Anyone else have a baby that fights sleep?

Does anyone else have a baby who fights sleep, like every single nap, bedtime, even when he feels himself getting tired and we stop playing, have a bottle, snuggle, bath with the calming bubble bath, very low lighting, music on very low just for the background as he fights quietly? Even when he wakes in the night for a feed, it’s at least 90 minutes before he will resettle, and this can be three times a night. I have tried structuring his naps and bedtime, and it makes no difference he fights until he drops, and I see no way past it, any advice hugely appreciated. Thank you


1- Switch music for white noise. Music can stimulate some kids (I’m a musician… even soft music draws my attention and I will focus on that rather than calming down for sleep. Same with my kiddo)

2- sleep sack/swaddle for naps and bedtime. How old is baby? If 5-6m (and you are willing) it might be time for some sleep training.

3- you might be late recognizing that he’s tired… there’s a chance that you are missing the optimal time to put him down. It’s actually just a bit before they look tired and start acting tired… even at 2yrs if I miss the perfect optimal time for my son, it’s hell getting him down and then it takes him over an hour to fall asleep because he is already over tired.


My son use to do this. Then I quit having him on a structured nap schedule. He napped when he fell asleep on his own. He hasn’t fought naps or bed time since. He even got himself on a routine for naps and bed.


Was just about to say put him down for a nap before he gets over tired. Normally after 1-1.5 hours after being awake my 8 month old is ready for a nap. I put him in his cot with the heartbeat lullaby on and his dummy and muslin square and he’s asleep within 3 minutes. Keep his bath time routine then same every night. Routine is key with kids

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Maybe also check to see if he is teething! I usually have to give my boy some Tylenol at night before bed time so he isn’t so restless. The night time tablets also work wonders! Sometimes I also just rub his back until he goes back down. Keep a fan on for white noise.

Yes, my daughter went through stages like that. I keep her routine the same everyday and she eventually stopped it all together.

My daughter did this as a baby as well. it just comes with the territory sometimes you just have to find something that sooths them so they can go to sleep. Also when my kid was like 8 months old we threw naps out the window because if she napped any during the day than she did not sleep at all at night so I would do everything I can to keep everything going so she was sleep at night. also when your kid gets older please don’t listen to people that tell you to give the kid melatonin because if you research and Google melatonin your body already has melatonin in it also you can give your kid food such as grapes things like that that has melatonin in it before they go to bed so when your child is a toddler please don’t listen to people going melatonin is great I give it to my kid because of my doctor NO!!! if you research melatonin you can give your children nightmares it can throw their sleeping powder and all off and everything once I quit giving my kids and melatonin she was better she stopped having nightmares she was able to go to sleep on her regular pattern. please always remember that I read so many comments about these parents with melatonin and it is such a bad idea because your body already has that and now you’re giving your kid even more of it. also remember like I said when my baby was a baby in the more and more naps that she took during the day the longer than that the less at night the whole house slept. that’s what happened with my daughter that my mother has custody of my father has to take so many naps during the day that she was already not tired at bedtime anymore because she took so many naps during the day my parents had to change that.

Yes !! I JUST HAD A BABY THIS IS MY 3th one the oldest ones weren’t at all as a hand full as this baby he’s two months old . I just called the doctors cuz I did everything you just said as well . They they told me to let the baby sleep all day long do not wake the bby up because at night time they have harder time Falling a sleep because they are so overwhelmed that they can’t sleep easily at night so I did that with my baby and it still didn’t work . So I’m bout to loose it here right . But I just found out two days ago my baby fall a sleep on he’s baby ring pillow it’s the only way he will stay a sleep and I can’t even burp him cux he will literally wake up so I have no choice . Now he let me sleep at night a little more . You juts have to figure out what you baby likes and we’re you see him falling a sleep more .


Do you have a swing does your child love the rocking motion ???

I raised two who have fought sleep for 40 years…as I have for 70+ years.

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I’m the the Same boat!

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My son is adult with autism sometimes never sleeping like he does is indicative of a neurological problem never hurts to ask for testing if all is ok hopefully your pediatrician can help with suggestions :pray:t2::pray:t2:

My daughter did so I cut out a nap. By the time she was three, she would not take a nap at all. But fell out at bed time

Try the baby sleep site. I found it with my second kid and the advice works wonders for all of them. Never had a problem with sleep after that

When our daughter was a baby, she fought sleep at night and at every nap time. My wife eliminated nap times during the day, and within a few days there was no more fighting sleep.

My son is almost six and still fights sleep. If he is allowed he will go for the 24 hours without sleep. He doesn’t want to miss out on playtime. He is like this ever since he was a baby

My 15 mo. Twins think it’s funny when I put them to bed at 750 and they don’t sleep until past midnight. They decide to cry( I check on them and nothing is wrong unless one throws her stupid toy out of her pack and play on purpose) or squeal

Maybe try cutting out the naps and see if that helps. Babies will not go to sleep if they are over tired


My daughter uses the fisher price soother that put lights on the ceiling and plays sounds.

They call it sleep regression. Ya might look it up. It gives a lot of ideas to try.

My daughter did this and still does. She’s 12 and doesn’t really sleep normal lol

We do earlier naps! I’d rather her fight it in the day then at night when I’m tired too :joy:

Babies have to learn to soothe themselves and fall asleep. Sometimes, a few days of crying it out is what it takes.


You have a child that’s resisting a rest!


We parents have went through this.

Sounds over stimulated

Maybe a rocking cradle or bed?

Only everyone that has ever had a baby, they all do it. Trust me, a lot to be said for putting them to bed and letting them cry themselves out!


When you have completed your routine and it’s time to close eyes, stop talking.

Hi all this is my question, and when I say he fights sleep, I mean he literally fights it, I’ve been punched on the face, slapped, nails down my face and chest, legs kicking like no ones business, screaming, hitting himself. I’ve tried swaddling but hes too old and moves too much now, I’ve tried putting him into his cot and standing just out of view he either starts screaming or blowing raspberries or rolling over and eating his fingers, I have tried white noise, again no difference, touch wood this week he has stopped waking so much overnight! Hes now on different milk as hes allergic to cows milk. So we’ve actually had 3 nights full sleep!!! Yay. But to get him to sleep is still painful for all involved. We have also tried timming his so start calming down for a nap after 1 and a half hours up, nothing. This did all start at 3 months before he was diagnosed and comes from him being I pain after a bottle, but now no pain and still fight.

Got a rocking chair? Haven’t seen a baby yet that didn’t like it. Rock that lil guy to sleep