Anyone else have a pre teen who hates leaving the house?

Anyone else have a 12 year old that never wants to go anywhere outside of the house with you? i try to get mine to come to dinner/bowling with us but he never wants too is this normal teen behavior? lol. Hes a very happy kid, just hates public places i guess


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have a pre teen who hates leaving the house? - Mamas Uncut

Is it hating public placed or does he wanna stay home on his console?

Yes lol. He’s about to be a teenager I was like that around that age. I mean my daughter is only 8, and If I tell her no, “I’m ruining her life” lmfao.

And it don’t change at 13 or 16 just be okay with teen separation as is moms call it

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Yep it is
My preen teen rather stay home

same here…my sons ages 14 and 18 don’t want to go out with me…be it in the mall or to a nearby restaurant…just can’t understand why…guess it’s normal teen behavior

Likely wants to game…

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My 16 year old daughter was this way. Some children are just introverts. Some grow out of it, some don’t. She’s slowly coming out of her shell.

I make my kids do things with us, not all the time but quite a bit. They of course throw a little bit of a fit, but are always happy once we do whatever activity we’re doing. I’m the parent so if I say they’re going they are, and they can either be miserable or have a good time. Not once have they ever been miserable once we actually get to where we are going. My kids are 13, 12 and 11

Yea my 10 year old daughter does that :rofl: I asked her one time what sports or activities does she want to do and she said I just want to stay home and do nothing :rofl::rofl:

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My 10 year old would probably stay home all the time if he could but we do go out. He isn’t big on loud packed events but he will go shopping to the park things like that just not all the time.

Yes! But I make em go anyway.:relieved:

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Remember kids go to school so they get out of the house a lot, some just prefer to spend time at home in their downtime… Perfectly normal.

Yep my boys are 14&15. Never go anywhere with me either.

Yup mine is 14. And mine doesn’t like to cause he has anxiety

Yep. I have one who’s this way and the other, I can’t walk out without him yelling at me through the ring camera, “where are you going? Hold on, I’m coming too.” Lol. Different personalities I guess.

Yup. 14 yo son only wants to game. Acts like we’re killing him lol. When his 17 yr old sister doesn’t come he always ends up having fun. If she comes then they team up in misery lol. My 7 yr old is still happy to go everywhere with us haha. I think my 14 yo overthinks stuff but once he gets past the “fear” or whatever of doing stuff seeing other kids his age he ends up really enjoying himself.

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More information is needed. Yes, some what normal, depending on why they want to stay home or don’t want to go.
Talk with friends, have privacy, play games, destress because everyone is gone…? (Could be introvert)
But if there are other signs or symptoms, it could be (social) anxiety, (or even depression).
Or a number of things.
Maybe you should just check in to talk with his Dr.

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Kids go to school and get out of the house a lot, some just like to spend time at home in their downtime, which is perfectly normal.

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Yes, my 12 year old never wants to go anywhere! He has fun once we’re out, but getting him to leave is very difficult. He always says,”Home Good!” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It’s normal lol my son is now 16 :woman_shrugging:

Yes sounds like my son I think it more of I want to do my own thing and it could be that depression kick in sometimes even tho they are happy u never know. I know my son got depression and he sometimes act like that even though he’s happy there always something we are missing just talking to him by yourself works try that

My 11yo started not leaving the house. Came to find out she has PTSD from be sexually assaulted by an army sergeant!! Talk to your kid. Just confirm it’s not a safety measure on their part.

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Thank the internet for that

My grandson never wants to leave the house because he plays computer games twenty four seven.

Yep my 11 yr old never goes out I have to force her to come out for family outings

My boy is the same age he says he needs his peace and space from us

I was the same at that age… I make a bad joke that I could have been a grandmother by now had I left my room in high school. He’ll grow up and will find new things and places that will interest him. If he enjoys his alone time let him. Too many people can’t handle being alone, and bounce from relationship to relationship because they can’t be on their own.

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My Daughter just turned 10 and is exactly like this. Never used to be.

I’m 27 and still like this if I don’t have to go someplace I’m not going it started about that age tho only way my family gets me to go out is if one I have to or they tell me I can have food…


No but im 28 years old and I hate leaving the house too lol

Sounds like my 13 year old son

My 13 has been like this for a couple years. He still will go out with us (we live in a different country so he understands adventuring is fun and we won’t live here forever). He likes his space and peace away from us and other people, which I understand. If a friend comes over and asks to hang out he either will go or say no thanks depending on his mood. Honestly, I don’t mind him not going outside all the time, because I know he’s safe and not getting into trouble. If he is showing signs of depression: not eating, sleeping more than your average preteen, sudden outbursts of anger then I’d definitely talk to him or have him talk to a professional.

I had two of them. Both grown have kids of their own and still, doesn’t care to go anyplace. Likez home

Its normal at that age

Honestly they just don’t want to hang with us

My 13 yr old goes nowhere !
It’s a bit annoying but normal I think!

Yep hormones affecting him, my son was a bugger not wanting to come out with us.

Yes lol my son just turned 13 on Friday and he is the same way :joy: only time he really wants to go is if it’s somewhere he likes like the Chinese restaurant :woman_facepalming::rofl:

Some people have social anxiety. My youngest has a hard time wanting to get out of the house.

