Any suggestions on baby names?

I have a friend that is 24 weeks pregnant with a baby boy. They are going to use Andrew as middle name. She likes unique names. She already has Calloway, Evan and Asher. She wants something unique to go with Andrew as middle name. Thank you


Easton, Canaan (KayNiin pronunciation)

Ezra, Jhya, Arlo, Silas.

Gibson, I so would have used this but now my uterus is closed for business🤣

My boys are Blaise and Ryker both awesome names!

Aaron, Warren, Winston, Gilbert, Raymond, Harris, Brennan, Geremy, Terrance, Franklin, Lochlan, Sebastian, Marcellus, Martin, Nova,

My two little guys are Silas and Jude :grin:

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Axel, Abel, Archer, Mabel

Rhys, Camden, Caden, Seth.

My sons name is Abel and he’s the only one I know, we get a lot of compliments. :blush:

I also wanted a unique name for my now 18 month old. I used Mack which is his deceased grandfather’s middle name as his middle name as well and the first name of River because it is different at least in my area.

Callahan, Easton, Remington, Kolton, Kaiser, Kolby, Grant, Levi, Grayson, Dalton…

I don’t have a unique name, but my sons name is Austin Andrew.

Dominic- Vincent - Jeremiah -

Ollivander, Severus, Percy

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I like Asher Calloway