Anyone else struggling these last few months?

Just genuinely curious if everyone’s household seems to be struggling extra the past few months? We’re used to comfortably paying bills and having a little left for spending money. Nothing has changed too much but over the last few months we seem to end up with less and less after bills. Just wondering if everyone’s been going through it lately


Inflation is ridiculous. Everything is almost double what it was last year. We are all struggling. Hang in there :heart:


Yes and I have 2 jobs…just keeping our noses above water.

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Yes! Groceries, cleaning supplies, paper products killing us!

Yup. My husband decided to be a over the road trucker just to stay on top of it.


Yes, my partner had lost his job 2 months ago and it’s been a struggle. My savings I had has depleted. I’m still grateful though, at least we still have enough for our bills and food. No extra spending money but that’s fine.

Yes!!! It’s getting scary. Will it ever stop.

Yes. It seems like there are a lot of people struggling.


Yep we are all in that same boat

We’re all having a hard time

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Yes …gotta really watch what you’re spending money on …

Yes…Everything just keeps going up… It’s scary for sure

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We’re feeling it in groceries and utilities for sure!


Yes!! There’s two of us working & we’re living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by. A couple of years ago we would have extra but now household items and groceries are so much more that were left with almost nothing.


We are going through the same thing! Struggling every month

Yes😞 even here in SA, seems to be getting worse by the day

Same here! No extra for anything.

We are older and have a decent nest egg but our electric bill this summer has been outrageous with the 100 plus temperatures every day! It certainly put a hole in our monthly income so I know where you are coming from!

We are. I think everyone is going through a rough time .


Same here. And we’re working our butts off. Groceries are out of this world expensive and starting to eat up any extra spending money we would have. You’re not alone. Hang in there :heartpulse:

I can’t hardly survive and I work full time.


Yeah it’s just getting harder and harder :melting_face:

Absolutely… you’re not alone!!:roll_eyes::woozy_face:

Yes you make enough to pay bills and get some groceries but that’s it. They tell you there is help out there but when you try, you make too much. It’s a never ending cycle. Not looking forward to cold weather with the cost of heating oil. Idk what we are going to do

My electric, gasoline and grocery bills are all up

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I don’t know how our senior citizen community is surviving on social security ! I’m having my friend move in to offset costs for her and myself ! We are getting poorer while congress gets richer!!

My bills have doubled even though we’ve not done anything differently and food feels like it’s doubled in price too.

In the last 3 years the cost of surviving has skyrocketed in my area for example a loaf of bread went from 99 cents to over $4.00, gasoline has gone from $2.75 up to almost $6.00, eggs $2.00 a dozen up to as much as $8.00 a dozen. Everything costs more, but if you listen to the media we are doing great better than we have in years, yet we are worse off financially than during the great depression.

Unless you track your spending, you’ll never know.

We’re literally so f#$ed that we have been relying on food banks just to make it through the last two weeks of the month. Had to pawn stuff to get diapers etc for my kid. Have to plan all errands in one day to go to town because we can’t afford gas. Four disabled adults and a toddler, all living together and still can’t survive. We’re literally being priced out of existence.

Yes we used to have 100+ after bills and groceries and now it’s $20 after a strict grocery budget

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Yep!! Food is so expensive too so it’s definitely not east at the moment and everyone’s in the same boat

Yep… Then throw in a hospital stay and missing work. To hitting a deer and repairing the car… Im broke. It’s been a while since I was counting change for gas broke… But here we are. Even went and got a second job.

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Yes Bill’s are going up . But money doesn’t increase

But the man in the Whitehouse and all his friends are sitting pretty with no cares in the world. Anyone who votes him back in deserves what they get! Anyone is better than him and his crew. We need someone who cares about AMERICA and the people who live here. Need to get him out! Along with the fools in charge of NY … they just don’t care about All the people of America. There needs to be a change up !!

Definitely. Can’t hardly pay the bills let alone buy groceries. I would love to be able to work parttime again but health issues just won’t let me right now.

Yes same here!! Struggling to make ends meet with the cost of everything going up! My bills get paid and I have money for gas in my car to get to work and that’s about it. Trying to figure out how to successfully feed a family of 7 :pensive:


Of course! Inflation is high.

Yep between food and electricity its been rough

It’s rough on all of us :sleepy: we hang n there 4 self n family-God will get us thru these times

Everyone feels the pain. Bills have more than doubled in this house and nothing has changed


Taxes are increasing, dollar value is decreasing, and all items purchaseable are outrageous. The money made nowadays can’t be stretched like it once could.

Went from being comfortable to drowning most months.


My electric bill has been ridiculous

Yes, just paid rent and only have $40 left to live on until next payday, with a family of 5

yup it’s ridiculous. we are barely surviving at this point and it sucks.