Yes it’s normal. I have 2 boys and they literally hate going out (they do go grocery shopping with me though) but then again I myself don’t like going out… it’s too peopley out there​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Around the age of 12 is when most adults are viewed as idiots and Heaven forbid they are seen in public with their parents. He may also become less affectionate. It’s possible he may be depressed or avoiding a problem. Talk to him and ask if there’s anything he needs to talk about. Let him know you will listen to anything he wants to share without judgment or criticism. Most of all the make sure he knows he’s loved and you’ll always support him no matter what.

My daughter is the same, she never wants to go anywhere with me. She stays in her room all day.

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Felt this and I’m 34

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My 11 year old son wants to go somewhere ALL THE TIME… He is a wrestler and competes in state and national tournaments. We travel A LOT and are in a hotel like 2-3 weekends a month from November until April and this year it’s summer tournaments we are doing for the first time that involve traveling to different states at least once or twice a month through the end of July and then he goes straight into football season which goes until wrestling starts up again in November. He has practices 3-4 days a week year round for something plus games and tournaments. We spend more time in my car than we do at home but even when we are home he always wants to go somewhere. If we are home there is a crowd of neighborhood kids coming and going with him, using the pool and back and forth to the park that is right by my house and riding bikes. Sometimes I wish he would want to just stay home and chill once in awhile but we never have time for that… When we do have “free time” we go do doordash together to make extra money. I’m a single mom so it’s just the 2 of us and has been since he was a baby. I’m wondering if this will change in the next few years as the hormones set in…

Yup, they all do. Then I turned off wifi…and miracle happen. He came out of his room lol

My 12 yr old loves his room I think I made it way to fun for him my oldest loved to skateboard so he was always out the 10 yr old loves going out with me I think it’s a faze

Yup totally normal. I have a 12 year old and a 19 year old . My 19 year old was like that at that age. I’m lucky sometimes my 9 year old wants to hang out.

As an adult hate public places. :woman_shrugging:

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Mine. But we’ve been home with the pandemic so I guess she’s just used to home. She says it’s her favorite place to be, so I guess that’s something lol

Mine. But we’ve been home with the pandemic so I guess she’s just used to home. She says it’s her favorite place to be, so I guess that’s something lol

It’s normal for him apparently. I have two who want to go every where ALLLLL the time and two who want to be couch potatoes… :person_shrugging::person_shrugging: My 8 year old says "What is “normal” and who gets to say what “normal” looks like?.. She’s one of my couch potatoes…

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Yep my almost 13 dont want to do anything

Quite normal for some kids…think of a fun activity at home…there’s virtual bowling…jaroeke at home…have him pick out a movie to watch…play a game…

I’m 28 and still hate it😅


I say we have a ghost kid because he never leaves his room.

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Some kids are introverts. They enjoy their own company. I was like that. I didn’t want to go anywhere with my adoptive mother. I didn’t mind being invited to my few close friend’s’ homes, but otherwise I preferred my room. My stuff was there; my books, music, deck of cards, writing paper, pens, and other stuff… I was comfortable there. At least when my adoptive mother didn’t come barging into my room. She never knocked on the door. She said the room was part of her house so she didn’t have to knock.

Have a grandson like that, my son was that way too.

Mine is 13 and the same way. He wants to leave the house when it’s to hang out with his friends, but doesn’t wanna go anywhere/do anything with his dad and I or as a family.

Public is too peopley for many folks, even as adults. At that age, puberty is likely beginning or already started, which sends the brain all kinds of mixed signals. Possibly the boy doesn’t like bowling? If he used to, maybe that changed. The preteens and teens are all about personal change and growth. Maybe ask him if there’s a new adventure you all can go on as a family that would get him excited?

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Yep, normal. I was like that too. Social anxiety.

Yep! I have teenagers who are like that. I’m always trying to get them to do something, but nah and it’s OK. They will occasionally go to friends or friends come here.

Yes my oldest son. Turns out hes a very gifted young man now. I didnt know what to think about it at the time tho i worried. I think mine turned out great tho. Maybe he just really enjoys his home too.

Probably just social anxiety or an introvert


I’m still like that…I like being at home and seldom go out in public


My 9 year old does this…he’s doing it right now actually he just wants to stay home and relax so … ok

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My both kids they don’t even hang with each other but they very much love each other

Yes my 11 year old is the same always inside its a nightmare to get him to go out.

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Both my boys are like that 12&13 they usually just want to stay home and hang out so normal for us

Yup my 11 nearly 12 year old is the same

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Yup!! Just got back from Universal studios…she didn’t want to do anything that involved walking or waiting in lines…:rofl:

My 19 year old hardly ever leaves the house, he didn’t go swimming yesterday but he did go out with us Sunday, his problem is that he wants to sleep late, I asked my pediatrician a long time ago if it’s normal for teens to sleep a lot and lay around and she said her teens did it and is totally normal

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My son used to love doing things, but this pandemic halted that.

I was that way and the more my parents forced me to do something the more I resented it

My son is 12 and is like that a lot too. Sometimes he will go with us but mostly he would rather stay home with the dogs and play video games or talk to his friends online.

Yep, both my kids are the same way

Yes my nephew is the same way and he is 12.

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My 13 year old won’t always want to leave the house with me but does go to his friends house from time to time. If I’m not doing anything “fun” he’d rather stay at home and play games.