Anyone have a baby with digestive issues?

Has anyone had their baby have digestive problems? I’m really thinking my 1M old has Digestive problems…


My daughter had colic and reflux… She cried and spit up for months. Would cluster feed as well. I had twins so felt I was at my wits end with it. Not sure what symptoms are showing but I understand that new baby struggle.

Are they breastfed? If they are, it could be colic. If it’s formula, it could be that you need to talk to your paed about trying a different one. I beg you not to try anything more than breast milk or formula without consulting a medical professional as otherwise you could give them far worse digestive issues.

My son did. We had to see a GI specialist.

It’s normal for babies to spit up but too much can be a sign of reflux

Oh yeah. We started on spoon fed oatmeal mixed in BM between meals. Soak up some of the acid so we could avoid meds. She had to sleep propped up etc. All helped. Don’t feed baby laying flat. Why people always do that I never get. I can’t eat flat lol. Keep propped up for at least a half hour after. Most are born with under developed flaps that reduces this issue so it’ll take some time