Yes, between groceries and gas we are definitely being pinched!

I know everywhere is dealing with inflation of everything!! I live in Colorado and it seems everything has almost doubled!!


I didn’t see ONE comment that disagreed with her. :disappointed:

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Everyone in the same situation except the super wealthy

I think everyone is probably

2 of us age 60+ fixed income…I can’t remember when US economy was this bad consistently…(past 2-3yrs.)

Yes. I used to be ok now we are struggling. Everything is getting extremely expensive especially meat and fresh fruit and vegetables

It is finally catching up to us and what we had put aside…all gone.


Inflation is hitting hard. I just went through price changes at work and everything went up minimum $1

Yes, and getting worse each month.

Watch and read the news ffs

3 years ago gas was 1.89 now we are paying almost 4.00. Food prices seems like they have doubled and my utility bills have gone through the roof. Inflation is terrible


Unfortunately, yes. This has been the worst year yet. I had to close my business in 2021 and it’s been a nightmare since

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Groceries alone are ridiculous right now.

Most definitely. I’ve been working 2 jubs for over 4 years, and have enough to pay bills, but not much of anything else.


Be careful who you vote for. This current administration is killing us!


I live on 900 social security lucky to pay all bills let alone groceries lol

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Never fails to always happen to me

Yes. Surely you have noticed the higher prices of literally everything…

Yes. We have to pay rent today and have $0 :sob:

Not sure where your located but groceries alone have rinsen significantly. Inflation is killing most.

Exactly…gas is up…food continues to go up because it costs more to get it where it’s going…the elites don’t care cuz they have overflowing pockets anyway…but keep voting the Dems in. Wait till the Trump tax cuts are lifted.:disappointed_relieved:


Its only gonna get worse , buckle up .

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According to the WH press secretary we are all doing great, the economy is better than it has been in 30 years and unemployment is lower than 50 years. Families are more financially stable today than they have been in the history of the US.
I don’t exactly know where they are getting their information but it is is certainly not regarding the same US that I or any of the rest of us are living. Just an observation.


Thanks to greed and big profits

Oh yes. And it’s about to get really bad.


Yes. But I’m dealing with workman’s comp, so I get pennies right now…

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The government doesn’t want us to get ahead n have anything. It’s all about control. Our country is sad the way people are treated.


Yes. 100 in grocery is maybe 3-4 bags now.

Us too. Seems like we have bills at the end of the money. Groceries are so expensive. Can’t afford to eat anymore

Everyone is struggling, this build back better is not working.

Yes it’s been so hard and we make good money. So depressing to always be broke after working so hard.


Follow the money which all goes to the government and all it’s crooked officials hopefully this election won’t be stolen and we can stop struggling and make America greater again amen


I’m hardly surviving and I feel like I’m failing pay check n I’m not even making to the next check …

Let me preface this with saying I’m a registered Democrat…who did not vote for Biden…inflation out the ass and an administration that cares more about other countries than their own.

Absolutely! Mama always said this world is going to hell in a hand basket!!! So true Mama

I’m in the same boat. Now I’m feeling the pinch of high gas prices and groceries. I’ve even cancelled my exterminator services :woman_shrugging:t4:

We’re just praying 2024 ends with some GOOD news for this Country.

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Uh…yea… hours got cut, groceries are damn near impossible to afford, bills are sky high an constantly changing the price to higher, can barely survive let alone live…it’s pathetic what this country has come to.

Definitely. Food is so expensive and gas

Everything has gone up!!! I’ve never had to choose between groceries or bills!!! I now have to every pay cheque and I make alright money :frowning:


Grocery is outrageous. Really stuggling

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Were having the same problem

Yes it’s called Bidenomics aka inflation

Be careful who you vote for …

yep everything just keeps getting higher and higher every month. no matter how much you budget it doesnt matter at this point. everyone is feeling the pinch.

Yes! I’m a single mom and my utilities are insane. Everything has gone up by $30-$50 and 3 people just moved out!

We just went thru a hurricane hitting our city. Power out, (this is day 7) everything tore up, had to throw all food out…but we’re safe and still standing. Be grateful for the little things cause it can always be worse. Be blessed ladies! It won’t be like this forever :kissing_heart:

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Yes!!!we are feeling the same

You are not alone. We are barely making the bills at this point

You know what doesn’t help… phone, cable , internet, extras like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, sams club, apps, soo easy to be paying lots of small amounts that add up quickly…and then get suckered in to paying small amounts over 6 months ( on several different items) . We all have to be more watchful of those sneaky charges that we think we can’t live without… the world has changed and our expenses have changed because of it