Anyone else feel guilty leaving their kid?

Any mommies feel guilty about leaving their child with their grandmother? My mom makes me feel guilty kind of, but I shove it aside because I know I shouldn’t


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You must be a first time mother…after a few kids you don’t feel so guilty…


nope lol i need my me time

Why are some of y’all so scared to tell your toxic family member to STFU and mind their own? My mama would never speak to me this way because she knows how quick I would check her. Let’s normalize sticking up for ourselves women!

If you’re doing what you have to do to provide and protect yours, no. Not even for a minute.
That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like I was missing out on things with my baby but that is mom guilt and you’ll get that no matter what you do, if you allow it to linger.

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I don’t generally leave mine with my mom unless it’s unavoidable like for work or something because she lives with my sister and brother in law and they have 4 kids she watches during the day, but when I do I definitely don’t feel guilty my mom is the best mom in the world

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Nope not an ounce of guilt lol. Once your child gets older trust me you’re going to want “you time”.

But if your mom makes you feels guilty about it then maybe she shouldn’t have the privilege of seeing her grandchild imo

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I don’t feel guilt for my child but I do for my Mom cause she is old. Although it’s not a daily thing, its visits they have together and give me a chance to go to appts

I did when my kids were small, but I had to work. Then as they got older, I needed some time with other adults. But, I made sure when I was with them, I paid attention to them and what they were doing. You will too. It will be ok.

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I need more context. Is it for work? partying? just a few hours to get away?


I don’t leave my kids with my mom

Nope never, i trust my parents

I’ve never felt guilty…but my mom LOVES all her grandchildren and she has 8. My youngest she calls her shadow because they do a lot together. It just depends on your situation…but I was always like :wave:

If she makes you feel that way, maybe she just doesn’t want to watch her, most grandmothers will do the opposite so they can spend more time with their grandkids.
You should never feel guilty if you need help with your kids so you can work to provide for them, even if you just need a little break now and then.

I wish I could leave my kids with my mom. Lol

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I went to my grandmas house every summer!! Our parents have not stepped up to help as much as their parents. Take the help and don’t feel bad as long as you aren’t abusing it.

I used to a long time ago, but since our last is 3yo, I left that guilt. :joy::joy: I RAN when my mother came over to visit and we could get away for a bit. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Let me tell you a little story about something that happened with me. All my life, I’m 33, My grandma watched everyone’s kids. Even when she didn’t want to really all my cousins would just dump their kids off on her every single weekend and even through the week if they were young enough to be out of school. I felt bad for her and did not want to burden her with my child as well. So I never had him spend the night with her and rarely had him spend a lot of time with her because I didn’t want to add on to the list of people who just dumped their kids on her.
Let me just tell you, She passed away last September from covid and it still hurts my heart thinking about all the time that he did not get to spend with her because I was worried that I would just be guilty of dumping him on her like everyone else did with their kids. I regret it every single day now and there’s no way I can go back and change it.

I don’t leave my kids with anyone

Nope. It takes a village. And it’s hard being the primary caretaker and provider at the same damn time. And I need a little bit of a life outside of being “just a mom.” So nope. No guilt.

Let your children enjoy their grandparents

Helllll no. I have stuff to do, like ensure mine and my daughters lives are successful and our bills are paid, meaning I have to go to school, work and take care of business. Also, I need a break, too! I’m glad my daughter and one of her grandma’s whom she sees regularly have a close, special bond. There are some children who have no idea who their grandparents are or only see them on holidays a few times a year.

If you’re going to work then. No. If you’re out partying and always doing that. Then. Yes. You didn’t say why you’re leaving your child.

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