Anyone else have a lingering cough?

Anyone else have a lingering cough that will not go away? Not sick (that I a aware of) but i keep gettin a tickle in my throat and its getting on my nerves…i be coughing all day and people stare like i have the plauge…what will make this go away?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Anyone else have a lingering cough? - Mamas Uncut

Me! Since Easter Sunday. No idea what it is :sob:

Hay fever I just had this and it’s so annoying lol good allergy meds

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Try allergy meds. Might have post nasal drip due to allergies :sneezing_face:

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Yeah sounds like allergies, I’m the same, benadryl helps

Whiskey honey lemons

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I second the honey it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Hiatel hernia. Ask a chiro or natural dr to pull it down. No surgery needed!

Yep we all had it and it was worse at night, we werent sick and it lasted weeks and no matter what we did it would not go away.

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Try drinking pineapple juice.

Yes!! Me and my daughter!

Yes! It’s allergies for me! All that white stuff flying around!

Suck on hard candy :candy: it’s usually sinus or allergies.

Allergies ? When mine flair I get a post nasal drip that triggers my cough reflex every freaking time . I went to bed with Vicks on my nose almost every night last week plus using essential oils in the diffuser . Also pineapple juice works if its unpasteurized because it contains bromelain that breaks up coughs . hopefully you find relief soon .

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I’d see you pcp- I struggle with seasonal allergies that leave me with a cough so rough it makes me vomit. My dr gave me Singulair to take in addition to my over the counter allergy meds (I take zyrtec) a lot better now with minimal flare ups.

Yes I have it as well

Coughs can last for weeks

I had it turns out it was COPD

I know a person can’t cough at all w/o ppl spraying us with Lysol :woman_shrugging::joy:

Me! Had it 8 weeks March into May. Got it back last week. Tried EVERYTHING. I’M SHOT! :sleepy:

Yep. Tea with honey and lemon gives me a small amount of relief, but nothing else seems to work. I was told it’s allergies

Pineapple :pineapple: and pineapple :pineapple: juice

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ever since I caught Covid a couple of months ago,yes. :expressionless:


I’d guess allergies, maybe try a few allergy meds and see what works

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At night or anytime peppermint helps

Maybe allergies or some meds like blood pressure meds will do that.

My daughter is going through this, took her to the doctor and they said everything including her lungs sound fine, I don’t know what to do :pleading_face::woman_shrugging: I’ve bought meds and I’ve tried allergy meds but nothing is working, :woman_shrugging: and now another doc’s appointment.

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Hayfever & Asthma Season. I use ZYRTEC & my inhaler- honey

NO other symptoms, no breathing or sinus issues… Never had allergies or covid. That said, have had this ‘cough’ for nearly a year now. It’s super annoying.


My husband’s has allergies and coughts all the time. I get a tingle in my throat from allergies but not enought to make me cough.

Could be reflux. I’ve dealt with a lingering cough or constant clearing of my throat most of my life. Had my tonsils out took sinus and allergy meds but wouldn’t go away. Finally I went to a gastroenterologist and found out I have silent reflux. Put me on a new medication and I have seen dramatic improvement.


Mine’s because of my allergies and sinuses. All the pollen is NOT helping!

Or it could even be heart burn. Try a heartburn med for a few days. I use to get a cough when my hB would flare up but it didn’t “burn” so I didn’t feel it.

Acid reflux can cause a persistent cough.


I had a sinus infection, constant coughing until I gag.


I read this as couch and could not for the life of me figure out what a lingering couch was :woman_facepalming:


Get a chest x-ray if you haven’t seen a doctor yet.

I found out my cough was caused by my blood pressure medicine. If you take blood pressure medicine, see if a side effect is a cough.


Ive had a nasty cough for about 6 months . i had covid recovered but cant shake the cough its called covid lung

Yes, me… I’m chalking it up to allergies though… never really had issues before, so I just wonder wtf they are spraying in our skies.

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It’s called allergies it is still technically spring and there may be something blooming your body is reacting too. I was in allergy and sinus for almost 3 yrs.

I had it they told me was a COVID cough😳

I had a lingering cough all last year that I ignored and assumed would go away. Wasn’t sick or anything but the cough turned into being short of breath and ended up in the ER and found out I had late onset asthma. When I finally went in my oxygen level was 82%. Got admitted for 4 days to get under control. I feel so much better. Should probably get checked out.

I did too, I found if I am laying flat it makes the tickle worse.

I hate it because I quit smoking years ago but it feels like a lingering smokers cough. Bothers me to no end :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I was diagnosed with Covid in January of this year and I’ve been coughing everyday since mid December. It’s June and I’m still coughing, I’ve gone to my doctor and they said it’s long-lasting effects from Covid. I just drink lots of water as to maintain my throat moist and at times I take some cough drops.

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Mine lasted 7 months.

