Anyone else struggle not working?

Do any of you mamas struggle when your out of work for a little while? I love spending so much time with my little one shes only 7 months but im finding it a struggle being home consistently and doing the same things for days on end… my cars out of commission right now so i cant take the little one and go hiking or anything so everything is just blending together and starting too really get too me its only been two weeks i start at my new job on thursday but any suggestions on what i can do too get through the next 40 sum hours?


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Walk, play, dig some art supplies out
The more time you spend outside the less time you think about being “trapped” inside.

Load kiddo up in the stroller and go walking thru the neighborhood


Bust out the stroller and start walking around? Stay at Home Moms :fire:

Dress the little one and take a walk. Go to a park, if close by. Get out and get some fresh air and smell the flowers.

Go for walks…one in the mornings, afternoon and evening…

Try to find side jobs that you can do to pass the time? Provide money for ur extra wants that way too. It feels good to provide and be indepent.

You can go and walk around your neighborhood

This is me while on maternity leave with my third baby. I’ve taken to reading. It helps! Trying to navigate through my new life and a new schedule that works for all of us.

Make dinners ahead, reorganize spaces you always have wanted done. Write lists to needs to do. Soon you’re wonder where the time went and how you’re going to keep up

Just try enjoy the moment because once your back at work you will probably miss having that time :purple_heart:

All of my kids are older (9-19) but I worked from home at the beginning of the pandemic and then spent about a year unemployed during the pandemic. Being home all the time DROVE ME CRAZY!

If you can,walk somewhere. Around the block, down the street. Make a play section outside for an HR, 2x a day. Leaving the 4 walls, even for the yard for a whipe can really help. Also, staying inside lowers your Vitamin D levels. Get some sun and fresh air. The movement is good too. Ask a friend who has kids for a park day. Offer to bring snacks for the ride.
It’s so depressing doing the same thing day in and day out. It kills my mood and drive to even parent. Getting out and seeing sifferent scenery helps alot.

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Go to This.

Oof, enjoying the time with the little ones is a blessing, but can also be draining to stay at home.

Maybe going for walks around the neighborhood? Looking for bugs and flowers, scavenger hunts? Fresh air and movement will help!