Anyone been put to sleep with a c-section?

Has anyone been put to sleep for a c section? I’ve had two prior and they were both emergency and traumatic. Just found out I’m pregnant again with my third and can’t imagine going through another one. My anxiety is at an all time high and I’m only 6 weeks.


I had an emergency C section, 37 years ago, horrible experience :cry: I was cut up from pubic bone to navel! Fully out to it ! But did get a healthy baby, he was 5 weeks early, had 2 natural births before this! So feel blessed! :heart:

Yeah I was put asleep for my c-section back in 2010 they did an epidural as well don’t think I saw my sin for 36 hours longest hours of my life

Elective C-sections are a lot more pleasant than emergency. I was traumatised after my emergency C-section and opted for an elective with my 4th (I was high risk, have a history of traumatic births and he was breech anyway) and it was a really calm experience x


I was put to sleep for my c-section and it was fine. My only disappointment was I didn’t see my baby for about 6 hours as I was so knocked out by the drugs. I would like to think the newer drugs are kinder to the mum, but don’t stress the process is easy.

Yes and If I had to have another I would insist on it.

I’ve had 1 natural, then 2 emergency c-sections then a non-emergent unplanned c-section.
Of the sections, the third was by far the most relaxing.
I was awake, it wasn’t rushed, I knew what was happening, and got skin to skin straight away

As it was my last, it was definitely healing. The other 2 were traumatising

It’s very different when it’s not an emergency. I had 2 c-sections. One epidural and one spinal block.
I had a good experience with both


Go for a schedule c-section. Was less traumatic, you know when it’s happening and what to expect.

I had a planned spinal block c-section for my second. It was a great experience. I was awake for it. My first was a traumatic natural birth and I spent my entire pregnancy with the second freaking out about delivery. I think if you plan for it, you can have a great experience.

I was awake during but put to sleep after my son was born.

Not the same but i passed out from blood loss woke up to a csection and a dead baby so its tramatic for me i worry about passing out during in case i wake up to another loss. I almost passed out from low blood pressure from the epidural with my rainbow.

I have had 5 C-Sections the first one was a emergency after a long labor snd trying to push and trying everything else but my son got stuck and was sunny side up and he weighed 10lbs 10oz.
It was very hard.
But then I had 4 scheduled C-sections and they were just fine.

I was out to sleep with all three .2 emergency 1 because they said I had one already and had do second one.But everything was fine I was just glad babies came out alright but this was in 70s and 80s

I’ve had 3 under general anesthesia. If necessary for health reasons then yes I’d recommend it but if not, I wouldn’t. There’s more risk involved, you’re alone & you miss out on all the first moments with your baby.

Mine was a semi emergency and they put me completely under as they couldn’t get the spinal block in place. The down side hubby wasn’t allowed in for it.

My anesthesiologist didn’t numb me enough for my c section so I passed out due to pain and shock. I woke up when they were finishing up. My next c section I will have them knock me out because it was very traumatic for me and my husband 

Not with my 2. But my bestie was totally knocked out during it all!!

I was put to sleep for my emergency C-section. I got the epidural & pushed for 2 hours but he was too big & couldn’t pass my pubic bone. When they started the C-section I wouldn’t stop screaming & they kept asking why & if I felt anything. I don’t remember feeling pain & I don’t even think I realized I was yelling. I think it was the pressure & tugging. Either way, they eventually put me to sleep & I was out of it until 2 hours after my son was born.

I was awake with a spinal for the first, the second was scheduled awake, but I had to have anesthesia after the epidural did not work for the second. They woke me up as soon as she was born and I saw her immediately, then they brought her to me in the room as soon as I was able.

At our facility- you can if requested, you have to talk to anesthesia about it but you can’t have anyone go into the OR with you.

My sister in law was for her first because it became an emergency and she stayed panicking…

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With my oldest she had the umbilical cord around her neck twice. I don’t really remember anything from c-section cuz they gave me a sleeping pill that day cuz I couldn’t sleep and they wanted me to rest

Usually if you ask the person giving you your medicine to knock you out they will. At least they did for me and I’ve had 2 :smiling_face:

Most emergencies are caused by interventions, look into a homebirth

I had a planned c section ( medically had too) I was given a general aesthetic after the epidural didn’t work, for me it was great, go to sleep wake up and its all done, but every woman is different and every experience is different. Talk to your health nurse first and get all the info you need and want before tou make any decisions