Anyone have a successful pregnancy after getting their tubes tied?

I was hoping to get an answer on if any mom’s have had their tubes tied and still had a successful pregnancy


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Ooo that’s a good question I wanna know to. I’d love to have another baby.

I haven’t personally, but i had a friend who got her tubes tied and had a baby right at a year later. Its possible.

Not me personally
But my mother had hers done, and ended up with 2 more babies 2 pregnancy both healthy and full-term

Yes, did Ivf and was successful first round. Cny was great to work with.

Jennifer Melton TELL YOUR STORY! :orange_heart:

when i had my oldest Son 32 years ago there was another lady who had just had a baby, she told me she had her tubes tied and so this one was such a surprise some surprise a 10 pound boy

My aunt had hers reversed and tried and wasn’t successful

I had mine burnt and had a tubal reversal done . I was pg 4 months later . And then 11 months following that birth . I had 2 baby girls♥️

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My mom had her tubes tied and 6 yrs later was pregnant with my little brother.

It depends on how they do it. Sometimes when they say “tied” they really remove the whole tube, so there isn’t anything to “untie” and can’t be reversed. My obgyn explained this when i was on the fence about getting it done.

Yes my SIL had hers tied for 10 years, had the procedure to reverse and pregnant with my niece 9 months later. My niece is 4 today…

My mom got pregnant for triplets after her tubes were tied.


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You can do ivf, that way if you’re done after this child, your tubes are still tied.

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My sister in laws tubes grew back together. She had a baby and did it again.

I’m the one who asked this but anyways my tubes are cut tied and burnt but I can’t afford to get them reversed right now and so I was just hoping someone was able to get pregnant with them still tied I appreciate the answers