Anyone else have a small toddler?

Does anyone else have a small toddler? My little babe just turned 2 on the 6th and she is only 22lbs and barely fits into 18 month clothes some are still too big. She eats so much food but barely gains weight. Her doctor suggests that she is under weight bc she is in the 2nd percentile for her age. But I myself am only 100lbs and only 5’2 and she was 4lbs 9oz when she was born so she is playing catch up.


Yes, my daughter was born average sized and still fits into 9 -12 month clothing at 17 months.

My son turns two tomorrow and is only 10.8kg, so I think 24lbs. Doctor isn’t worried.

If you’re only 100lbs and 5’ 2 I wouldn’t worry all too much unless health reasons start to show up. But if she’s healthy otherwise she’s just a small gal and should be Aokay❤️


My boys are 16 years and 18 years old and I still get that they don’t eat because they are skinny. I was super skinny till I was in my 40’s and they eat all the time. I just tell them that’s how they are going to stay till they get older if you don’t like it tough luck because nothing we do will change that.

My older daughter was always a year to 6 months behind in clothes size, my younger daughter is starting to wear size 6 6x and she’s only 3. Kids grow at different rates, I wouldn’t worry to much.

My 9 year old is the size of my 6 year old. She’s just barely made it into 6x clothes. Some kids are just tiny. I’m 5’3 and hubby’s mom and sister are about 5’1.

Some kids are just small! My sons 5 now, and his weight fluctuates around the 35lb mark. Hes in the lower precentiles too. He also was only 4lbs 8oz at birth.

Editting to add: He also eats, a lot! hes just small.

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depends on her growth curve really but that sounds on point. My kiddo was about the same at 2. he just now is fitting into 24 month and is gonna be 3 in Sept.

My 9 year old hasn’t broken 40lbs yet consistently. She wears 3t-4t shorts. Has to wear a 7/8 in pants because she’s taller
. I wouldn’t worry to much

My daughter is 5. She is 17kg or 37 pounds. Tiny skinny little thing but healthy and growing.

As long as she is eating and drinking then all is good

This is my life, I’m 99.6 pounds after 2 kids . My 3 year old was born almost 9 pounds but my daughter was so tiny but full term she was 5 pounds when born and is almost 2 and is in 12 month clothes. I have been told that she was to small and under weight and all kinds of stuff but she is perfectly healthy other than she is small for her age. Now let me tell you this baby can eat
Like she can eat a whole kids meal at most Mexican restaurants and want bites from my meal and my husband’s plus chips with the cheese . I have no idea were she packs it away but she takes eating very seriously like LOVES TO EAT

When I was 21 I was 5’6 and 99 lbs. Good chance Your daughter just has a high metabolism… if the Dr isn’t worries then you shouldn’t worry too much.

My 10 year old is only 42lbs … up until this second pregnancy I was also 100lbs and 5’2 I wouldn’t worry about it. They take after their mamas.

My youngest daughter wore a size 4/5 for like 4 years… wouldn’t worry to much. As long as she’s eating healthy

Normal curve for 4 pound baby. Double wt by 6 months ( 9 pounds) triple by a year ( 12-13 ) I think 22 is within her curve for 41/2 pound birth wt. She isn’t going to be a huge adult. She is growing and meeting milestones.

My son is just now 30 lbs and hes 3years and 1 month. Hes also only 34" tall. 25% for height and weight. Im 5’1" 120lbs. He was 7lbs at birth

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