

Try feeding food with more fiber.