Anyone else get jealous when their partner goes out with friends?

Ik it sounds selfish. But does anyone else get like jealous when their partner goes out with friends n ur with the kid? Ik it’s wrong. An I feel bad. But I can’t help it. I try to figure out fun things to do with my son while their gone. But idk. Any ideas how to help this feeling?


just make sure you’re getting equal time out with your friends while dad cares for the kiddo :yellow_heart: that’s always been our “rule”, if he goes out, it’s my turn next- vise versa.

Make sure YOU are also taking time to maintain YOUR friendships. It’s important for your well being. Also get a sitter sometimes and go out together.

Plan a girls night with your friends as often as he goes out with his friends. Fair is fair. You gotta have some time for friends too sometimes.

Noooooo gal we’re all here with you :joy::joy::raised_hands: I get jelous when my hubby can leave the room alone to go to the toilet alone and walk back in to that room still alone where as I hold toilet tissue with 1 hand and 1 of our 4 children I’m the other :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:

I went through this but started making a plan of it honestly. When he goes out I would go out with the kids or plan a movie night/craft night with the kids and go all out with it to make it fun for everybody

Take it in turns so you both get to go out with your friends. Get a babysitter and go out together. Talk to your partner about how your feeling and see if you’s can come to some sort of compromise


Make sure you take time to go out with friends as well while he stays home with the children

If you’re feeling jealous, maybe it’s because you may not have friends, or spending time with them. Definitely meet or hang out with your girlfriends. The jealous is probably because you feel like you don’t get a break and he does. That’s a valid feeling. But if you aren’t doing anything to change that, than that’s something you will learn to have to comfortable with


Tell your partner how you feel. Have a girls night monthly or weekly where they stay home with your little one

Nope. If you’ve got a good partner you can each take turns going out and having fun with friends while the other watches the kid. No need to be jealous as long as it’s fair.

Why go out separate go with him

My husband goes out once a week… That never bothered me. I actually like it because I can spend a little quality time with my little one…

Get yourself a babysitter and go out with your friends!

Sounds like you need to go out with friends sometime while he stays home with the kids! Take some time for yourself too


At one time I felt this way. No it’s not wrong especially when your at home with kids and they aren’t. One thing that helped me alot is making time for me to go out and taking turns watching the kids


I think it’s normal because you also deserve to spend time away from your kids, talk about it with him and try to get to an agreement, if he get out today you can do it tomorrow, get out to eat with a friend , go shopping, to the salon …. Anything

I don’t get jealous when he goes out with his friends because he works 60 hours a week to provide the life that my 3 children and I have. He is so dedicated to our family an to giving us what we truly deserve. He doesn’t go out very often, but I know when he does he needs it to recharge for the coming up week. I love him enough to give him the ability to relax and to hang out solely because he works so hard for our family.

Take turns going out with friends and at least every 3 months get a babysitter and do a date night. Even if date night is just an hour or two, it’s better than nothing. Plus you are both included in whatever you are doing.


No because it’s a mutual thing

I feel like there is a lot of information missing here to make an informed suggestion. Are you also getting to go out with your friends and you’re just jealous when it’s his turn? - if so then it’s just time to grow up. Is it extremely lopsided and you never get alone time? If so, then he needs to step up and you need to find time that you can get away. It’s really that simple if your both mature adults.

No bc its a mutual thing. Sometimes he goes out 4 wheeling with the boys or to car meets. Sometimes I go to lunch, shopping, & nails with my friend. I also left an entire weekend to another state to go to taylor swift with my friends while he stayed home with the kids!
You’re in this together and mutual respect is key! 🫶🏼


Babysitter??mine would not go without me
He could but he won’t that’s why we are together to be together
Those “Friends” aren’t that important.
If you feel that way you do and he should respect that which is what it’s all about!

Do you ever get to go out. Years ago I never got a break while he would be out doing Lord knows what … nowadays he’s a great husband and makes sure I get breaks, schedules me massages etc… So I’d say if it’s because you never get a break that needs to be addressed and if he’s going out innocently and you also get time out you are overreacting

Do you get to go out with your friends?

If you’re feeling that way it sounds like only he gets to go out with friends.
So your feelings might be in fact neglect and very warranted.
He needs to keep the kid, and you go out with the girls.

You do the same, let him watch HIS kid.

If you don’t ever go out then yes I can understand this. It’s not fair.

Honestly I don’t know how to help with it, but I can tell you that you aren’t alone feeling like this. I feel like this a lot, honestly even feel like this when my partner’s just going to work which I know sounds totally crazy but it just happens. Don’t feel bad about it mumma, it’s hard parenting all the time and never getting to do anything else just for yourself


We used to share, I went out Friday with my friends, he went out Saturday with his, every second week we got a babysitter and went out together


If you also have equal opportunity to go out and he stays with the kids… then it’s not an issue. If you are ALWAYS the one at home and can’t go out on your own then it IS a problem!! Parents need to EQUALLY PARENT. I hate it when men think they can do whatever they want and they don’t have to be fathers to their kids just as much as mothers need to be moms.

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If someone is gone from their family to work full time and also sleeps then there is little leisure time left, and then to ditch your family to go “out” sends an interesting message about family priority (or lack of), good luck

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Are you getting out enough yourself? Is he watching the children for you?

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How is it wrong for you to want time away from your child? Especially since your partner does. You need to schedule times that you get to go out without your son. Even if it’s out by yourself or a bath. He should support this. It’s a mental health need.


Get rid of the partner and friends. Now you have no one to be jealous of (they’d have left anyway, no one can stand that level of control) and the friends wouldn’t be around anyway because now as a single mom you have zero time, money or sitters to go out with friends.


Jealous? I encourage my husband to go out. It’s important we get out

Depends what your jealous of ? Is it becuseee he is out with friends having fun without you or is it becuase your home with the child ?

Creat a schedule days for you days for him and days for both alone no kid it’s hard butnif you have help and plan it put you should get atleadt 3 x a month of time

None n my kids order take out n watch a movie we take turns I trust no one with my kids do he sill stay home with them when I go out and vice Versa

Do you go out with your friends? If not, you should. Everyone needs their own social network. As long as you feel you can trust your partner it shouldn’t be a big deal.