Anyone else emotional about their kids heading back to school?

I didn’t know one person could have so many emotions in one sitting. Today my eldest is off to her first day of senior year (12th),my middle is a junior (11th),and my baby is on her first day of her last year in middle/Jr high(8th grade). I remember their first days of preschool,and now they’re so big,with big new adventures ahead. I think Kenny Chesney said it best,“don’t blink”. Any other mom’s have kids taking big steps this year for school?


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Yes. I miss my daughter like crazy when she’s in school. She’s a teen n loves school which is good but I get emotional lol

I feel you my oldest is starting grade 9 and my middle child is going to school for the first time :sob: still have one at home for another year, but it’s going to be weird

Heck no. Bye! And your stomach didn’t hurt all summer, don’t start.


My son starts his first year of college sept 2nd

My baby is in kinder this year my middle is 2nd and oldest is 4th…it’s hard to believe 2 more years and my oldest will be in 6th and riding a bus

Yep… with excitement :joy::joy::joy:

My oldest starts high school and my youngest starts middle school in 11 days.

My child will be in 8th grade this year and high school next year. I’m not emotional about him going I’m more worried to say. I’m worried not because of the school but because of all the evilness in this world and it worries me that him being at school I have to trust people I don’t even know to protect my child for 8/9 hours a day. But he needs to go he needs to social skills life skills and interaction with other people besides his mom n grandma.

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My oldest started high school and my baby started jr high. I cried and cried :joy: but that was day one, I’m good now lol.


I tear up the first day of school every year. It doesn’t matter what grade they’re going into…

I want to be perfectly clear though, it’s more of an “aww, my babies are growing up” kind of thing. I am NOT mad when those kids go back to school! :joy:


Mine are going into 7th and kindergarten! We are excited and so hopeful for a good year for both. I am nervous that my kindergartener will be riding the bus for the first time and doesn’t get to ride big Sister’s bus tho!

And next year you will be paroled lol enjoy the quiet for awhile

My youngest daughter graduated HS last spring. I’m definitely having moments because my girls are no longer in grade/high school. :blue_heart:

My daughter is going to pre k starting the 29th and I’m having another baby this Sunday. It’s a bittersweet feeling :pleading_face:.

My oldest is 5 and he starts kindergarten. I’m not ready. I been a stay home mom for the past three years and was only part time for those other 2 years. I’m having detachment issues and it hasn’t happened yet.

My baby is a freshman he goes back Monday.