Anyone elses kid sleep with their head under the cover?

Anyone else’s kid sleep with their head under the covers ??? I know it sounds crazy but it makes me so anxious I find myself in the middle of the night walking to my 6 year olds room to pull the cover from over his head and it always ends up right back over his head . This also causes him to be DRENCHED in sweat . Idk I just find it really nerve-wrecking thinking he might not be able to breath properly or not getting enough air or something


Is he scared for some reason I use to do that as a kid but I did it because I was scared

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My son does the same! But he wraps himself in like 3 blankets, including his head. He’s 11 tho lol been doing it for a yr or two. I think it’s just a comfort thing.

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Saw on tiktok that they have sheets for hot sleepers.

My 13 year old does this and I used to when I was younger but we do both sleep with a fan blowing on us

Honestly, he’s old enough to where his body won’t allow him to suffocate himself. I do it as an adult, but to block out noise lol between the ridiculously loud TV volume my husband has set and his big tornado creating fan - I have to :rofl::rofl:

My 2 year old does this. I think it’s because he has to have complete darkness to sleep

My 13 year old still does this. He’s done it since he was 9 months old. It use to make me so anxious but clearly he’s been doing it for 13 years and is just fine :joy:

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Both of my son’s (23 & 12) do and have since they were just a few months old. Once they are old enough to do it themselves I step back as I figure they know their own bodies and are more than capable to remove it when they need. If it gives them comfort and allows for better sleep then who am I to stop them

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My 6 yr old does it n gets super sweaty too I always uncover him a little soon as he falls asleep n when I check on him. I also started giving him a sheet to use as his blanket n I made it a rule that if he’s gona cover his head he has to use just the sheet! He has warmer blanket near him in case he gets cold tho!

My 21 year old has always done this and then has fan on high blowing at him, he likes cold air and his blankets

My daughter does it, as do I. And my newborn son won’t sleep unless his ears are covered

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My 15 year old has always done this. No problem. He just likes to be wrapped tight.

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My son is 5 and does it.
Granted he has a fan blowing on him but he wraps him self all the way up and under lol

Get a fan. I can’t sleep without the blanket in my face and my kids are the same way.

My daughter is 6 and is the exact same way. I can uncover it and she will always pull it right back up there no matter what

I’ve done it since I was a baby and so does my 10 year old. It’s ok

My 11 yr old does this also. So does his dad and he’s 43 lol

Both of my stepsons do. 6 and 8 years old.

My 14 year old has always slept like this too

My daughter is 21 and still does it

I do it and so does my 9 year old lol