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Yup but mine is due to thyroid issues

got covid back in Aug main symptom was cough no shortness of breath etc still have this cough its like at bottom of throat in base of throat cant cough it up sneeze it up or hack it up tried all kinds of thing bendryl allegra sinclair etc no relief tried zertex and it really helped so i guess different allergy meds work on different things

Need to see a doctor, lingering cough can be sooo many things.

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Yep, been having mine about 5 yrs🤷🏼‍♀️

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Honey lemon cough drops

I had a lingering cough about 3 years ago and my dr at the time was old school and suggested 2 panadol every 4 hrs for 2 days. Worked :100::ok_hand:

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Tablespoon of honey. Feel better soon. :mending_heart:

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I had the tickle and found out I have acid reflux/heartburn

Yep. Had COVID in August, hospitalized until almost November. After being on the vent it messed up my airway and my vocal
Chords plus the damage to my lungs I get this stupid cough that makes me cough so hard I want to puke. On medicine now so let’s see if it helps

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Are you on any blood pressure medications?

I get a cough at times and I’m not sick either but i can not get rid of it. I have to have antibiotics, an inhaler, a steroid, and a cough pill,(small round ones) it won’t go away on its own no matter what i do

See your GP but also try rubbing Vicks on the bottom of your feet when you go to bed at night and socks so you don’t stain the sheets

It’s an old remedy but a good one

I’ve noticed it since my second covid shot.
My Dr has no explanation.
Mine is only relieved if I’m constantly drinking something got.
This has been since February 2020

Same it wont go away i take dayquil but its constant. Its stuck in back of my throat to so annoying.

Could you have GERDS??

See a doctor! Probably allergies.

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Generous saline nose drops 2 or 3 times a day. Stops annoying cough for me.

Delsym, or Rock and Rye (liquor store) add lemon in it, or spoon full of sugar with drops of whiskey on it. You may need a prescription for steroids

Spoon full of honey with lemon added

Have you had covid? I caught it back in February and the cough lingered for a very long time even when all the other symptoms had passed. Could also be allergies. If you’re really concerned though I’d check with your doctor, they’re sure to know more than a bunch of us randos on the internet. Feel better soon!

I do after I had COVID. Won’t go away!

Sounds like it could be allergies. I get like that when there’s something in the air that doesn’t agree with me.


Do you smoke it could be that if you smoke

Yes, I don’t smoke and I haven’t had Covid but that little cough is there and just won’t go away.

Probably ear infection drip

You can use short term a cough suppressent syrup codine. But you may have a post nasal drip that’s irritating the back of your throat and make you cough.antibiotics may fix or appt with ENT if those two methods dont help.

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Yes - probably allergies.


I do that too, when pollen is high or if I’m mowing the grass. I take Benadryl. But it causes some people to get drowsy. It helps. Or local honey from the area that you live.

My 6yo just went through this. Took her over a week to stop

I swore I read lingerie cough and was so confused… Ha ha get tested for COVID-19 if not allergies, if you smoke then ya smoke is is. Or mold in the house.

Some hypertension meds will cause it. If you take them ask your doctor for a different one

Had this happen to me.
Had stuff drip from my nose down my throat and it was irritating (or tickling) it.
Didn’t get anything for it, Doc said it’ll just stop by itself eventually.

Although I did have a cold the week before and that was they cause he said

Most likely seasonal allergies.

Yes, but I’ve had covid twice in the last 7 months. The most recent time being only 4 weeks ago. The first time I had it, it lasted nearly 4 months. Mine gets worse with activity.

Have you done a test mine was like this when I had covid and lasted for ages afterwards, or maybe you have has it and nor been aware and juT the after affects

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Could be your body just fighting something off .

I do from long haul covid…had it for 6 months and now I have all these other problems from it

I Had a lingering couch… OMG when I went to the doctors the nurse was like you here for a cough… I’m LIKE Yeah!! Come to find out I had to have my tonsils removed at age 33 and also that I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis get checked it out

Allergies I’m sure. Could be asthma. Ask your Dr about it.

If you have allergies, it’s most likely that.
My husband & I got K.O.'d from allergies a couple weeks ago. It ended up giving him a respiratory infection, & I got an ear infection. We’re still dealing with a cough a few weeks later.
Side note, we also took multiple covid tests to make sure it wasn’t that.

Honey a spoon full eases my cough and tickle throat

Bob takes a spoon of honey and sometimes adds lemon

I get cough a lot. Sometimes mild sometimes supper sever I could not even function properly only coughing. After a lot of testing I got diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Go see a doctor. Can be some lungs disease

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Get checked out at the doctor’s.

Most likely allergies. Go to the doctor

My 12 Yr old has
It has better days I think is now because allergies

Yes I’ve had it since December

I’ve had a weird cough since April. First it was dry and choaking me, now it’s a totally different cough. Had a severe sinus infection and just got off an2 nd round of antibiotics for 21 days and this time I believe they worked.

I’ve had this cough since dec. Went to dr. I have acid reflux who would have known

Are you on blood pressure meds, some cause a dry cough