Anyone have a baby daddy that never seen his kid?

I have a question for any single moms. So my BD has been paying child support every month. He has never seen my son and has never wanted too. Only 1 picture since he was born. My brother thinks he may want to see my son later. Has anyone dealt with a BD who didn’t want to see your kid but did later?


I think if he’s the type that doesn’t want to see his own child I would consider his absense a gift. See his son later? Maybe when your son gets old enough to decide to talk to strangers (18)


My ex husband did off and on. Sometimes that’s just how it is. I was totally fine with it in the long run. It gave me a lot of peace and control over the parenting of my son. My son had a couple rough times I’m his teens but overall seems to be ok with it all.

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My son is 15 and his dad has only seen him 2 or 3 times, he pays child support… sometimes… but nowhere close to the amount he’s supposed to be paying so said in court

My dad didn’t see me until I was 11. And then sporadically after. But I did keep the lines open and we ended up being close and he got to meet his first grandson. He died before I got to tell him I was pregnant with my second son. Everyone is different. But people do have a change of hearts. Maybe if he wants to see your son later on that will be something your son decides as well.

My daughter dad was paying cs but hasn’t seen her sense she was little like between ages of baby till 5 yrs he asked me one day about seeing her I told him it’s up to her sense was old enough make that decision like 13 then she chose not to and still hasn’t seen him that I know of and she is now almost 28.

Some men prefer leaving the mother to do the hard work in the early years to then swoop back in later when the kid is easier.


My son is almost 9 & his sperm donor still don’t see him.

He won’t get the chance. That door is closed until my son is old enough to ask for it to be opened. I have given him a chance, 3 infact, he won’t dissapoint my baby again by coming and going.


Yea mine didn’t have anything to do with him for 2 years, wanted to try to start seeing him but then became very hostile and inconsistent after like 3 visits so I cut it off. :woman_shrugging:t3: